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Tips for Home Improvement on a Budget


KELVIN has ventured into home decorating and furnishing and also provide home insights to a better home.


Remodeling our spaces through repair and maintenance could be one of the easiest and simplest activities we endeavor into to bring certain areas of our homes into life. But beyond this, there is a ton of other ideas and projects to improve not only the aesthetics but also the overall mood of spaces. But first why should I remodel? Is it really a way to make you happier in your own home? If yes, then modernizing and upgrading around with these tips can make and take your whole home into a higher value worth. Because why replace when you can reface? Here are a few ways to spruce up your existing place and make it more appealing.


A paint job can go a long way in changing be it a wall or furniture around. Are the eyes overly tired of same wall colors over and over again? It’s easier to turn that around by spicing that with another preferred wall paint especially accent walls Same to furniture for instance dining tables and chairs. Spray painting or liquid painting either can get the work done.

Accent Walls

Accent Walls


One could also opt to change the fabric texture or patterns of yours be it furniture such as sofas for a much more appealing ones. With the many new designs and styles that emerge every now and then, replacing old materials with new ones is another way to improve places.

Furniture placements.

It’s amazing how changing up one's styling arrangements makes such a huge difference. Over time we are more likely to get bored with the arrangements of our items in the house. Realignments of the movable and the not permanently placed items can lift the mood of a room. As simple as just changing the arrangement. So easy, right?

Do It Yourself (DIY) Projects.

Store brought decorations and items are great, but personalized items you’ve made yourself are everything. From bringing your vision and dreams to reality to getting a feeling of satisfaction from achieving and building things from scratch. There are so many simple and cool projects easy to follow projects to try no matter your level of the skill.

Adding Greenery.

Bringing the outside inside. Adding plants and flowers to the interiors is such a mood booster to a home setting. There are so many varieties of artificial and real plants and flowers to choose from. Placing at the right angles is all you need and voila! Just like that, a room is drastically transformed.



These are just but a few of the endless ways of transforming our houses into paradise. Home improvement is a continuous process as there are so many ideas that revolves into it and so many more ideas continue to be birthed to make homes simply fascinating.

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