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This Smart Home Will Help You Realize the Problems You Never Knew You Had

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Wills lay on his bed this Sunday night, reflecting on the events of the past week. He smiles to himself as he remembers how eventful the week had been. From the frantic race at work to meet the deadline of the project that he and his team had been working on for six months, to trying to maintain sanity in his new home. The whole thing was just so hectic.

About his home, Wills left nothing untouched in making it the home of his dreams. He ensured it was well furnished and to his taste, too. It was beautiful, tasteful, and elegant. In fact, it was worth every word you could use to describe a modern home, including Smart. Yes, Wills had insisted on acquiring a smart home–a home fully equipped with smart devices for automations and remote control, his dream home.

Now lying on his bed, Wills realized it was worth the effort. The events of the past week proved this. On one occasion, he realized on his way to the office that he, in usual haste to get to office on time, had forgotten to lock his door. Wills, however, did not panic as a result of the unfortunate mistake. He simply took out his phone, open an app, pushed a button and his door was locked, his home secured. Not only that, on several other occasions, Wills had had to make some changes to the condition he left his house. Like turning off his lights, turning them on again at night to appear as though he was home. In one instance, he had to turn on the security camera to view his compound from his phone because the motion sensors send the security alarm on his phone blaring, but it appeared they only picked up signals from a stray dog

A Smart Home means convenience at its best

Wills knew that all these wouldn’t have been possible before his moving into the new automated house. He would have had to turn his car around and drive back home to lock and secure his house. He would have done the same for the other changes he made to his house while away, or patiently wait to close at work and go home. Reflecting on it now, Wills realized that this smart home of his had solved a lot of problems he never knew he had. Come to think of it, that is the essence of technology, right? Technology brings solutions to problems people sometimes never know they had. For instance, people were happily using their typewriters to write before Microsoft Inc. provided their famous word processing software, the Microsoft Word. Today, compare using your old typewriter to using Microsoft word for your word documents. To an average person, the typewriter is problematic, right?


A Regular Home Vs Your Smart Home

Smart homes (or automated homes) are just regular homes fitted with smart technologies to control home attributes such as lighting, climate, entertainment systems, security systems and other appliances through devices like your phone, laptops, and smart screens. Modern technology allows for remote automations and control of smart home devices depending on the extent to which you automate your home. Thus, you can rely on your neighbor (who might not be home) to call the police if your house is being burgled or you can rely on your automated security systems to alert to you via your phone or even alert the police.

4 Important Areas Automated Systems Solves your Home needs

  1. Automated Security Systems; A Peace of mind even when far away

To many, security is the foremost thing in their mind when shopping for a new home. Those who already have their homes think of ways to beef up the security. Automated Security Systems offer various security modalities to help beef up your home security.

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  • Smart locks: Smart locks add an extra layer of security to your home by providing varieties of authentication system such as palm scan, iris scan, card keys, and finger prints scan. Smart locks engage these modalities to make it difficult for people to gain unauthorized access to your home. It also provides you with remote access control to your home, meaning you can lock or unlock your doors anytime from remote locations.

  • Keep an eye on your home while absent: with fully automated security cameras, you can view your pets, look out for intruders even when you are far away on a cruise ship having the best vacation of your life.
  • Alarm systems do the reporting: You can have security alarms and notifications on your home delivered to you wherever you might be. This enables you to take urgent steps to mitigate any undesirable situations.

2. Remote Access and Control

Ever return from work feeling too tired to lift a finger? With a fully automated home, you don’t have to. You can perform the most boring tasks in your house on your phone screen. Switch on your lights, switch them off, close and open curtains, lock and open doors without ever leaving your bed. When you automate your home, distance is no barrier at all.


3. Track your activities with smart gadgets

If, for any reason, you find it difficult to track time and follow through with your activities, there is no need to panic. With automated devices in your home, you can take back control of your life. There are many gadgets that will help you achieve this; A wristband that can remind you it’s time to take your medication or that it’s time to exercise, a smart alarm to remind you that your rice in the kitchen is well cooked, a smart pressure cooker that knows when your meal has been adequately cooked and switches itself off without your inputs. Even a pet monitor that helps keep track of the whereabouts of your favorite pets.

4. Effective time and financial management technique

Automating your activities with smart technology in your home frees up time for you to do other important things. Having a smart home can therefore be an effective time management technique. Also, saving time encourages you to earn more and save more because you can now focus more on earning tasks. You automate unproductive activities and focus on the productive ones.

Someone who is enjoying the benefits would only fully comprehend the extent to which installing smart gadgets in your house can help you. Adopting a smart home technology will help you solve problems you never knew you had.

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