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The Lorex 2K QHD Wired Video Doorbell With Person Detection Is Looking out for You


Home security has taken many roads over the last 10 years — first there were security services that hade to be paid for monthly and which relied on them to provide the equipment that would be placed throughout the home. Then these same security devices became available to people to buy directly, but they were difficult to install and still relied on the companies manufacturing them for keeping them functioning. Over time the devices became even simpler to install and made themselves known to the average person looking to install a security device themselves. The final ‘nail” in the forced subscription model was when the company making that device allowed either local storage of what the security device saw/noticed, or offered a free account using cloud storage. So that’s where Lorex comes in: their 2K QHD Wired Video Doorbell With Person Detection.


The Lorex 2K QHD Wired Video Doorbell performs a simple function; that of visually keeping a record of whoever passes within its sight. It’s the number of functions that makes it worth going into, but the first thing to keep in mind that this doorbell uses WI-FI in order to transmit its data onward. Many of these doorbell-type devices work with the 2.4GHz band — it’s got the longest range but also two disadvantages, being that it’s not the most stable signal and there’s tons of other Wi-Fi-enabled devices in the home and nearby using this same frequency. But this Lorex adds the option of using the 5GHz waveband instead — a stronger signal (albeit shorter range) and not in use by dozens of printers and routers and other Wi-Fi enabled devices. As you can imagine, it’s a simple matter to pair the doorbell to the home network; using the (free) app that works with Apple (phones/tablets/Apple TV) and Android devices. We’ll get into what the app can do later on.


The two most pressing issues are 1)what features will this doorbell now enable once set up and 2)how do you set it up. Let’s deal with the second first. Setting up this doorbell does require some DIY ability and that is because, although Wi-Fi is being used, there is no battery power and so the existing doorbell’s wiring must be used for power (the existing doorbell wiring needs to be 16-24VAC which is usually the case).

While the wiring from a doorbell is not at electric chair level, knowing safety procedures when dealing with electric wires is necessary. So when in doubt, a “professional” coming in to do the work makes sense (be that a handyman who knows his stuff or a certified electrician). It’s probably less than a 2 hour job — the basic procedure is to remove the existing doorbell, plaice the mounting plate on and over the wiring and screw the wiring into the doorbell and then snap the doorbell on and into position. Finally check, after the doorbell has been connected to the network, that the lens of the doorbell now “sees” the area that it needs to (a set of mounting wedges are provided for altering the view). Yes this doesn’t cover in exquisite detail every step but that’s the basic process in a nutshell.

We should also note that this doorbell won’t work as is with the existing chime. So Lorex provides a chime kit so as to make the chime work in the normal fashion.

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One of the desired outcomes — that there is no subscription charges — comes here through local storage. This uses a micro-SD card which plugs directly into the doorbell. This means you can remove the card, pop it into your SD reader and use your computer/laptop to view and do whatever you want with it. That doesn’t preclude using the app of course.

It’s important to note the features/functioning of this doorbell. The viewing angle is wide — being 164 degrees — and has HDR built in for greater detail and clarity (high dynamic range). The aspect ration os 4:3 because this focuses in on what the lens is seeing. Adding to this value (besides the two-way audio capability) is a built-in warning light that goes on when the camera becomes active. Color night vision, using invisible LEDs, is also embedded into the camera’s technology, as is person detection. This works to differentiate between what’s valuable to capture on camera (i.e., a person) versus a thrown newspaper or pet. Motion detection can be modified and in general the app allows for various tweaks. Eliminating false recordings not only saves on storage space, but also helps to avoid recording “fatigue” which can cause a person to stop being interested in seeing what the doorbell has just captured.


Finally, as mentioned above, there is app control over the doorbell. Through the app you can view the doorbell in ?real time as well as access recordings and use voice. Even a pre-recorded message can be put into effect to activate when the doorbell’s camera comes on.

The Lorex 2K QHD Wired Video Doorbell with Person Detection has a slim and vertical appearance that fades into the background when not in use. For more details go to

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