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Things to Consider When Buying Stoneware Dishes

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I love pretty things especially lovely stoneware dishes and being someone who loves cooking this translates well into entertaining. Having family and friends over for a meal or tea is something I could get used to. Well, not so my husband though because he is very anti-social and allergic to ‘people’( not really but he carries on like he is ha-ha) So, we compromise and do entertaining occasionally, where I get to flex my cooking, baking, and entertaining skills while he practices not looking like a gasket about to spontaneously combust.

One thing I learned as a mother of 3 and particularly a mom with a special need’s child, is that planning is essential. I am not saying spontaneity is not welcome. No that is not what I am saying because I LOVE surprises. I am just saying plan for the best and prepare for the worst (does not always work but hey we try). In this case, I mean planning for a specific occasion like a dinner party for example.

Everyone needs good dishes, ones we will be proud to serve tea in for our parents, in cups without chipped handles or cracks. Speaking of chipped cups, here is the point of my article and why I thought it necessary to share: our cups are chipped and we decided that we really do need to chuck those to get new ones. So, my hubby was charged with buying us a decent set of cups and he was excited to order online for us.

When our order arrived, two things were clear:

1.They were beautiful, just not the cups we wanted...they looked more like soup bowls.

2. My husband may not be the best person to buy certain things

Hence, I decided that I will write a little how-to article in case someone else needs a little ‘help’ with this matter.

Here are a few things to consider when buying stoneware:

  • Make sure you take the size into accounrt
  • Beware of bold or patterned colour stoneware
  • White or a plain colour is a safer colour option
  • Buy enough for a party
  • Invest in good quality

Make sure you take the size into account

Like our experience, you do not want to be sitting with soup bowls when you wanted teacups so to be sure to pay attention to dimensions. Look for plates, bowls etc that fit into your cupboards or dishwasher properly also you do not want plates that are so big that portion control meals become more of a hassle. Think about it, the smaller your plate the less food you will put on it so if your intention is to eat less then do not buy BIG plates.


Beware of bold or patterned color stoneware

These are very striking options to have in your cupboard however it really limits your paring options when you must mix and match if something breaks. Also, when you need more or must replace something there may not be any stock of that item left.

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White or a plain colour is a safer colour option

The porcelain or bone china stoneware dishes will always be a classy choice. Keep them in white or a solid pale colour that works for adaptability in your set. The versatility of this option is endless, and you can still spruce it up with your added decor of choice.


Buy enough for a party

When you find a good stoneware fit for you then buy a few sets because you never know when you may need a large amount to host a big occasion, I’d say a 12 piece set is a good one to aim for.


Invest in good quality

Good quality can never be disputed and taking the time to find a good dinnerware sets is a laborious chore, if you do not know where to look. That is why you look for a decent vendor, so you know that you are getting something worthwhile. Good Quality also equates to longer-lasting and the elegance of quality can never be outdated.


Of course, food is the essential element of any meal but so is the presentation of the meal itself as well as the table setting. As much as I want to just plonk paper plates down next to the food and say to guests, “dig in!”, there are some occasions that do not call for such informality (although that would be really great ALL the time because I hate washing dishes). So, it is important to invest in good dishes because “No one's gloomy or complaining While the flatware's entertaining.”- Beauty and the Beast

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Charlene Gallant (author) from Cape Town, South Africa on September 23, 2020:

Thanks Pamela:)always appreciate your comments

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on September 23, 2020:

I have always liked stoneware dishes and have had plenty tro.ughout my life. I think this is a very good article that gives us all the tips and reasons to consider what dishes we use to serve good food

Charlene Gallant (author) from Cape Town, South Africa on September 22, 2020:

Thank you Adeeba:) I appreciate the feedback and comment

Adeeba Manzoor from Lahore on September 22, 2020:

Hey Charlene Gallant! your article is very informative. It seriously took me to your world. actually I personally think that this kind of articles should be written because meal is a very important thing in every human's life so are the dishes.

However, your article is very beautifully conveyed all the necessary information.

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