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Trufig is Easy on the Eyes

As host of the podcast "Consumer Review Report," I'm always excited to talk and write about different kinds of products such as this.


In this day and age of the smart house, there are buttons and touchscreens to control temperature, lights, audio, cameras, and a need for places to plug electronic devices in. The electronic equipment and plug receptacles required to accommodate today's smart house could create a bit of an eyesore by their noticeable presence on the walls, ceilings, and backsplashes in the house.


What Is Trufig?

Trufig is a way to install plug receptacles, light switches, iPads, HVAC registers, speakers, or voice control devices and not have them protrude from the wall but be flush with the wall so that it has a seamless look. When the items such as plug receptacles, HVAC registers, or voice control devices are installed, they can then be wallpapered, painted, or faux finished to match the surrounding color of the wall, ceiling, or backsplash making them almost invisible.


How Is The Trufig System Installed?

You might ask yourself, well is this difficult to install? Looking at the YouTube videos, it didn't seem difficult. Trufig wall mounts or platform mounts are made from engineered drywall. The platform mounts have a cutout of the item to be installed with an enclosure box inserted in the cutout. The platform mount with the enclosure box is attached to the studs in the wall or ceiling. Wallboard is cut and installed to surround and accommodate the Trufig platform mount.

The Trufig system can be installed with drywall, wood, or stone. To install using drywall, mud is applied over the enclosure then sanded until the opening is visible. For wood or stone, a hole is measured and cut to fit the enclosure. The enclosure is removed from the platform mount and installed on the wood or stone, making sure the enclosure box is flush with the surface. Then, the wood or stone is attached, with the enclosure box, to the platform mount. After that, install the item that was meant to fit the enclosure and apply the thin, removable fascia if applicable. If desired, wallpaper, paint, or faux finish the item to match its surrounding environment.

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TRUFIG installation drywall animation


Dream To Design Using Trufig?

If I were to dream of my perfectly designed house, I would want to incorporate Trufig into my kitchen. Trufig has platform mounts that can withstand moisture and can be used in all rooms of the house including the kitchen and bathrooms. I would dream to design the Trufig systems into my dream kitchen island.

Of course, Trufig power outlets would be installed on the sides, back, or front of the island to plug the kitchen appliances into.

The Trufig iPad would be cool to install on top of the island for access to recipes or to just watch a program while rolling dough or mixing. There would be a blank fascia included to cover the iPad so that, when not in use, it protects the iPad from food or moisture being dropped or splashed on it.

If I didn't want to read the recipes but wanted to receive the recipes audibly or to hear whatever program I was watching, I would have the Trufig speakers installed onto the sides, back, or front of the kitchen island.

Sure, I could definitely dream of other ways and in other rooms to install the Trufig systems, but I thought I'd just start with the kitchen island.


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