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Tiny House Ideas


I have been studying the tiny house movement and the variety of options for over 10 years.


The tiny house movement

We are going to put forth some tiny house ideas but first, we need to understand what a tiny house is and why they are so popular.

Unless you have been isolated on an island in the middle of the ocean you more than likely heard about the tiny house movement.

Simply put individuals are opting out of large homes with large mortgages and deciding to downsize into a tiny house.

Most of these homes are less than 500 square feet, this requires some serious planning and the notion that you will live day to day with far less stuff.

In our stack them high and let them fly society spurred on by slick marketing and social media advertising, where we are constantly being tempted to purchase the next greatest thing we have more than likely accumulated lots of stuff.

However, all those “things” require space, so in addition to all the closet space in a typical 3 bedroom home, there is also the garage, a storage unit in the backyard, a basement or attic that is crammed to capacity.

The tiny house lifestyle eliminates a lot of that stuff and the need for storage.

Getting rid of clutter and down size

More and more people are deciding to no longer be part of consumer madness and instead are thinking of ways to decrease their possessions rather than increasing them.

This also includes their living quarters; the movement has translated into couples living in remodeled school buses, renovated recreational vehicles, and the most popular a tiny house on wheels.

The thought process is that they can live anywhere they decide and when they get bored or secure a new job offer in another city they can hook up their home on wheels and move.

A major advantage of a tiny home is you no longer have a mortgage or rent this is a huge plus for someone who wants to pursue a career choice that may not bring a lot of revenue at first.

For writers, musicians, artists and more the idea of no rent or mortgage is a huge blessing.


So how does this house on a trailer work?

The entire process is not that complicated, for starters you have three options:

  1. Build your own tiny house which will require some mad DIY skills and the proper tools.
  2. Hire a professional builder to design and build the tiny house for you, ideally a builder that has tiny house experience.
  3. Purchase a tiny house that has already been built, a lot of tiny house builders already have units in their inventory. Plus this movement now has real estate agents that specialize in tiny homes.

The disadvantage of investing in a home that is already built is what you see is what you get.

If you opt to build yourself or hire a builder you will have some input when it comes to the layout and design options.

Deciding on some tiny house options

Some items of consideration are whether you want to have your new tiny house on wheels or make it stationary.

If you decide on the wheels option you will need to consider what type of trailer you want the home on.

The type and size of the trailer will ultimately decide how large you can make the tiny house so there is a lot of planning that needs to take place before making a purchase.

Another consideration regarding the trailer is what type of vehicle you will need to safely tow it when that time comes.

Also what type of trailer are you going to invest in? A single axle, double axle, or triple-axle?

Of course the more axles the more money it will cost.

There are specialty companies that will move your tiny house anywhere you want but it is going to be an additional expense.

It would be wise to have an area picked out before you build or invest in a new tiny house.

The tiny house floor plans

This decision is huge because whatever floor plan you decide to go with you are stuck with because the only way out is to sell your tiny house and start over.

Is your design going to have everything on a single level or will there be a loft area? If so will you want a loft on each end or only one?

How large will you want the bathroom to be?

Will you want a soaker tub or just a shower?

Will, you will be hooking up to some type of septic system or be using composting devices?

Figuring out the floor plan will require some serious planning especially your living area where you are going to be spending most of your time.

Finally, the overall square footage will determine what size appliances you will be able to fit in your home, including the kitchen, and if you want some type of laundry system.

Then there is the issue of storage!


The tiny house lifestyle will require sacrifices

If you are a couple that has lived in a large home or apartment more than likely you have accumulated lots of stuff over the years.

When you switch to a tiny home lifestyle a lot of that stuff will have to go, so you have to be committed to letting go of things and learn to get by on the bare minimum.

That means deciding what is most important to you and what you can absolutely live without.

It will also involve a lot of creative thinking when it comes to organization and making the most of the square footage you will be allotted for different items like clothing, kitchen supplies, linens, playthings, and more.


The tiny house movement spawned a new option

Another option that has been around for a while but gaining attention because of the tiny house movement is the cabin kit.

The idea is simple enough you invest in a cabin that is in kit form that is delivered to your property of choice and the kit is assembled.

Yes, indeed these cabin kits can be purchased online what a wonderful time to be alive right?

The downside to the cabin kit is that you are making a permanent residence just like the modern-day homeowner but more than likely without a high dollar mortgage payment.

A rustic cabin kit

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