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Top 8 House Cleaning Services in New York

House Cleaning Services in New York

House Cleaning Services in New York

Top 8 House Cleaning Services in New York

House cleaning services are becoming very popular in New York because life is so busy that people hardly get time to keep their houses clean and spotless. Since it’s becoming a norm in New York to hire professional cleaning companies, the problem is that people find it hard to choose the best one for their homes.

On one hand, it’s a sigh of relief for many people after a long tiring day. On the other hand, going through a hectic routine of finding different companies, checking their reviews and calling up their representatives for details is like coming out of one trouble and getting caught into another.

Here is the list of the best house cleaning service providers in New York. The list has been organized based on customer reviews and recommendations.

1. Luxury Cleaning:

Luxury cleaning has been providing cleaning services for homes, apartments and offices. With over 12 years of experience being cleaning service provider, it is highly recommended by the customers. Their impeccable attention to detail combined with customer’s prioritized list is something that makes them unique and professional in their work.

They offer different packages and add-on services to cater to customer’s specific needs. Their employees are trustworthy and all of them go through a 48 hour long training session. Another plus point is they don’t charge any fee as an initial charges.

2. MyClean:

After the COVID-19, MyClean came out as the most standardized house cleaning service provider to eradicate the virus. They not only use EPA registered products for cleaning purposes but also strictly adhere to the SOPs issued by the Centre for Disease Control.

The UV-C light used by them to eliminate viruses and bacteria is exactly the same as used by the hospitals to sterilize rooms and wards. They also offer reasonable prices depending upon the number of rooms in your house or apartment.

The best thing they offer is a user-friendly website to get the pricing details and schedule an appointment.

3. DLL Cleaning Services:

They extend their cleaning services from homes to buildings and offices. In order to ensure thorough cleaning and customer satisfaction, the owner and the manager, has been seen involved personally in the cleaning process.

The major highlight of the company that makes it unique is their move in and move out services. They also offer electrical equipment cleaning, furniture finishing, wall washing and laundry services.

DLL has received 5 star rating from multiple clients over a period of three years due to its attention to detail cleaning services.

4. Maid Sailors:

Maid Sailors is the next in the list keeping its professionalism and work ethics in focus. The thing that makes them stand out among its competitors is its money back guarantee offer. In case, the client is not satisfied, they offer to clean the house again for free.

Their employees are well trained, experienced professionals and trustworthy. They bagged themselves with countless stellar reviews from their clients, thereby making it easier to rank among the top rated cleaning companies.

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Clients can easily and instantly hire their services. They offer discounts in case of regular scheduling.

5. Maid Marines:

Maid marines offer clear pricing structure with huge discounts for more regular house cleaning services. Their employees go through a comprehensive and strict scrutiny check before getting hired.

A feature that makes them unique is that they don’t charge extra money for cleaning electrical equipment, nooks, window blinds, spaces between shelves etc.

They use eco-friendly hypoallergenic products and bring along their own supplies to provide hassle-free cleaning services. The only problem is that their services are limited only to Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.

6. Maid First House Cleaning Service:

Maid First is the top choice for many because of hundreds of five-star reviews from their clients. These review are mainly based on the excellent customer service they have been providing for years now. They are approachable and accommodating when it comes to scheduling an appointment. Whether you reach out to them via email or by phone, they not only give prompt response but also guide you through the cleaning process.

It has been seen that people face communication problems when they hire cleaning service providers. It’s normal in a city with lots of immigrants. But this is not the case with Maid First. They make sure to employ people who speak English fluently, thereby assuring that the whole cleaning process goes smoothly.

They are available 6 days a week but offer services only in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. The best thing is that they allow rescheduling free of cost within 24 hrs before the scheduled appointment but the worst part is that they charge cancellation fee if the scheduled visit gets cancelled in last 24 hrs.

7. Benchmark Cleaning Service:

Benchmark along with full house cleaning services offer carpet and upholstery cleaning services as well. Cleaning services extend to watering plants, dusting and putting away items.

As far as carpet cleaning is concerned, the Benchmark gives priority to customer’s request (whether it is dry cleaning or steam cleaning). In-depth carpet cleaning is done that not only renews the upper surface but also cleans the surface underneath. Steam cleaning is the premiere service as it works on the carpet fibers to remove dirt.

For upholstery cleaning, cleaning method is devised after carefully examining upholstery fabric which is not only attention to detail but also exclusive in nature.

8. Zen Home Cleaning:

The house cleaning service that is not just eco-friendly but also luxurious at the same time. The purpose is to clean the house and make it smell great after the cleaning process is done. The products used for cleaning are hypoallergenic, non-toxic and chemical free. Zen ensures usage of 100% organic and plant-based cleaners with the focus to eradicate 99.9% of the germs, thereby providing clean, green and safe environment.

The add-on is the use of natural scents by diffusing essential oils to give a feel of 5-star hotel. That is usually done through aromatherapy before leaving the house.

Based on research, 8 best house cleaning services have been chosen, thereby making it easier for you to decide which one to opt for. The pros and cons have been highlighted along with the details of house cleaning services, packages and extras that the companies provide.

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