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The K2 Pro For Lawn Irrigation

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I recently had to change some sprinklers in my lawn irrigation system that were old and not functioning well. While there are a few good ones that function fine once setup, the K2 is the easiest to get the right parameters.

Most sprinklers bought for irrigation systems lack in decent instructions regarding setup and function, this is where the K2 Pro stands out with clear instructions and diagrams. It also comes with a special tool key to lift the sprinkler housing for adjustments. It also comes with 12 different nozzles that can be installed for a different pattern and flow rate.

Still, some buyers will still be daunted by installing a new sprinkler once they dig up the old one, which is half the battle, at times. It comes with a 2.5 nozzle that has a radius of 38 feet, some of the nozzles included in the package are Low Angle nozzles. Most buyers will just use the already installed nozzle for their lawns.

If you already know the arc degrees you want for the sprinkler to cover, just use the key to turn the Arc Adjustment . For distance, if you turn the Distance knob counterclockwise all the way, it will be blocked, as you turn it clockwise, the distance will increase with the watering. If you want less stream of water, turn the Nozzle Retention Screw clockwise to cause a break in the stream of water and causing it to spray more.

The first thing most do is set the Arc of the the spray between 90-360 degrees. Once set, turn the Nozzle Turret Top all the way to the right until it stops, then, turn it all the way to the left until it stops. What you have done is just set the LEFT starting position the sprinkler will always start at when activated. Keep that in mind when you install the sprinkler onto the irrigation pipe. Notice where the Nozzle Arrow is on the Turret, that is where the water is coming out. People often become confused with it because there is another arrow on the turret showing the Arc Set. That is not where the water will come out from.

Once set and running, you can make tweaks for distance and spray on the fly but i you want to change the Arc setting, turn off the irrigation to do it.

The K2 has a five year warranty.

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