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DIY: Attic Space Renovation


Project Planning

Attics crammed full of unwanted junk can be transformed into an extra room in your home. If the only access to the attic is by pull down steps, this project may not be very feasible. If the attic is accessible by stairs it could be made into a guest bedroom, or maybe an office for someone in the home.

When planning to use the attic for an extra room, there has probably been a visual image of its potential. Two things to check before rushing out to Lowe's or Home Depot for supplies is the head room and condition of the flooring. If both are suitable the actual planning and construction can begin.

Starting with the walls, check for any cracks or holes. If there is not enough insulation in the walls and ceiling, now is the time to correct this or hire someone to do it for you. Patch any blemished areas on the walls and ceiling. To wallpaper or paint is the next decision to be made. Since attic spaces tend to be dark and drab, with few or no windows, lighter colors and patterns make rooms appear larger and brighter.

Many attic floors are tile or plywood which makes carpet a good choice for flooring. Attic spaces tend to be large open room. This makes it easier for homeowners to install carpet and padding without hiring a professional. Edges that aren't completely straight can be corrected with floor moldings around the walls, something that will have to be done anyway.


Attic to Bedroom

Lighting Needs

Single lightbulb fixtures are common in attics and make for very poor lighting. Other things to consider that may be absent in an attic space are electrical outlets and some sort of plumbing if necessary. These things need to be completed before any type of remodeling begins.

Any attic windows will need to be checked for any cracks or leaks. A considerable amount of heat can be lost through windows that leak air, letting cold air in. This can cause excessive charges on monthly power bills. For heating consider using a space heater, especially in areas with mild climates. A window air conditioning unit should be sufficient for cooling the attic room during summer months.

An attic conversion can be a very simple weekend task that can probably be done alone, unless professional electrical or plumbing work needs to be done. New additions such as this can increase a home's value.


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