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Turn that old flower pot into a unique and beautiful end table


Example of a finished product

Example of a finished product

How to create this beautiful end table in just minutes!

Do you have a large, old planter in which you no longer use, but hate to throw away? Turn it into a work of art and you may even find yourself making more for friends and family, like I did.

Below, I will explain how to create this unique and gorgeous end table, in just minutes! You'll be amazed at what you can create and your friends will be stunned at the beauty. The final product is a softly lit table, which creates a warm ambiance in the evening, displaying an array of colors and artwork, while being a completely useful table.

What you will need: A planter pot in the size of your choosing. The posted picture is a large pot which was 24" across the inside, top. A small strand of rope lighting. A bag or two of those glass marbles with a flat side, which you can find at many craft stores. A glue gun or any product which will adhere glass to enamel (I used clear household silicone). A piece of laminate which covers the top of the pot. And lastly, a glass top (more about finding that, below). A ruler and a marker are all the other supplies you'll need.

How to: My first project was a smaller table, using a pot I purchased. I simply went down to the local landscaping company and found a beautiful, enamel planter.

I then purchased a piece of laminate from the hardware store. Lay the laminate on top of the pot and using a black marker, simply draw a circle which matches the contour of the inside rim of the pot. Next, I had to use my handy "husband" tool! Fortunately, my husband is used to being drafted and he was quickly able to cut the circle for me, using a jig saw. The best part, is that he needn't be perfect in making the cut, because the pot is not a perfect circle, and any mistakes are easily hidden.

The next step, I used a household silicone gun and "glued" clear marbles 1" below the inner rim of the pot. I spaced these about 5" apart, to be used as a ledge for the laminate to sit on. You needn't be fussy about how pretty these look or how perfectly spaced they are, as they'll never be seen. The most important thing to do here is to keep them at an even depth from the top. Use the ruler and ensure each is at least 1" below the rim. You can make it deeper if you intend to use décor other than the glass marbles, which I like. Other suggestions are sand and shells or starfish, for a nice beach-like décor. Suit your décor items to the area in which it will be used.

Next, thread the rope light through the bottom hole of the pot, leaving the plug on the outside. Simply drape the rope light strand inside, in any manner you choose.

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Once the marbles have dried along the inside ledge, drop the laminate circle on top. I find it helpful if the laminate were cut just a hair smaller than the circle drawn. Sand or shave any edges, if you find it isn't dropping in easily. Use a paint can "key" to pull it back out if you don't like how it's sitting and wish to adjust the circle more.

Next you'll toss in the décor you chose. I've always used the glass marbles, because the light reflects beautifully through them. In the pictured example I used a bag which contained yellow-gold, turquoise, light green, clear and pearl.

And the last step is to place the table top glass on, then you're done! Plug it in and see how beautiful it is. I find most of my table top glass at yard sales and thrift stores. You can purchase rounded edge glass but these are usually pricey. For the table pictured above, I did one search on craigslist and found someone selling an old iron and glass table for $10. I bought the table, trashed the base and kept the glass for my project....what a deal!

I hope you've found this to be a useful topic and will consider making you're own when you find yourself having a crafting urge! Let me know how yours turns out and be prepared to make more than one because the moment your friends see this, they will want one too! I've included some extra useful tips below, but they aren't necessary.

Tips: I've begun purchasing a planter caddy, or rolling base to sit my pots on, because they're heavy and this enables moving the table much easier. This also helps in minimizing the plug visibility. I've also found that since mine is used outdoors, the glass sitting directly on the pot causes morning fog. I stopped this quickly by purchasing those clear, rubber dots from the hardware store and stuck four of them to the top of the pot. This creates a small gap which stopped the fogging of the glass entirely.


Justin LaCoste on March 02, 2013:

these look beautiful and if you put plants on top of them you can see the lights shining up from underneath them which looks really cool at night

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