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The Perfect Office for an Author

Emily is an aspiring writer, someone who loves to write for fun, for a hobby, and for her career. Bringing those stories to life is a goal.

Getting Started For A Dream Office.

Here are the basics to getting started for that office you are looking for, it doesn't have to be expensive, it can always be simple and decorated nicely!

  1. Make sure that you have enough saved up to get a desktop (or a laptop you prefer to use), they can range and get pretty high in price so be ready to spend that much including taxes. If you are stressing out and really need one, then I suggest buying an already used computer. It depends on where you go and who you talk to, some places will be legit and others may seem like they want to eat up your money.
  2. You will need an office chair, duh! Something for you to sit in and be comfortable in but stable at the same time. You don't want it too nice because of the fact that if you get too comfy then the job may not get done. You will need something to help balance that, so a stern but plush chair would be ideal. Make sure that you know what you're looking for though, it is your choice in the end to make your own decisions. Besides, everyone is different!
  3. The office desk is the main key, the computer can be nice and so can the chair but it's the desk that adds the extra pizzaz. The bigger the better and the more room the marier. A dark-wood color would suit a bright but dim room whereas a light-wooded desk would suit a darker type room. So choose wisely, it'll be your life long desk you'll forever keep unless you sell it.
  4. Besides the main objects you'll be saving for, try adding in some blankets and/or pillows, the chair may get too hard for your toosh so a pillow for an extra comfort might come in handy.

Ideas For Your Everyday Office.

Given the basics of what you'll need, think about how to make life easier at the same time. Yes, you'll have your office however, design how you'll like it!

  1. Think about the empty spaces on your desk, what do you need?
  • You're going to need some pens, paper, and a printer.
  • You're going to need some pins in case you pin anything to your wall and hopefully not the desk.
  • You'll also need some decorations! It's not just modern office needs, you'll also want to feel like it's your place. Flowers, candles, incense, plants, maybe a doggy bed or cat bed so that you have company while working, anything to help add taste to your own design.
  1. You can design your own painting or you can buy some, fill those walls!
  2. Also, think about the random little objects you may find along the way when you go out shopping. Ask yourself if you'll like it for your office but always keep in mind that you don't want too, too much for all the awkward spaces, just enough to make it feel like you're your own boss.
  3. A filing cabinet will help. It doesn't have to be directly for finance, it can help save printed articles and paintings on a piece of paper even if you sell artwork on the side. It'll help keep everything organized and stress-free.
  4. Shelving for your walls can work too, if you're an author and receive you fine printed work then think about showing it off to anybody who enters. That shelving will be for you and your personal gain as well as everything else within your office.
  5. A rug will also be nice, one that your chair could easily stroll over and not get stuck with.
  6. A few other essentials could be a stapler, scissors and maybe some sharpies.

Size Of The Office

The sizes really depend on where you live or where you are going to live. Small or large, doesn't matter just as long as you have a place to call your office!

  1. If it's large, then go ahead and fill it up, but don't overdo it. It will feel overwhelming each time you try to type something as if your office is too crowded. We are looking for something more appropriate.
  2. If your office is a medium size then it's perfect! Not too small nor large making it just the right size for you to do anything with. However, still do not go overboard with the decorations (unless you really, really love a lot of decors than by all means).
  3. If the office is small and you don't like it then don't fret, for now just work with what you have, if it doesn't feel like something you'd enjoy then maybe switch a few things around. Maybe ask for some advice from a family member or a friend too, their opinions always matter and come in handy.
  • If you are too impatient and want an office NOW then you can definitely start looking, but take your time. If you love where you live but not the office then check out some studio's for that type of scenario, just keep a list on you for which one you deem worthy. The perfect office give the perfect writing experience!

What The Author In You Wants To Write About

We all love to write, to create stories of different kinds, to blog even but it all comes down to one person. You.

  1. If you are new to writing and know for a fact that being an author is your calling, then practice off to the side. Make stories of your own and see if someone you know is willing to read it and criticize it. Without mistakes, how would you learn?
  • There are a few places you can definitely check out such as Quotev, Whattpad, Deviantart and maybe perhaps Google Doc/Microsoft Word.
  1. If you don't know what to write about then make a list. Cross off the stories articles, or blogs you don't want to type, circle the ones you want to do! Always be ready before jumping the gun.
  2. Plot, information, and answers to questions are a few of the main things to think about as well. Keep in mind that when writing a story it's not just about feelings and where the characters are, it's about the whole atmosphere and plot. When writing for Articles then keep notes on important information that is worthy to write about, and for blogs, then do the same with the information but also find the answers to any questions anybody has. If you're not ready then it's fine, you never know unless you try!
  3. You can type whatever you want honestly, it's your choice! Just don't overwhelm the reader.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Emily Murray

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