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Top Rated Lightweight Essential Gardening Tools

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Effects of Gardening Tools on the Body

The use of any gardening tool, especially when used frequently, could do harm to the body and spoil your joy of gardening. A long handle rake, a heavy trimmer or some difficult-to-use tool, for instance, could strain the back, neck, wrists or worse. You want gardening tools that are lightweight, ergonomic, and safe. You also want the best product on the market.

Here is the list of gardening tools that are essential to anyone interested in not only gardening, but gardening safely. The list also includes the function of each tool.

- Clippers, trimmers or loppers. Used to prune larger or thicker branches and shrubbery or remove grass from awkward and hard to reach places.

- Hand spades or trowels (sometimes called shovels). Used for small jobs such as digging garden beds for planting; scooping soil into pots; or mixing compost or fertilizer with soil.

- Shovels. Good for digging large holes; scooping out large amounts of dirt/ soil, and debris; and mixing compost or fertilizer with soil.

Radius NRG Ergonomic Easy Grip Gardening Hand Fork

Radius NRG Ergonomic Easy Grip Gardening Hand Fork

- Hand forks or diggers. Used to aerate soil and lawns; dig out unwanted weeds and moss; and prep new planting areas in the garden.

- Hoes. Good for digging out weeds in awkward areas; tilling the soil; and mixing compost or fertilizer.

Fiskars Leaf Rake, Model #96605935J

Fiskars Leaf Rake, Model #96605935J

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Radius Garden 400 Groundhog (Shark) Circular Rake

Radius Garden 400 Groundhog (Shark) Circular Rake

- Rakes. Names tend to vary like garden rakes, leaf rakes, lawn rakes. They remove or gather debris including leaves from lawns, gardens, plant beds, and spread compost, fertilizer, mulch or soil around plants.

Orbit 50-foot hose with Pistol Nozzle

Orbit 50-foot hose with Pistol Nozzle

- Hoses. Make it easier to transport water to plants, shrubs or lawns that require a lot of watering or that are some distance away. Hoses with adjustable nozzles work better.

Vertex Garden Essential Bucket Organizer

Vertex Garden Essential Bucket Organizer

- Utility buckets or carts. Usually of sufficient size to transport small tools or remove cuttings and debris easily. They could also be used to mix fertilizer, compost or other additives.

Companies are currently making an effort to manufacture lightweight gardening tools that are easy on the body and simple to use. The table below lists the brands in each category of tools that have been tested and recommended by websites such as and It includes the advantages of using the particular tool or its benefits to the gardener, where to find it, and the lowest estimated cost. Happy gardening!

Table of Lightweight Essential Gardening Tools

 Brand Description inc. product Advantages/ Benefis to GardenersWhere AvailableLowest Estimated Cost

Gardening Shears/ Scissors

Fiskars PowerGear Pruner. Model #7936. Handle contours to the shape of the hand. Reduces arm & hand strain. Stainless steel, coated blade is sharp & can cut through gums & sap.



Clippers/ Trimmers/ Loppers

Black & Decker HH2455 24-inch Hedgehog Hedge Trimmer with Rotating Handle. Handle rotates 180 degrees. Cuts with 40% less vibration. Soft grip. Balanced for control & works fast.


Hand Spades/ Trowels

Fiskars 7022 Ergo Trowel. Specially-designed handle to reduce pressure on hand & wrist.



Radius Garden 208 Pro Ergonomic Shovel. Specially-designed "O" handle with non-slip grip for more balance. Reduces pressure and strain.


Hand Forks/ Diggers

Radius NRG Ergonomic Easy Grip Gardening Hand Fork. Thermoplastic handle for easy, comfortable grip; secure even when wet. Provide natural arm movement.



True Temper (Ames) 54-inch Fiberglass-Handle Garden Hoe. Model #1859900. Ergonomic handle provides control without hand strain.



Fiskars leaf Rake. Model #96605935J. Ergonomically-designed 67-inch aluminum handle. Lightweight, protects the back & makes raking easier. Tines are flexible.



Radius Garden 400 Groundhog (Shark) Circular Rake. Unusually curved head & 49-inch, lightweight, fiberglass handle with carbon steel padded grip.



Orbit 50-foot Coil Hose with Pistol Nozzle. Compact hose. Plastic coil returns to its original shape after use. Company says weighs half as much as regular hose. Has 6 spray patterns.



Utility Buckets/ Carts

Vertex Garden Essential Bucket Organizer. Utility belt around bucket to place small tools.


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