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Turning A Shed into a Playroom!

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Turning a Shed Into a Playroom!

Pretty soon the Winter weather will give way to longer days and Spring breezes. I am big fan of small home living and feel that converting my backyard shed into a playroom for my children was one of the best investments I have ever made. They now have an extension of their play area and can spend time in it's shade even on the hottest of days . To be honest with you, my kids use their playroom shed every month of the year excluding January and February when the cold turns bitter.

Turning a Shed Into A Playroom Project

Last Spring I converted our extra garden shed into my children's playroom and I would like to share my advice on this project. I do have both a girl and a boy so I designed my shed to specifically to fit both of their needs. I picked up a kid's table and chair set up at my local Walmart along with a standard book shelf for their toys. I also painted one wall a chalkboard wall which made it even more fun and inspiring for them. My house is only 1200 square feel but I do have a nice size backyard where we are able to fit both of our sheds. One for tools etc., and this special one is now for our kids outdoor playroom.

The Big Transformation

Here are my personal pointers on the big transformation:

1. Paint the inside of the shed a bright color. Sheds tend to not have many window's. Painting it a bright cheery color made it more appealing and cozy for my children to spend time in.

2. Some newer sheds come with nice flooring. Our shed did not but I opted to paint the floor white instead of redoing it. Adding a colorful outdoor rug that covered most of the floor in the shed saved the day. I purchased mine at Kmart and it was around $80.

3. Decorating the walls of the shed with cute and colorful wall art made this project complete. I found some really adorable wall art at Pottery Barn Kids, they had more of a gender neutral selection. Most of the wall art was light weight so I actually got away with using a strong double sided tape to hang it up. Our shed has a shadow box by the window. I planted some flowers in it to make the outside more appealing.

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It Was Well Worth It!

We did invest some time and money into this project but it was well worth it. My kids can use this space even when they are teenagers as a place to sit and hang out. Thinking even further down the line, I would love to transform it into an office that is light and breezy.

Right now it is coming in handy because I can open my kitchen window and both hear and see my children having a blast in this amazing room. It also comes in handy when my husband and I do yardwork. It enables them to be outdoors playing with their toys where we can see them.


Turning backyard sheds into new found living space is becoming increasingly popular these days. A shed can be a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of the home and it allows you or your children to have some real private time. Due to this economy my kids don't have a big home with a playroom to grow up in. Turning my shed into an outdoor playroom for them has been one of the best decisions I have made in make their home life more enjoyable and pleasant.

If anybody else out there is looking into converting their garden shed into an extra room I would highly suggest it. It has been both a lifesaver and a huge blessing to our family!


Adrien on September 01, 2015:

When I was a boy they made a doll house for my sister like that and she didn't like it, so I took it over, lol. Beautiful pictures you posted. I also had tree houses of friends, sad when they were taken apart for no reason by the father.

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