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The Couple Was Sitting in Front of the Doctor...


The couple was sitting in front of the doctor.

We don't want a girl! "
The baby's father spoke.

"How did you know?
As a girl? "
The doctor asked.

"You refused to test.
Then we went to a test at a sonography center in a neighboring state. "
The baby's father spoke.

"Then why didn't you have an abortion there?"
The doctor said.

"There were no facilities.
He had given the address of a doctor. But their fees seemed too high. Then he said that you are familiar. Thousands will work instead of millions. "
The baby's father spoke calmly.

"What did I think of the butcher?" The doctor said with restraint,
"Hey, you have your first daughter."

The baby's mother, who had been silent for so long, said, "So we don't want another girl. We want another boy. Not two girls!"

The doctor looked at the first girl sitting on her mother's lap. Innocent, innocent, expressive eyes. Smiling face. As soon as she saw the doll, she rushed to the doctor. The doctor took the life of that sparrow.

Seeing that the doctor was not saying anything, the girl's father said, "We will pay the fee properly. Besides, I am sure this news will not be leaked anywhere!"

The doctor's eyes widened now. He said to the parents of the unborn child, "Are you sure?
You really don't want two girls?
Think back. "

The girl's father said,
"Sure thinking.
Not two girls. "

"Okay then.
Let us remain the daughter in the mother's womb. I kill this first girl. That means you will have only one daughter. "Saying this, the doctor picked up the knife on the table and put it around the neck of the first girl.

And the girl's mother screamed,
"Wait doctor ...
What are you doing? ...
Are you a doctor or a butcher? "

The doctor was looking at both parents with a quiet smile. Innocent dolls were laughing.

Two moments ...
Only two moments passed in silence.
The whole thing came to the notice of Ann's parents. They were terribly embarrassed.
That said,
"Excuse us Doctor.
We were going to be butchers. We know our mistake. "

The couple walked out of the cabin with their princesses on both sides and on their stomachs.

The doctor said as he walked out
"One more thing to say.
And I want to tell you that because I am convinced that you have changed your mind. "

"It's unfortunate that there are some monster-minded people in our business as well. But they've gone down so low that, despite the sonography showing the fetus of a boy, he's told you he's a girl for money!"

But now the ground under the feet of the parents has shifted!

* Don't just celebrate World Women's Day neutrally; If you like the message, be sure to pass it on. *

* l Save the Lake l Live the Lake * l

- This message was sent by a father who is not a girl..

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