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15 Awesome Attic Conversions

Attic conversions design ideas

With an attic conversion you can let your imagination run wild (well as wild as your wallet will let you..). However designing the space can be somewhat challenging - so I've put together some attic conversion ideas that will hopefully inspire you.

Remember, because the attic gets so much natural light, make sure you take advantage of this, as seen in the below picture.

"Pie in the sky" - awesome kitchen loft!

"Pie in the sky" - awesome kitchen loft!

Guest Room

Another great use for your attic conversion would be for guests. It doesn't mean the room would have to be idle all year round - that would be an awful waste!

But if you regularly have a lot of friends and family staying over, especially for longer holidays like Easter and Christmas then it would definitely be worthwhile thinking about an attic conversion for this purpose. You may also have an elderly relative, like a grandmother or grandfather that needs some care.

An attic conversion would give them a place of solace while they recuperate.


Master bedroom with en-suite

If your family has been blessed with a newborn baby it may be necessary to build another bedroom. This can be the perfect time to turn your attic into a master bedroom and if the room is there - to include an en-suite.

At first you may want to keep your newborn in the same room but as the baby gets older you could acclimatise him or her into their own bedroom.

Your old bedroom would normally be taken by the eldest son or daughter and obviously they could redecorate it to their liking. Obviously this may mean further home renovations but if the budget is there, it's definitely worth pursuing.


Artistic studio?

A light airy room away from the comings and goings of the daily house routines coupled with panoramic views through the skylight would surely provide all the inspiration necessary for any aspiring artist!

Musicians would also benefit from this space also however the renovations may need to include soundproofing, especially if the instrument is a set of drums or an electric guitar.


Home Office

Most people know what its like to try to get some work done at home only to be interrupted by any number of disruptions: the doorbell, the phone ringing, children running in and out etc.

Converting an attic gives a perfect place to get your work done without being disrupted by the every day goings on of the home - think of it as a bureau in the clouds.

Not only will you be able to focus much better on your business but at least you'll still be able to deal with any emergencies at home or any other urgent matter. And of course don't forget - you'll be able to get a home cooked meal every day - no more canteen!

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Home Gym & Leisure Room

Whilst there are endless ideas for what to do with your attic conversion an increasingly popular idea is to turn it into a home gym. The light airy feel of the room coupled with the awesome panoramic views will give a great place to work out.

You could also install a flat screen tv on the wall and use it for cinema nights or sporting occasions. Although if you plan to have the boys around for games - it'd be advisable to install an en-suite as running up and down the stairs to go to the toilet every five minutes may become slightly annoying!



ezzly on January 28, 2013:

Love the images ! very nicely chosen

Stephen Kelly from Ireland on March 21, 2012:

Hey really great hub! think id defo go for the guest room but would probably end up using it myself!!

voted up!

Nikki Wiks (author) from Ireland on March 21, 2012:

hey thanks a mill...hopefully we'll get our attic converted this year!

johndwilliams from Essex England on March 20, 2012:

Excellent hub I love the way this makes changing a loft look so very special! It's certainly a good use of space in any conventional house - very inspirational! voted up

Life and Luxury from South Beach, FL on March 20, 2012:

These are some amazing attic conversions. I especially like the room with the blue bed.

sfandler from Ireland on March 20, 2012:

Really cool hub thanks - loads of great ideas :)

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