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This Robot Cleaner Vacuums and Mops Your Floors

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I've been working from home for over a year. If you think keeping a zero inbox is hard, try keeping a house clean. It is the most ungrateful project ever. The minute something drops, it's like you never cleaned the spot. Constant cleaning is tiring; it was also wreaking my productivity.

I have two dogs, and I love them. But things get messy. I have to vacuum and mop every day to keep floors clean. Plus, cleaning makes my pet owner status less noticeable. I am a big fan of technology. So, I was super happy to dive into the world of robot vacuum cleaners. They make it easy to stay on top of dirty floors, spills, and pet hair with little effort.

During my search for one of these robots, I found the Roborock S7. It is the unicorn of robot cleaners. It's a hybrid that vacuums and mops your floors. I also wasn't okay with the idea of two robots running around my home when one can do the job. Plus, I wasn't sure how my dogs would respond to the bot.

I bought the model, and I am impressed. Read to find out why you will be a happy owner as well.


What to expect: Around your home


I find the online videos of robot cleaners bumming into objects hilarious. This joke isn't funny after spending over $600. So, I am happy to report the Roborock S7 doesn't have this issue. It avoids objects well. Roborock models use lidar technology which self-driving cars also have built-in. This mechanics allows the bot to map objects throughout your home. Thus, the floor cleaning robot rarely bumps into anything.

Since the technology maps your home, you can label each room after the first cleaning. This feature is fantastic as it allows you to specify the room for cleaning. When you need an area cleaned, tap kitchen, for instance, and press start. The robot will drive to the kitchen, clean, and return to its base. The robot has the vacuum on one side and the mop on the other. This design is genius to allow for dual cleaning.

There are a lot of sensors in the model. I worried dumping packages around my home would cause bumping. But it hasn’t. The Roborock S7 adapts fast to different obstacles and surfaces. The drives around my space remain quiet and incident-free.

Floor cleanliness level

I have been using the Roborock S7 for the better part of three months. I am happy. It picks up fur from my carpets. Even scrubs off paw prints from my tiles. It’s like accidents never happened. Cleaning by this robot mop and vacuum is constant with few incidents. This dutiful schedule ensures my floors are dirty-free more often.

Very smart

The bot is intelligent. One, the system gives you much control. You can tell the robot cleaner to avoid areas such as under your couch. The device will then drive around your sofa. Two, it can transition from carpet to hardwood or tile flooring. When the sensors detect a different surface like carpeting, it will lift the mop and only vacuum.

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What to expect: Maintenance & Your responsibilities

Manual Floor Cleaning
I've set up mine to run twice a day. Once in the morning and in the evening after dinner. The device is silent. If the cleaning time overlaps with a virtual meeting, this isn't a problem.

It usually has my small downstairs area clean in about 30 minutes. Despite the fast cleaning time, the model does clean better than you would expect. Yes, a few wires get tangles. But from the reviews I have read, knots are less common compared to older robots. If you have a larger house, the robot will need to return to the base for recharging. When the battery reloads, the Roborock S7 will begin where it stopped.

Like the alternatives, you can only use plain water in the Roborock S7. You will still need to vacuum and mop with cleaners and your choice of detergent. This device keeps my floor looking tidy, so I do a manual clean with less frequency. I head into my closet for cleaning supplies once a week.

Robot Maintenance

The machine needs your care to stay in tip-top shape. You will need to empty the dustbin, refill the water container, and clean out the brushes occasionally. This hassle only takes a few minutes. The company plans to release an auto-empty bin accessory. You can choose to upgrade if you feel this saves you even more time.

Final Word

The price makes this item a luxury good. If you can afford it and cleaning digs into your valuable working hours, this is worth the investment. This robot is also a superb choice for people with hardwood floors.

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Kandice Fyffe (author) on October 06, 2021:

That's amazing! Glad you're happy with yours too.

Liza from USA on September 28, 2021:

I have been using the Roborock vacuum for the past two years. I love it! It makes my cleaning day easier especially, it went underneath the sofa, the coffee table, and the bed without any issues. I highly recommended it to people who are looking for a cordless vacuum at home.

Kandice Fyffe (author) on September 25, 2021:

I appreciate your feedback.

Umesh Chandra Bhatt from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on September 25, 2021:

Very informative.

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