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Update Your Kitchen Economically with Aspect Peel and Stick Backsplash Tile

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We Love This Easy and Economical Kitchen Update

These tiles are super easy to work with and we think they produce a brilliant result!

These tiles are super easy to work with and we think they produce a brilliant result!

An Economical and Beautiful Kitchen Update

The last time we updated our kitchen was when our home was first built back in 2004, so after 15 years, it was time for a change. We like our blue stone counter tops with hints of gray and white in them, and wanted to keep those, but we were tired of the basic yellow wall color.

The perfect solution we found was do-it-yourself peel and stick wall backsplash tiles. They're easy to work with, simple to cut using tin snips, or you can use a shear, and they're applied easily to the wall surface. Once the tiles were applied, we changed the kitchen paint color to a gray hue called tin foil, and we had the update we had been looking for!

Aspect brand peel and stick stone overlay backsplash tiles were what we chose. The design we chose is called Medley Slate. We love the realistic stone vibe from these tiles and the brand new updated look they bring to our kitchen.

Adding backsplash tiles was something we had wanted to do for a long time, and finally we found a way to add them without having to individually apply tiles. We didn't have to deal with grout either, so it was a win-win.

These tile strips can be applied in one afternoon, or you can take your time like we did and do it over a couple days. It takes careful measuring to make sure the tiles fit exactly where you want them to go. You also need to be careful measuring wherever you need to have notches for wall outlets. As the saying goes, measure twice, cut once for best results.

The Kitchen Wall Area Between the Stove and Microwave

Here is what the kitchen area between the stove and microwave looks like.

Here is what the kitchen area between the stove and microwave looks like.

Made from Real Stone

These Aspect peel and stick stone overlay backsplash tiles look like authentic stone because they're made from real stone! The layers consist of the top real stone surface, a layer underneath of bonding resin, underneath that is fiberglass, and on the back of the tiles is a super strong adhesive. These layers provide strength and flexibility, with a strong and beautiful looking stone layer displayed prominently on top.

They give you the option of a real stone look without the hassle of hiring a contractor and having them put real stone on your wall, using mortar and grout. They're made by stone craftsmen in India who quarry and thinly slice stone to give you the look you want without the extra weight.

You'll find that due to the authentic stone, the colors will vary, especially when you choose the Medley Slate style that we chose. Panels are affordable, and when you buy them through Amazon, you get 16 panels that measure 5.9 x 23.6 inches.

For our kitchen, we used 18 panels. You can find individual panels through places that sell Aspect brand peel and stick tiles like Home Depot, which is where we found the extra tiles we needed, so you can get exactly the amount you need with no wasted tiles.

Simple Steps for Effective Installation

Here are a few simple steps for a flawless and easy installation. I have read that some people had trouble cutting these tiles using a tin snips. For the most part, we were able to get by with a tin snips, although my husband does have a band saw too that he was able to use on any pieces that were thicker and harder to cut. Here are some smart steps for a good installation experience:

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  1. Lay Your Tiles Out - lay the tiles out in the pattern you hope to use on your specific wall area. This gives you a good idea of what your finished results will be and how everything will look once it's done
  2. Arrange Tiles - Move around and arrange your tiles however you'd like them to look. This will save you from looking back on your results and wishing a certain stone style or color was in another spot
  3. Clean and Prime Your Walls - You want to be sure you walls are clean, using mild soap and water and that if you need a primer you've used one. In our case, we only needed to be sure the walls were clean. Tiles can be applied on traditional sheetrock walls, or over other tile surfaces
  4. Snip, Peel and Stick - You'll probably find spots where you only need to peel and stick your tiles, and other spots where you'll need to notch out areas so the tile can go around wall sockets. When notching tiles, be sure to measure twice so you get it exactly right

We found that these tiles were extremely easy to work with and that the fact that they are lightweight and very flexible, they gave us exactly the results we wanted.

Tiles Can Be Used in Other Rooms

These Aspect peel and stick stone tiles an also be used in a living room around a fireplace. However, the manufacturer does recommend that you stay six inches away from the heat of the fireplace so the adhesive will continue to hold correctly for you.

It's not recommended to use these tiles in an outdoor space because extremes in temperature, humidity, rain or snow would not be well tolerated by these tiles. So basically, stick to indoor use where elements like humidity are well regulated, and you'll be fine.

An entire wall can be done using these tiles, or areas that are underneath cabinets or between a microwave and a stove like we did in our kitchen give your kitchen the update you want, in a fairly inexpensive way. I've even seen where people use these Aspect peel and stick tiles in a bathroom around a mirror, but you need to keep them from being exposed to wetness and extreme humidity for the best results.

Trims are Available for Extra Style

You can also find trims that measure 24 inches in assorted colors to give your Aspect peel and stick kitchen tiles a more finished look. We happened to like the look of these tiles as they were without the trim, but that is always an option if you'd like to use it.

Another word of advice is that if you do a lot of splashing as you cook or if there are other ways that your tiles could become stained, it's advised to use some type of professional stone sealer on the tiles to keep them from getting stained. They can be cleaned using a mild soap and water solution. But, if you feel that your tile may become stained due to heavy cooking oils or other splatters, it may be smart to seal the stone tiles first for your peace of mind.

Happy kitchen re-designing, and I sincerely hope that your kitchen renovation turns out as well as ours did and that your newly installed kitchen backsplash tiles give you years of beautiful use and enjoyment!

Aspect Peel and Stick Backsplash Overlay Kitchen Tiles in Medley Slate

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