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Top 5 Modern Planter Pots You Need for Home Decor

Bring the aesthetics touch to your indoors with these beautiful modern planter pots for your home decor!


Planters come in various materials, such as plastic, ceramic, stone, fiberglass composites, or concrete. However, come in variable shapes and sizes for your kitchen, balcony, home office, or sitting spaces. Some indoor planters lay flat on the floor, while others come with metal stands.

Although, the principal factors like size, material, and drainage are usually considered before head to buy a planter for houseplants. Talking about the planter sizes, this will totally rely on the growing nature of the plants you want to pot in.
Also, the planter material plays a significant role in their appearance, function, and longevity. What material do you choose for your home decor depends on your liking and vision?

But, if you want to incorporate classy and aesthetic pieces into your home and improve the quality of your plants, ceramic planters are the best choice for home decoration. Ceramic planters are crafted with fine clay and coated with powder-coated steel, making them super durable and not draining much water.

Modern planters come in different colors, designs, and sizes. They add fun to decorating homes with plants. In order to make your plants grow healthy, choose an indoor planter that fits the size of your plant and the space you have in your home.

Here are the top 5 modern planter pots you need for home decor!

Cylinder Planters:

These cylindrical planters project a sleek and polished design with a lightweight structure. They are appropriate as indoor-outdoor home decor and can be placed on the floor, kitchen counter, tabletop, or even a plant stand.


With multiple colors like black, white, saffron, and brick, these planter types look aesthetically pleasing for home decoration and blend well with your interior.

Even though they are sturdy and durable, handle them with proper care. These planters can only be cracked or broken if it gets dropped on a hard surface.

These matte glazed earthenware ceramic planters are built with clay and sealed to protect the structure. It might look thick or heavy to lift, but it is not the case. They are lightweight and comfortable to move. Fit well in the modern home decoration.

Conical Planters:

The tapered conical planters fit perfectly well in your drawing room, kitchen counter, dining table, washroom area, and even small corners.
Plants need the sun to make their food through photosynthesis. This planter works nicely for the same.


It extends outward and forms a bigger diameter from a smaller diameter base. The modern planter has enough space to provide room for roots to grow.

It is reliable for indoor and outdoor usage and retains appropriate moisture to the plants without a drainage hole. These planters also come in black, white, yellow, and saffron colors.

Cylindrical And Conical Planter:

A unique design with a conical truncated base and cylindrical body can add fun to your home. This quirky but reliable design of the planter stands out from the others.

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While looking at this piece, you might wonder about the immense skills of the casters behind its structure.

These hand-sculpted planters have a firm and polished texture that looks classy and sleek. It provides plenty of space in which your plant can enjoy uninterrupted growth.

Planter Stands (Smaller Length):

Adding a bit of height to the planter can add fun to the appearance of the simple look. Sometimes pots sitting flat on the floor do not look pleasing or feel dull.


It not only adds extra bounce to any planter but makes your plant gain nutrients from the sun that may seem difficult to achieve when lying on a floor.
With a 14.5-inch height and 12-inch width, this small three-legged planter stand has a decent size to hold every shape.

The powder-coated steel stands are helpful to keep any planter sitting on a hidden tray positioned at the nexus of this metal stand. Lightly damp the cloth in warm water to clean this stand.

Planter Stands (Taller):

This planter stand is the same as the above, but the only difference is its height. The extra inches of height boost the appearance of your living room.


This medium-sized indoor-outdoor four-legged planter stand lifts your plant to enjoy the sun. With a height of 16 inches and 13.5 widths, this planter stand works best to raise your favorite plant. Add depth and drama to your indoor garden with these various heights.


Why Are Ceramic Planters the Ideal Articulation For a Modern Home?

All indoor spaces like living room, kitchen, bathrooms, patio, balcony, or deck demand planter pots to grow plants. Modern interior lovers find sleek and clean designs more reliable for their aspects. Hence, ceramic planters are ideal for modern home decor.

Can The Outdoor Planter Be Used Indoors?

It is best not to use the outdoor planters indoors since the soil composition for indoor planters is comparatively different from the outdoors. Their soil quality is unreliable for indoor growth as it may contain weeds or moss.

The outdoor planter drains a lot if having a hole at the bottom. The indoor planters contain special composts which can fulfill the requirements of plants growing inside, whereas outdoor plants grow wild with natural growing elements.

What Type of Planter is Best For Indoor Plants?

Modern Ceramic Planter Pots-

Ceramic planters are the most reliable kind of planter container for home planting. They come in different styles, sizes, and colors. Also, retain moisture and does not affect the plant growth under sudden temperature changes. Hence, become the best planter for indoor plants.

Is Plastic or Ceramic Better For Plants?

Air stimulation is crucial in the soil to provide enough nutrients to the plant for healthy growth. The plastic planters are prone to overwater the plant, whereas ceramic planters balance the water content and do not make the plant get overwatered.

Plastic planters do not fit under environment-friendly. So, ceramic planters are the best among plastic ones.

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