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Your Baby and You Need Coral’s All In One UV Sterilizer And Dryer Enhanced Edition


How To Get A Sanitized World

The reality of today has made the need for cleanliness more important than ever. But when it comes to babies, the need for cleanliness has always been paramount, especially as it pertains to baby bottles, pacifiers and those plush toys that look so cute being cuddled in pictures for Grandma. Only those who have never had children will wonder what the big deal is in hand washing those bottles and dealing with those plush toys however — it’s just a matter of taking the time to do it all, right? But that’s the problem in a nutshell — there’s often not enough time to do what needs to be done because there’s so much else that is pending, or things get rushed when they (meaning the cleaning of bottles) should be taken slowly and methodically. And it’s got to be understood that “cleaning” isn’t just about giving a bottle a swish of water — the cleaning needs to be sufficient to eliminate those household germs that lurk invisibly. And let’s be even more realistic — hand washing those bottles just doesn’t go all out.

What does go all out is Coral’s All In One UV Sterilizer And Dryer Enhanced Edition. Because this 4 in 1 UV sterilizer sanitizes what gets placed inside so as to kill 99.9% of those household germs we’re talking about (100% not being possible for anything obviously, but boy is this as close as you can get).


What This Sanitizer Is All About

Now before we run through the process (drivers, get your bottles ready), let’s look at what exactly this UV sterilizer is. But actually let’s hold off for later and note some important specification first. As in this uses the same kind of process found in hospitals and clinics and water treatment facilities. So we’re talking about pro-level working here, not some watered down consumer gimmick. Speaking of which (water), there’s no water involved in the process, nor is heat involved either. So that means no mess to clean up or fear of getting burned. Forget about both of these because they’re off the table. No lead or phthalates, so to be simplistic, no chemicals are involved whatsoever.


Setup and Work Through

So here’s how it works, not in theory but in practice. After plugging it into a wall outlet and positioning it in a location where it can call home, open the child-safety protective top (no it’s not like a medicine bottle’s safety lid but a mechanism that completely shuts off any UV light if the top is opened when a cycle is running) by pressing that “PRESS” button on the front. Place the item(s) inside using the accessory trays or not and close the top. Then choose to either go the Auto route or pick a selection from those offered as noted earlier. When done it will make a little noise to tell you it’s finished,

Cleaning is simple and just requires wiping out the insides — but the filter which can be removed from the back should be changed about every 3-4 months or so.

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Take A Look Inside

Now back to what we’re looking at — a largish container that sort of resembles a portable cooler. The top opens up away from you and the inside chamber is steel and reflective because it needs to be. Inside that top (or lid) can be found dual ultraviolet lamps that are safely embedded within. These do the heaving lifting when it comes to killing the germs. Closing the lid, the only control that shows up right away is on the front and is a button that says “Press.” No further explanation is needed for that, but turning your attention to the top shows the other controls. This consists of “sterilize and dry” which turns on the UV for 10 minutes and is followed by a 40 minute drying cycle; “sterilize only” which turns on the UV only for 10 minutes; “dry only” which does just that for 30-60 minutes (changes to the setting here are reflected at the top’s bottom center where timing is displayed); “24 hour storage” which is different enough to rate a few lines in that it provides for a full day’s worth of continuous sterilization (noted as being useful for bottles, pacifiers and breast pump parts — see, this UV sanitizer isn’t restricted in what it can work with, providing it can fit inside).


It comes in a standard off white/gray trim color. And as noted earlier, it can handle a wide assortment of objects inside, going beyond baby stuff and into the realm of extra space such as cups, flatware, brushes, toothbrushes and even the now-ubiquitous smartphone. Not to mention, but yes we will — masks. The Coral All In One UV Sterilizer And Dryer Enhanced Edition retails for $179.00. Further details can be found at

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