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Tips For Organizing Your Closet

Organizing Your Closet

There's no point in owning the latest and greatest in fashion trends if you can't find what you’re looking for in your closet when you go to look for it. A tidy, well-organized closet allows for the easy location of all of your favorite things and stops you from cluttering the rest of your home with your clothing and other personal items. A closet is a hefty tool when it comes to keeping your home clutter-free because it opens up a nearly endless supply of storage space. Even better, it’s conveniently located behind a door, so it means that you can store things that you need to keep close while also keeping everything out of sight. However, as useful as it may be, the task of organizing your closet might seem like a daunting one, but at the end of the day it will be well worth all of the effort that you put into it.

What if you’re not satisfied with what you have at your deposal? What if you need some professional help? Depending on the amount of clutter that has collected inside of your closet and the amount of new things that you want to store inside of it, it might be too much for you to organize on your own and in that case, calling a professional might be an appropriate plan of action. It could be more affordable than you think. Not only can you find someone that will help you organize your personal belongings so that they fit into your closet better, they can also help you design a new closet that will better suit your needs. Major closet companies can design your dream closet in a way that fits both your style and your budget. Professionals suggest setting your closet up in a way that allows you to see your purchases. Using slim hangers is also a good idea because it gives you twice the space that plastic or wooden hangers would.

Hiring a professional isn’t for everyone, so if you want to deal with reorganizing your closet on your own, then it will be easier if you make a plan. Take a look at everything that you want to put into your closet and everything that you have at your disposal that you can use to organize it with. It’s easier to tackle a big project like this if you have a plan of action already set out and ready to go. That way you’ll know what you’re doing when you start digging into everything.


The first step to making sure that your closet ready to give you its full potential is to get rid of old clothes that you no longer wear. While it might not be an easy task, it's necessary to freeing up valuable reality in your wardrobe. It might be a good idea to donate anything that hasn't been worn in a few years that has little or no monetary or sentimental value. Clothes that are one or two sizes too large or two small need to go too. An effective way to decide what you want to keep and what you don't want to keep is to ask yourself if you'd buy that article of clothing today and if not, you're most likely better off getting rid of it. You can donate all of the clothes that you want to get rid of, so that someone less fortunate can make use of them.

For the clothes that are still out of season that you plan on continuing to wear when the weather is right, it might be easier to organize them if you remove them from your closet. Wherever you decide to put them, there are storage bags that you can use to reduce the amount of space your clothing takes up. You can fold up the clothes that you want to pack away, stick them in the bag, and then vacuum all of the air out of it so that it reduces in size. Then you can be sure that you’re not wasting space and making the most of what you have when you put it all away.

The next step is to start organizing you clothes so that it will be easier to put them all away in the most organized way. Different articles of clothing are organized differently. If you've got the space, experts suggest hanging everything set up so that you can see it all, because if you can see it, chances are you'll wear it more. Very heaver sweaters should be folded so they don't lose their shape whilst on a hanger. Using cedar hangers can prevent moths from finding a home within your wool and cashmere sweaters and experts suggest replacing the cedar every six months. Color coding sweaters by weight with dividers can also help with your organizational needs. A sweater folding board can help you achieve perfect creases. The organization of jeans is based on your personal choice and preference. You can organize them by cut, color, brand, style, size or various other options. You can also hang them by the hem and organize them from light to dark.

Pants, skirts and shorts, oh my! A good way to organize your pants, skirts and shorts is to hang them using clips and fold the sides in, making for a more uniform look and a neater look overall for your entire wardrobe.

Some experts recommend hanging dresses by length and others recommend hanging them by color. You can also organize them by type, such as strapless to long sleeve. It's not a good idea to leave your dresses in garment or dry cleaning bags because the chemicals can cause damage. You can also use length and season as a means to organize your dresses.

Purses are better out of their dust bags and on display because it's more difficult to change bags when you aren't able to see what you're working with to begin with. Generally, purses don't get damaged whilst out of their dust bags so you can enjoy the view without having to worry about any negative consequences. Organizing your scarves by color and material makes it easy to pull a single scarf out without messing up the organization of the others. For hats, keeping them in hat boxes while having a photo of each hat on the outside of the box can free up space.

Shoes can be organized by style and by color with one toe out and the other heel out so that you can easily see what you're planning on wearing. Tennis shoes and flip flops, which are somewhat unsightly, can be hidden in the less visible places of your closet.

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You can organize lingerie by color and type. You can rotate bras and underwear so that you aren't always wearing the same pairs all the time. You can line your drawers in silk to avoid getting your garments snagged on any loose splinters.

If you don’t decide to use a jewelry tree, a built-in drawer in your closet for your jewelry can help you keep everything neat and in one place, in addition to enabling you to see what you have while keeping it hidden from plain sight at the same time.

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