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Unique Wall Clocks - What's On Your Wall

Decorating your house is an art; if you are good at it you can do it by spending less money otherwise you have to take some expert opinion. Step one is to identify what you need, step two is to allocate a budget and step three is to do research. This hub is all about Wall clocks and it features some of the unique and very fair priced Wall clocks in market. I have done research my self and I have found them to be really worth buying.

We all have wall clocks in our homes, I have 6 wall clocks and I frequently change them just to give a new fresh look to surroundings. Wall clocks are most noticeable things in any home all guest notice them if they are unique. So if you’re planning to buy a wall clock then why not get something that’s unique and very pleasant looking.


Adhesive Numbers Metal Wall Clock

As the name indicates this Wall Clock is like no other traditional clock designs. First of all this clock has no frame it just sticks to your wall giving it a modern new age look. This wall clock is very ideal for offices and can also be a great addition to modern studio apartments. I purchased this clock for my office and it catches every ones attraction. It comes in small neat package and is very easy to mount. It’s a very reliable clock and keeps time very well, the shinny aluminum finish is an attractive features.


New Haven Melting Bronze Clock

This fine piece of art is inspired by kirch mod distorted designer wall clock and it comes with an antique bronze finish. It looks like as if the whole frame is melting. Quite an eye catcher I must say. It has gold tone hands and a quality quartz movement. I really adore this design it’s like the melting clocks in the works of Salvador Dali. It is extremely sturdy and keeps perfect time.


Antiqued Chester Wall Clock with Pendulum

This is one of my favorites; it looks like the old classic pendulum wall clock we see in movies. It has very unique and creative original design. It’s very affordable and you can remove its pendulum whenever you like but I would suggest otherwise. It’s a great wall clock at very affordable price.


Spoon and Fork Wall Clock

I don’t know if you people like to hang wall clocks in kitchen but I do. This wall clock is just perfect for any kind of kitchen; it matches well with the whole kitchen theme. The unique and artistic design really gives off a pleasant feel. Its bit fragile and bends easily, so you have to be a little extra careful when mounting it on the wall.


Brown Terra Cotta Outdoor Wall Clock with Thermometer

This wall clock not only tells you the right time but also the temperature. It has a built-in thermometer and wonderful brown aged color finish. It’s ideal for outdoors; you can also put it in your garden. It weather resistant and holds up just fine.


Bulova Vista Wooden Wall Clock

I bought this one last month and it’s just beautiful. It has solid wood case, excellent stain black color seasoned with chrome finis details. The glass lens it curved and looks very good on it. It just a Wall clock carved to perfection I would recommend it to every one. You can also gift it to anyone on any occasion.


Gear Wall Art with Clock

This wall clock is very unique and is just pure excellence. It’s a bit expensive but it’s worth it. It has a great industrial look; just like a mechanical robot hanging on your wall. All metal is hand painted and very durable. It’s a large clock so make sure you have plenty of space on your wall. Despite its metal looks and material this clock is light and easy to mount. It has classy tic tock sound which can be annoying at nights so you should not place it bedrooms. Also take care when you’re handling it because you might bend its parts. Overall very classy design and worth buying.

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Branch Design Wall Clock with Branch-Style Hands and Antique Gold Finish From CBK Home

Another artistic, unique and striking wall clock, it can be a great addition to any home. It looks like that this wall clock was made from real branches and I would have loved it more if it was carved out from wood but that would have increased its price. This clock is made from Iron with Antique Gold finish. From the most graceful designs to the most modern trends, CBK combines fashion and meaning into an absolute and cohesive design. It’s one of the cutest wall clocks in market.


Timeworks Leonardo Collection Wall Clock

Timeworks' Leonardo series is just brilliant; this clock is a very beautiful piece of art that tells the time of day. This gorgeous clock has ring that is handmade with antiqued brass, distinct decorative clock face with pendulum, and a dial produced with numbers from ancient Latin manuscript. Its one of the best vintage design clock I have seen. Price is also very reasonable and it’s perfect for you dining room or library.


Wood & Brass Nautical Captain's Ships-Wheel Porthole Wall Clock

I have some sailors in family so I decided to put this one on my list. Every mariner or sailor should have it in their home or even on their boats. This attractive Wooden Nautical Reproduction Antique Captain's Shipwheel with strong Brass Porthole Wall Clock is just one amazing piece of art. This classical, yet absolutely stylish wall clock will look stunning in your home. It can be purchased as a grand housewarming gift for special ocean, sea, ships, navy loving friend.


Wall Clock With Hidden Safe

Do you thinks safes behind wall painting are cool? Well you need to chech out this wall clock.

It's a wall clock and a hidden safe. You can use it for keeping patty cash or jewelry items. This wall clock is not very attractive, in fact its not attractive at all but that is a plus point because it wont attract any strangers.

So its just you and your safe and time telling wall clock. Not convinced yet ! well here are some convincing statistics most burglars only stay for 6 to 8 min in any house. I am sure in that time frame they wont be interested in this wall clock.


Howard Miller Majestic II Grandfather Clock

Howard Miller Majestic II Grandfather Clock

The Howard Miller Majestic II Grandfather Clock made in the USA is a clock made by the famous manufacturers Howard Miller; a company that primarily focuses on top quality design aided with efficient functioning, you would have to dig deep into your pocket because this wall clock could set you back about $4000, but is it worth the price?

To start off It becomes abundantly clear that this clock stands in a league of its own; the workmanship that goes into the making of this grandfather clock is second to none. The detailing of every aspect of the clock is a hallmark of its quality. This clock created by Howard Miller has wonderful ash overlays which are not commonly found in grandfather clocks. The product has an illuminated case which is detailed from both front and back with a mirror casing, helping it to stand out in any room you may put in. The pendulum also is a work of art, with three different bongs and a very carefully laid out design, it helps the clock live up to its rather steep price, at least aesthetically. The engineers at Howard Miller have fitted this clock with a cable driven, triple chime Kieninger movement and also have given it the selection of automatic nighttime shut off option. The makers of this grandfather clock have gone a step further by providing the buyer with a Brass heirloom nameplate; this would allow you to engrave your name or anything you want for that matter permanently into this clock. The makers of this clock have also thought of placing three adjustable shelves beside the moving pendulum, making it convenient for the owner to display anything that they would want to.

The arched pediment with a book matched is also a feature that would distinguish this piece with others on the market. Its commanding design and sleek operation would effectively make this piece a source of envy for anyone laying eyes on it. This clock is not the cheapest on the market right now, but is definitely one worth investing in.


The J.H. Miller II Grandfather Clock

When it comes to grandfather clock that instant have the wow factor, not many can compete with the JH Miller II Grandfather clock. Decisively bigger then other modern clocks the JH Miller is the considered among the grandest of the grandfather clocks. Designed more like a clock that would fit the Victorian age, the JH Miller still surprisingly manages to blend with the modern environment while still maintain its air of grandeur. A massive jump from the other two clocks mentioned in this review, the JH Miller would easily cost you $18,000, a price that very few people could be able to afford, but the question beckons, is this clock worth its astronomical price?

The grandfather clock is finished with Windsor Cherry which is presented on sixteen different species of rare woods, making it among the highest quality when it comes to manufacturing. The swan neck pediment is crowned with three carved finials; a carved finial shell, two carved rosettes as well as book matched Russian Walnut Burl with floral inlays that are framed with Movingue Border with Maple ebony accent lines. The manufacturers were clearly going for a grand elegance look and with the evidence provided by the clock they have managed to pull off exactly that. The dial is supported with complete Brass and the brass dial is also complete with an engraving plate that would enable you to write anything in this neat grandfather clock.

The grandfather clock like most clocks is made in the USA and has beveled glass on all front and side glass. This sturdy clock with a very large base promises to be increasingly stable, easily merging with the room you put in. The color also is sheen brown which is designed to compliment any place you put the clock in. Like the first clock mentioned in this article the JH Miller also houses a cable driven Kieninger, to add to this It also has a automatic nighttime chime setting off option. Again only top quality Heirloom nameplates are used for you to engrave any name or date into the clock.


Exquisite Italian Corona Dorata Grandfather Clock

Very few clocks out there in the market are priced as highly as the Italian Corona Dorata Grandfather clock, making it among the most debated of wall clocks out there in stores right now. Grandfather clock enthusiasts who can go to extreme lengths to obtain the clock they want would be flustered when looking at the price tag of the Italian Corona. Nothing which is of good quality comes cheap mind you but this grandfather clock is targeted at a very limited audience, that is why for the manufacturers it is essential that they make this clock good enough for people to invest in, because already by buying this clock you are putting your bank account under immense pressure. Now finally moving on to the price, in this article the Italian Corona is the most expensive clock, London Clocks the sellers have priced this clock at a whopping $47,500. Putting this into context, the with the money you would have to invest for the Italian Corona could be used to buy you a car, a laptop or even a phone, interestingly this amount is less then what a kindergarten teacher makes in a year.

Probably among the major reason for the Italian Corona being priced so highly is because it is 100% handmade. The intricate hand carved design would take a long time to finish; the attention to detail in this piece is much more then most grandfather clocks. The design of the Italian Corona is breathtaking; the timepiece may not be like the JH Miller in stature, but what it loses in height it more then makes up for in sheer quality. Unlike the other clocks mentioned in this article the Italian Corona is imported, incrusted with the most sought after and expensive jewels that money can buy. Exotic zebrawoods and ebony are used in the Italian Corona, making it one of the most aesthetically pleasing clocks out there in the market.

The clock also has 360 degree view which makes it ideal to place in a room; it uses superior German movement that sets it apart from other clocks available. The Corona however is obviously not a clock meant for the average man, although amazingly detailed and beautifully designed, spending almost $50,000 is not advised.


Howard Miller 615-058 Cascade Waterfall Clock

Probably the most unique clock of the article is the Howard Miller Cascade Waterfall clock, probably as majestic as other clocks on the market, the cascade waterfall however still manages to hold its own when spoken among the company of the best modern clocks. The cascade is a much more affordable clock then for example the Italian Corona, this however does not mean that the cascade is lacking in quality. Targeted mostly for the normal audience, the Cascade waterfall at a glance screams innovation. Rather then being a huge, rock encrusted piece the Cascade takes a very different route. It is rather plainly designed, maybe that is the thing that makes the Cascade so desirable, the sheer simplistic brilliance that has gone in its design.

The charcoal gray dial is specifically designed to make movement easier, the clock also features unique hour markers and brushed nickel hands. Adding to the visual beauty of the piece, ornamental rocks are placed on the bottom of the clock making it very easy on the eyes. The cascade is run by a battery; the Quartz needs a battery for its movement. What probably is the highlight of the Cascade is the an electric pump is provided with the timepiece that is responsible for the waterfall effect, when in operation the clock with the rocks and waterfall succeeds in tying the room together, making this an invaluable option for buyers that are looking for a decoration piece of sorts.

The cascade waterfall is targeted for the casual buyer and keeping in mind the affordable price and the overall quality, the cascade is definitely a clock worth investing in. It may not be among the most expensive and grand clocks that are available on the market, it however is a clock that would suit anyone looking to freshen up their room. The clock is not only affordable but it also is very good operationally, it does not take up a huge amount of space and can very easily be moved from one place to another. The price, the quality and the good looks of the cascade make this a clock for anyone who is after a smart investment.


Howard Miller Princeton Grandfather Clock

Another clock by the famous company Howard Miller is included in the list of wall clocks, although not as expensive as the one mentioned above, the Princeton Grandfather Clock would also set you back a great deal of money. Priced at $1,035 this clock is known as among the best known clocks that Howard Miller has churned out through the years. Not only is this clock, compared to other older grandfather clock cheaper, it’s also a great investment because it wouldn’t give you sense of regret for not buying a higher priced clock.

This clock is another example of how grandfather clocks should be made to suit the needs of this time, looking at this clock one notices the attention to detail that has been put in. This clock is the personification of quality workmanship, the amount of skill that is shown in the designing is in a class of its own. The Princeton has distinctive olive burl patterns on its back and bottom panels, the hardwood selected is also top of the line. The finish on this wonderful timepiece is done with Hampton Cherry on high quality hardwood and veneers. The neck pediment of this timepiece shaped like a swan features a decorative shelled overlay and a turned urn finial. The brass dial on the clock is supported by a silver chapter ring which is supported by Arabic numerals, elaborate corner spandrels and a stationery midnight blue moon phase.

This simple but commanding timepiece stands about 77.2 inches, giving it that classical look that is so desired in grandfather clocks. It is important to note that although this piece is tall and imposing it has the innate ability to easily blend in with your room, giving the space you’re putting this clock in an air of splendor.

This grandfather clock made in the USA needs at least 4 C sized batteries to run, which in the midst of things should not be such a big hassle. The clock is plain glass throughout, this is complemented with polished weights and pendulums making this timepiece a very wise investment for anyone interested.


Susan Hazelton from Northern New York on June 05, 2018:

What a beautiful collection of unique clocks. I see one, the one in the first photo, the Infinity Instruments Fleur de Lis Wall Clock, that I would like to hunt down and use in my spare room.

jewelsofawe from Oregon on August 03, 2011:

These are unique!

Haris Amin from Mars on August 08, 2010:

Like the clock safe.

Edward Happer MSc (author) on June 16, 2010:

Thanks everyone for commenting.

GK on June 16, 2010:

Gear clock is just awesome, nice post.

Vega on June 16, 2010:

Oh man thanks for posting this list. Great gift options you saved me from lots of trouble

Research Analyst on June 16, 2010:

These are really nice clocks, and they are unique.

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