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Top Five Qualities of a Good Shower Head

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I have never been much of a bath person however it is not for lack of trying. The movies as well as social media portray the perfect bath time rituals with candles and decadent bubbles. So, obviously, I’ve tried many times to create the perfect, serene setting for my bath: I lit my fragrant tea-light candles, put in my favorite bubble bath generously into my abundantly warm, oiled bath, folded my towel behind my head, and lathered on a rich treatment mask. I Inhale deep as I sit and sweat in my luxurious spoils thinking about all the goodness penetrating my pores. Then after an hour I get out of the bath fold myself in my fluffy gown and walk out the bathroom like a boss only to have my husband say, “Wow, all that effort for just a 10-minute bath!”

Yip, you guessed it, for some strange reason I just can’t sit in a bath like that the whole time. I don’t know maybe I lack patience, or I procrastinate too much about all the things I still need to do and instead of the bath calming me down, it tends to make me feel anxious. I would much prefer a shower; in fact, I adore my showers. That is the time I sing like a superstar under my gorgeous, heated water spray and feel energized as well as refreshed, I guess everyone has a different vice that does the trick. Good showerheads play a very crucial part in my relaxation, the perfect pressure and spray range hit me in all the right places.

If like me you love showers then a good showerhead is what you need to take the experience to the next level The are many available in the market which has unique features, shapes, and building material. When you search for the right shower head for you, you should keep these top five qualities in mind and pick the best choice for your needs.


Things to look for before buying a shower head:

Below are some of the things you need to keep in mind.

· Adjustable/moveable

In the market, distinct kinds of showerheads are available, which may be with the fixed head or moveable head. A moveable shower head will be the right choice because you can adjust it at any angle where you are comfortable.

· Elegant designs

Unique designs of showerheads are available such as circular, rectangle, oval, square, etc. designs. Along with elegant designs, different metals like copper, chrome, and even plastic is used to make shower heads more attractive and durable.

You should think about the decor of your bathroom and compare it your other bathroom accessories then decide which shower head will look perfect with your bathroom interior and accessories.

Concealed ceiling showers are at times more elegant and charming because they are without hangings and attached to the ceiling.


· Restrict waste of water

Newly designed showerheads are made for extremely restricting purposes. In these showers, heads restrictors can be adjusted which automatically cut off the water supply when you are not using it or applying soap. These showers show eco-friendly nature by saving water.

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Apart from this, you can also go for the slow water flow showerheads as these water showers slow down the water flow. This does not mean that the water stream will be weaker, but it means that they will turn the low water pressure higher and will feel gentle like rain.

· Muscle relaxing

A good water shower is not designed just for the sake of the water supply. It also provides bathing hygiene and enjoys peace of mind. Modern showers are designed in such a way that they can supply you the water in numerous ways like mist, rain, spray, or dew drops which makes your bathing gratifying.

These diverse ways of water supply work as a massaging technique that make our tired muscles relax and unwind. This massaging therapy can be appreciated in both types of showerheads, fixed and handling.


· Long-lasting

The superior quality showers are designed in such a way that they are extremely durable. Showerheads are available in varied materials and are claimed to be hard-wearing, which is not true for all. Some of them are made of low-quality material and wear down quickly. Best shower heads to increase water pressure will last long to give better results.

It is highly recommended to use shower heads made of metals such as copper as these metals are durable if coated with rust-resistant material.


Showerheads are not just accessories, but they are a crucial part of your pleasure as they can create decadence and enjoyment to your whole shower experience So, you need to be conscious about choosing the right shower head for which the qualities to look out for shared above might be helpful.

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Charlene Gallant (author) from Cape Town, South Africa on August 10, 2021:

Thank you Pamela:)

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on August 10, 2021:

This is an interesting article about shower heads, Charlene. I had no idea you could have shower heads in the ceilings. That would be nice. I always shower now. When I was younger I would take a bath, but in recent years I have preferred the shower. Thanks for this good informations.

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