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UPVc Window's

UPVC Windows

 UPVC Windows (unplasticised,, polyvinylchloride)are increasingly becoming the material of choice for achieving economic and environmental balance as well as meeting higher demands on inhabitant comfort    UPVc   has become one of the most used products in the manufacture of windows and doors, by the large double-glazing manufacturing companies. Through the Sixties and Seventies, more homeowners opted to replace their windows with UPVc units.   They have been widely used for more than 30 years across the globe, from the deserts of Arizona to the coldest parts of Scandinavia/Russia, from the hot environs of Gulf to the tropics of Malaysia, Thailand as well as very extensively in China. 



the window profiles also known as frames are made of upvc the new age framing material rated far better than wood and aluminium the world over Upvc windows now have all the ingredients needed in window frame .thermal insulation, weather endurance, UV resistance, strength, termite resistance fire Retardant properties, low maintenance, aesthetics and finish are all benefits of upvc windows.Upvc or unplasticised poly vinyl chloride is a product of Natural resources fifty seven percent salt and forty three percent oil. The manufacture of upvc requires minimal use of energy far less than the energy spent on the manufacture of aluminium or steel. Because, of the way these windows are designed and built today all that should filter through is sunlight no dust or Pollution or noise should pass through the upvc window .this window system should be air and watertight if it is installed correctly

Thermal insulation and energy saving

Upvc windows have better thermal insulation properties than aluminium in an air conditioned room a properly designed window made of upvc can actually save thirty percent energy this is the expert view of Professor NK Bansal author of energy efficient windows. Professor Bansal defines an energy efficient window as one that consists of a heat insulating framing material, double glazed and proper sealing between the wall and window.

Sound insulation

Noise pollution is a major urban problem, noise enters your home through cracks in your walls and gaps in your windows but test have shown that noise pollution can be reduced as much as thirty five decibels after installing upvc windows.

Wind load

tall buildings need special windows that can with stand in accordance with British standards upvc windows should withstand 1200 Pascal’s or wind gusts of one hundred and sixty kilometres per hour with negligible deflection



Upvc windows come in all shapes and sizes .the size of glazing panels governs the sizes of the windows, glazing can only be made in certain sizes it becomes difficult to transport and handle large pieces of glass without damaging them. When buying upvc windows an extensive site survey should be carried out and the window apertures should be measure to the last millimetre.

Manufacturing process

During the manufacturing process of the raw materials heat stabilisers are added for material preservation, impact modifiers for toughness, UV stabilizers for resistance against fading and lubricants and oils for better extrusion .the process of manufacturing then continues onto fabrication which is a ten step process of precision engineering. This process includes cutting the frames to length, routing for hinges and locks, reinforcement fitting .this is when the steel reinforcement is installed inside the extruded Upvc frame, fusion welding. This process involves the pre-cut frames with the reinforced steel already installed being placed into a special fusion welding jig, immense heat and pressure welds the corners together, corner cleaning. This process removes the excess welded material known as flash, assembly .rubber seals are added at this point then glazing and then final assembly before packaging. The manufacture of precision engineered upvc windows is only the first step the other is installation



Eighty five percent of all window related problems spring from poor installation. Trained installation teams install the windows by firstly cleaning the window opening ,mounting the frames into the window apature,installing the hardware ,check horizontal alignment, drill precisely through the frame into the wall  at the bottom of the window and insert fastenings to retain the window in the opening, check vertical alignment, secure the top of the frame with the same process, clean the frame and remove any dust, fill with sealant across all four sides, install glazing and test by opening and closing.

Upvc windows can complete the look of your home with a range of colour options and designs. Upvc windows are and will be the dominating force in the window Supply marketplace.

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Mr tin on May 22, 2014:

Sir I m from Burma .i want to buy U PVC and some tools .

james on February 22, 2012:

can you give me best distance measurement for drain holes and distance of reinforcement screws prior to assembly.tnx

Amin Sangabi on May 15, 2011:

Dear Manager,

I saw your website and interested to know more about your products specialy 60 series. please send full details with catalogue and piece list, test report.

Thanks and regards

Amin Sangabi

Eram Shiraz trading co.

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