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Useful Tips for Building Country Houses


An increasing number of residents in the country, when deciding where to live, are increasingly inclined to build houses on their own plot of land in the suburbs.
The implementation of such a responsible and serious process is best entrusted to qualified craftsmen from construction companies with an excellent reputation. But, taking into account the possibilities of the family budget, it is much more economical to implement the entire project for the construction of houses, simply by hiring professional and experienced craftsmen, for example, with the help of the construction exchange “League of Masters”.
Even if you decide to build a house only on your own, some work can not be done without the help of qualified craftsmen. Often, those who plan to have a country house, the first thing they ask is how long will the entire construction process take?
First, the timing depends on the size of the actual house. For example, a country house is built for 5-14 days. Large country cottages will be built within about four months. The list of construction works performed includes: foundation construction, installation of all utilities and electrical wiring.
In the case of a monolithic foundation, then in the summer it should stand for at least 15 days. Electrical wiring and installation of communication systems may take about four weeks. In the process of selecting contractors, experts advise you to ask about the warranty period. Since it will take at least a year to identify hidden defects. Many people are also actively interested in the question of what kind of foundation is suitable for the future home. The foundation, as a rule, must be chosen, taking into account the type of soil on the site and the height differences.
And for those who plan to save on the foundation, there is one piece of advice-build a wooden house.
First, such a house is lighter and a low-depth foundation will be enough for it.
Secondly, the construction of a wooden house is much cheaper than a brick one. It is built much faster, and in winter it takes less time to heat it. Immediately the question arises, and from what material is it worth building a wooden house?
The answer is quite simple — use glued beams. This material is devoid of all the unpleasant disadvantages of natural wood. Moreover, the latest technologies allow you to build houses made of glued beams that will stand for more than a century. The most important advice on the construction of houses and cottages — entrust this matter to responsible and experienced professionals.

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