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The Night Show of Water Lilies

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Nymphaea 'Antares” is a tropical night-blooming water lily ranges from pink to deep burgundy or red color. The flower is named after a brightest star Antares that appears to have a ruby red color in the Northern hemisphere. Isn’t this flower magical!

It slowly begins unfurling after the dusk and remains open until the mid-morning, around 12 a.m. When the weather is cloudy and romantic, naughty water lily refuse to droop for few more hours. The nighttime is exciting because the flower attracts night pollinators through its fragrance, like moth. It offers nectar and asks for pollination. Bees and other flies also get a chance during daytime. Doesn’t nature has a perfect balance of day and night life.



The flower is attached to the soil in water about 2ft to 12ft deep. The flower flows on the surface freely, can be moved by hand or wind. The flower usually extends from 6” to 8”. The leaves are green or bronze in color, spread 10” to 12” wide.

Basic Care

It is an easy plant to take care of just need a little attention. It needs fertilizer during the growth season from mid spring to summer in every three weeks. When the flowers wilt or the leaves begin to discolor, prune them because they are taking excess energy from the plant.


  • Can be used for water gardening and decorating ponds
  • Helps prevent algae or mosquito growth in water
  • Provides shade to aqua life
  • Many lilies are edible, SOME are poisonous too
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Victoria Cruziana (Santa Cruz Water Lily)

Victoria Cruziana (Santa Cruz Water Lily)

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