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Understand these Terms Before Selling Your Bungalow

10 Terminologies to Understand Before Selling a Bungalow

10 Terminologies to Understand Before Selling a Bungalow

10 Terminologies to Understand Before Selling a Bungalow

If you’re planning to sell your bungalow, you should consider reading this blog.

Selling your home is not just limited to finding a trustworthy realtor. You might also need to renovate your home before even thinking of selling. For this, you should understand several related terms to the whole sales process quite easy.

The internet has made the world a global village. Everything you hear could easily be traced down over the internet. So, let’s use this power and learn some related terminologies before you start the whole process to renovate your home and then sell your home.


You must have heard this term before and know its meaning. It’s the design plan or a technical drawing used by architects.

But do you know why it’s called a ‘blueprint’?

Earlier, architects used to draw lines to make them look like a building on blue paper with white lines. These had the dimensions, access points, materials to be used, and more.

While now, these prints are digitally designed and displayed in different formats. And they give a better view of your home.

Your home renovator would ask you for this so that s/he could develop a clear plan to renovate your home.

Building Inspector

As the name sounds, they’re agents employed by the government to inspect a house before it’s constructed or re-constructed. They’d visit you depending on the type of work your home requires.

They’ll make sure that everything is aligned according to the rules and guidelines set by the local authority(s).

The building inspector is mainly concerned with health and safety measures. They might interrupt the renovation process until they’re satisfied that all the requirements, as mentioned by the legislation, are in accordance.

Building Permit

While building a house, you need to have this permit from the local authority. But in the case of home renovation, you might not want this.

Building permits are, again, issued by the government, and they’ve to be received before the building work is started.

For smaller renovation projects, you might not need this permit.


These so-called consultants are your first point of contact. They’ll tell you what type of job is required. How much time could the renovation take? And how much cost would be incurred during the process?

Contractors (also known as ‘general contractors) are usually your renovators. They’ll initially survey your house and create a report with details related to the job required. For some smaller projects, they might outsource sub-contractors.

Before you hire a contractor, make sure they have the relevant license and are insured.


Window Styles for Homes and Offices

Window Styles for Homes and Offices

When it’s relevant to your windows (or even doors) you might hear this term. Double-glazed windows (as the name sounds) are made from at least two panes of glass. They’re designed in a way to block (or minimize the effect of) sound waves, heat, and cold.

Fixtures and Fittings

Fixtures are items attached to a building and aren’t easy to remove. Fittings, on the other hand, are items attached to a build that could be easily removed as compared to fixtures.

Examples of fixtures include; kitchen units, doors, boiler, etc. Pictures, hanging mirrors, kitchen appliances, etc., are some examples of fittings.

These are quite valuable items and should be considered before you list your bungalow for sale.


Ground fault circuit interrupter or GFCI for short is a device used in several areas of the house where there’s a water source. This device is installed to protect you from electrical current if the electrical circuit is exposed.

These are required by the authority to make sure that the house is well-protected against all loose ends.


Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning or HVAC or in easy terms central heating/cooling system.

They need to be checked for their performance regularly.



Medium-density fiberboard or MDF is used in the woodwork of your bungalow.

There’ve been some concerns over the usage of this material as they contain formaldehyde resins. They’ve shown some negative effects like sore eyes, coughing, etc.

MDF isn’t banned in the country but, UFFI (urea formaldehyde-based foam insulation) is banned.

Make sure you use the best material when constructing or renovating your home.


Make sure you understand the difference between remodeling and renovating.

Remodeling is a more detailed work where you could be re-constructing or restructuring your house. It’s more expensive and time-consuming.

Find a Realtor

Once you’ve understood all the related terms, you might also need to consult a realtor to sell your bungalow. They would guide you better and will tell you if you need to remodel your house or just need a renovation.

While remodeling sounds good, it might not pay you back enough to cover your recent expenses. In most cases, a slight re-touch

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