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Top 5 Hygge Ideas for the Bathroom

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What Is Hygge?

If you already know what it is, skip to the fun part and grab those tips! But if you’re new to the concept, hygge is something that is baked into the Danish culture. Some say it’s hard to explain exactly what hygge is but the list below should give you an idea.

  • Enjoying a cosy atmosphere.
  • Indulging in good food, cake or coffee.
  • Spending time with loved ones.
  • A feeling of relaxation, cosiness, and groundedness.

In short, hygge can be viewed as a situation that brings relaxation, satisfaction, and happiness. People who invite hygge into their lives also focus on simpler joys, not the intense stuff. For example, sitting in a candle-lit restaurant with a good friend and eating delicious cake is hygge. Dancing at a rock show might be fun but since it’s not cosy, some might not view it as hygge.

The Top 5 Ideas To Make Your Bathroom More Cosy

  1. Lighting that soothes.
  2. Scents to die for.
  3. A pleasing minimalistic environment.
  4. Crisp towels.
  5. The beauty of plants.

1. Lighting That Soothes

Lighting is very important when it comes to hygge. For this reason, the Danes burn more candles than any other nation in the world. You can certainly use candles in the bathroom to create a good mood but what if you worry about a fire or you dislike candles? A good alternative for nighttime hygge is to place low-light lamps in the bathroom. One that gives enough light but creates a soft atmosphere.

During the day, make sure that the curtains are drawn back so that your bathroom is filled with natural light. You can also hang stained glass ornaments near the window. When they catch the sun, these ornaments will add a magical atmosphere of relaxation to the bathroom.


2. Scents To Die For

Satisfying the senses is a big part of creating a hygge atmosphere. In the bathroom, you can play with your favourite scents. Invest in soap, bathroom sprays, and incense that will keep the room smelling great.

Need some ideas? Some of the best aromas for bathrooms are lavender, citrus flavours, coconut, and mint. Choose a scent with creamy or zesty notes. Avoid anything that you don’t like or smells that are a little too “antiseptic.” Two examples are eucalyptus and tea tree. Both have excellent properties but they are not the best-smelling aromas out there!

3. A Pleasing Minimalist Environment

Clutter kills good feelings. But luckily, the bathroom tends to be the least cluttered when compared to other rooms in the home. Should you need to tidy up a bit, it won’t be such a chore. Remove everything that does not serve a purpose or does not make you happy when you look at it. Take your time to rearrange, throw stuff out, and create a minimalist environment without clutter. When you find yourself looking at the bathroom and sighing with contentment, then you’ve nailed it!

You don’t need to do anything special to create a minimalist environment. Sometimes, all it takes is to remove the laundry basket to another room, getting rid of trinkets that only gather dust or anything else that reduces the number of items in the bathroom.


4. Crisp Towels

There is no better feeling than when you get out of the shower and you wrap yourself in a clean towel. The texture is comforting to the skin and some people even love to inhale the freshly-laundered smell of their towel.

Even when they are not being used, clean towels can add beauty and cosiness to your bathroom. You can arrange them in rolls, a popular habit of spas and other wellness clinics. You can even get towels that have embroidery on them and hang them on the rails to display their beautiful images.

5. The Beauty Of Plants

Bathrooms tend to have a very sterile appearance. But a plant (or ten) can change the atmosphere in an instant. Choose plants that make you happy but remember to pick species that will do well in the moist, humid air that follows a shower. One plant that is very popular in the bathroom is the fern. You can place it on the window sill, a special table or inside a hanging pot.

Do not have the time to take care of plants? Did all your ferns die? No worries. These days, there are gorgeous fake plants that look as good as the real thing. You can pick any size; from tiny plants to put on the window sill or a person-sized palm to liven up a floor corner!

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Jana Louise Smit (author) from South Africa on May 11, 2021:

Hi Peggy, thanks for reading! I only recently discovered this concept but study everything about it. I think cosiness is so important to happiness!

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on May 11, 2021:

This word hygge is a new one for me. Thanks for sharing its meaning and giving examples of how it is used in a bathroom environment.

Jana Louise Smit (author) from South Africa on May 11, 2021:

Thanks Sp! I'm very happy to have introduced you to this comfy concept. I plan on covering hygge some more in the future. :)

Sp Greaney from Ireland on May 11, 2021:

I've never heard of this term before but I like the concept of it. It's great that a term or a phrase can convey the meaning of something that's so personal to people. Great article.

Jana Louise Smit (author) from South Africa on May 11, 2021:

Hi Lorna, I'm guilty of the laundry basket as well! I simply love a minimalist environment. It's relaxing and you rarely lose anything.

Lorna Lamon on May 11, 2021:

I usually surround myself with candles which does create a relaxing atmosphere in the bathroom. I like the minimalist look throughout the house, however, in the bathroom it looks great. Thank you for sharing these helpful tips Jana. I'm just off to remove the laundry basket!!!!!!

Jana Louise Smit (author) from South Africa on May 11, 2021:

Hi Mactavers. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment. I appreciate it. :)

mactavers on May 11, 2021:

Thanks for the new word and great ideas.

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