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Weirdst Flora Found On Mother Earth

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Weirdst Floras Found On Mother Earth

Flowers can be gifted on all occasions to your loved ones.Any kind of flower is an amazing creation of God. They are attractive and colourful which soothes our mind.A glimpse of them can relive us of stress.Flowers come in diverse variety in all shapes and sizes .

But there are ample of strange and weird looking flowers too found on mother Earth which may be placid for us too.

Exotic flowers are beautiful in nature. There are flowers in the nature which are very strange as well as unique with different varieties. Their climatic conditions differ with their geographical boundaries. These are the flowers that we rarely see and most of us don't even know that they exist globally around us. Orchids are well known for their extraordinarily diverse colors and appearances, which can often resemble a wide array of other objects or animals.

In my article I'm giving you a perception on the weirdest flowers found on earth which will make you topst turvy.They are as follows:.

  • Naarilaatha: This plant is native to Asia. It is said that this plant is found in Sri Lanka, Thailand and Himalayan regions of India. This flora blooms once in 20 years. The name of the flower " Naarilatha" resemblances like a nude torso of a woman.



Skull flower: Antirrhinum

  • The Antirrhinum is also known as the snapdragon or skull flower and has been a popular garden plant for many years. Its common name is derived from the resemblance of the flower to a skull.

Skull flower : Antirrhinum


Bee Orchid:

  • Bee Orchid: The biological name for this plant is Ophrys apiphera. It is mostly found in continents like Europe, Middle East and North africa. It is a perinial herb which grows to a height of about 15-50 cms. It's growth rate is slow in winters but it grows fast in autum. It's large sepals, bronze colored petals and brownish part of this unusual flower resemble that of an attractive female bee.This plant is considered to be one of the most endangered species which is hard to propagate .

Bee Orchid -Ophrys apiphera


Beehive ginger -Zingiber spectabile

  • Beehive ginger: The biological name for this plant is Zingiber spectabile. It is amongst the exotic plants and is distinguished by it's look alike that of a honeybee's bee hive. It is mostly used for indoor decoration but the plant may grow upto 6ft ht. It is a clumping herb mostly found in Peninsular Malaysia and Peninsular Thailand.In South-East Asia it is also used as a medicinal herb.

Beehive Ginger


Happy Alien flower-Calceolaria uniflora

  • It goes by many names such as Happy alien, Chamber Maids, and Darwin’s slipper. This mountain flower was discovered by Charles Darwin. Chamber Maids are small flowers with an average height of 4 inches. They love cool weather.This perennial plant grow near or on rocks due to their short roots .It is found in Southern America close to Antarctica.The happy alien plant blooms during the summer season. This unusual flower has a height of about 2 inches.

Happy Alien flower


Corpse flower -Rafflesia keithii

  • Corpse flower : The biological name of corpse flower is Rafflesia keithii .It is an extremely rare flower that grows in the rainforest of Indonesia. What makes this flower weird is the fact it does not have any leaves, roots or stem.This standalone individual flower smells like that of a corpse.

Corpse Lily -Amorphophallus titanum

  • Corpse Lily or Amorphophallus titanum is another rare plant that comes from Indonesia. Corpse Lily is a blooming flower that rarely blooms but it is known for it's ordour as it smells like a rotten corpse.It is also one of the largest flowers on earth. It can grow up to 12 feet tall and it weighs around 100 pounds.

Monkey Face Orchid -Dracula simia

  • Dracula simia is an extremely rare and exceptional plant.This rare orchid is found in the Ecuadorian and Peruvian cloud forest at high altitudes. It features displays the face of a monkey with two dark little eyes, fuzzy dotted eyebrows, and furry little nose and beard area. Only a few people have seen this flower because it is extremely hard to get to it even if it is found. Monkey Face Orchid blooms all year round, thus, it will make a lovely decor to your gardens or indoors.It has got 110 varieties.

Monkey Face Orchid


Devil’s hands-Chiranthodendron pentadactylon.

  • Chiranthodendron pentadactylon is also known as devil’s hands, Monkey’s hand, and Monkey Paw. The Devil’s hand tree is best known for its striking bright red and yellow ‘five-fingered’ flowers.This exotic flower can be found in Guatemalan and Mexican cloud forests but it also found in oak forest and pine-oak forest at elevations of between 1,830 and 2,740 m ht. The devil’s hand is a tropical plant that can be grown in a temperate climate. It is not distinguished only by its unique appearance, but also by its medicinal uses. It is used to heal a variety of heart diseases.The bark of the tree is used as rope and the large leaves of the tree are used to wrap food. The tree also had religious significance attatched with the pre-Columbian Aztec people.it is mostly cultivated as an ornamental tree.

Monkey Paw/Devil's hand


Dancing Ladies-Impatiens bequaertii

  • Dancing Ladies - Dancing Ladies or Impatiens bequaertii is the kind of flower which comes in three colours ie white, pink and yellow. It is extremely rare to find these flora.These are small in size which makes them ideal to grow in planters and decorate your house with them. They grow in vines and are native to East Africa.

Dancing ladies


Desert Pea-Swainsona formosa

  • Desert Pea or Swainsona formosa is one of the most unusual weird wild flowers native to Australia .The flowers are about 9 centimetres in length and grow in clusters .The plant flowers from spring to summer, particularly after rain. It is used as an iconic symbol as a popular subject in artwork and photography, as well as a decorative motif, and in a range of commercial uses.

Flying duck orchid-Caleana major

  • Flying duck orchid or Caleana major is another Australian weird flower. The plant is called as flying duck orchid because its flower has ‘duck in flight’ like shape. This flowering plant only grows in Southern and Eastern Australia. The flowers of this attractive orchid species are in brown to purple. The flora of the plant is tiny having a length of 1.5 cm. Due to its delicate growth requirements, this flower has never been propagated.Flying duck orchid plants are so unique that the plants were featured on Australian postage stamps.

Flying duck orchid



I have given my bouquet of orchid collection. Hope you like them . To find out which plant will be suitable for your office/ home space do contact a professional florist for the same.

In case I have missed out on your favourites please do mention it in the comment section below.

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