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Ways of Keeping the Toilet Clean

The toilet is one of the most daily used stuff. This means that it requires a high level of maintenance. If basic hygiene measures are not followed, it may be extremely dirty. The dirt ends up being a source of infectious diseases.


What is Toilet Hygiene?

Refers to the action of observing cleanliness in the toilet in order to prevent the risk of infections and diseases. Cleanness involves getting rid of germs and bacteria through proper cleaning and disposal of excretes.

Importance of Toilet Hygiene

The presence of sanitation facilities has played a very huge role in our health development. People who do not have access to a toilet or latrine, their health is at risk. It is a rare privilege to have a sanitation center. let's see the benefits we reap when we observe hygiene.

  1. Ensures the toilet is free from germs and bacteria. Germs and bacteria are the prime sources of infections and diseases. Since the two are not visible to our naked eyes, cleaning the toilet thoroughly will get rid of them.
  2. Facilitates a conducive environment. When people defecate in open places, like along the road, an unpleasant smell is produced by the decomposing feces. We try all means to avoid passing along the road. Luckily, when the feces are deposited inside the toilet, the bad smell is contained enhancing us to live in a habitable environment.
  3. Ensures that the natural resources are clean. When people open defecate, the feces contaminate water and air. Scientific studies have shown that 1 gram of feces possibly contain10 million viruses and 1 million bacteria. You can now see the health risk impacted by a person who defecates openly. Well, with a toilet the feces are contained, rendering them harmless to our natural resources.
  4. Ensures women's rights of relief are not defiled. For a woman to pee, she must unclothe herself fully or partially. This alters the privacy of women. Since most toilets are located inside buildings, they offer maximum privacy.
  5. No health problems. A dirty environment full of Feces and urine becomes a source of diseases that cause severe illness.

How to Keep Toilet Clean

1. Shut the Lid Before Flushing

Shutting the lid before flushing prevents the micro-organisms from spreading. Scientific Researches for the virus, have found that with each flush, germs can be released up to 10 inches above toilet seats. These germs are potential transmitters of infectious diseases.

2. Keep Toilet Seats Clean

Keeping toilets clean helps you to prevent the risk of fecal bacterial infections. You might have come across a sign warning you not to sit on the toilet seat. The warning is meant to prevent you from the risk of infection.

A perfect way to deal with the dirty toilet seat is to use toilet seat cleaner. To clean the seat;

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  • Simply soak a piece of tissue paper on the solution of the cleaner.
  • Wipe the seat with the soaked tissue before and using the toilet seat.

3. Always Use a Disinfectant when Cleaning any Part of the Toilet

A Disinfectant like an alcohol-based sanitizer will play a huge role in killing bacteria. The Disinfectant is capable of killing bacteria that cannot be killed by normal cleaning detergents.

4. Always keep the toilet brush clean

If you leave your brush unclean, the dirt on it might also become a source of infection and disease transmission. So, form a habit of cleaning it just after use.

5. Ensure there Is Enough Ventilation

Leaving the windows open; prevents the accumulation of bad smell from the discarded wastes. As well, prevent the chemicals from cleaning products from accumulating in the toilet.

6. Keep the Floor Dry

Damp places always give microorganisms high chances of thriving. So leaving the floor wet, can be a great hazard for infection transmissions.

Is it Right to Sit on a Toilet Seat?

This question put most toilet seat users in a dilemma situation, whether to stand or sit when relieving themselves. The argument behind the question is will you contact bacteria when you sit on the seat?

Well, sitting does not increase the chances of infections. Provided you shut the lid before flushing, all will be well. Scientific studies say that most germs can only survive on a surface for a very short time.


A home whose toilet is dirty becomes inhabitable. Not only due to the bad smell but also due to high risks of diseases and infections transmission. You can recover the glory of your toilet by ensuring that you whiten it regularly. Cleaning will only take a little of your precious time. Add cleaning toilet tasks to your journal now.

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