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The Guide Will Help You Decide Buy or Rent a Party

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The Pros and Cons of Buying a Party Tent


Cost-effective. Having a party tent is very cost-effective for people who have been using party tents for a long time or for those who use them regularly. Whenever you need to hold a big event and need a large tent, you don't have to worry about the venue or spend time comparing which rental company has the better tent.

Mutual benefits for Families and Friends. After you buy a party tent, you can also use it to reduce the cost of your purchase. For example, when your friends, relatives, or neighbors need to hold a party, you can lend your party tent to them at a friendly price. In this way, you can not only save part of the cost but also provide convenience to others.

Personalized Decorations. You can decorate your tent freely and make it into any style that suits your party. Especially for the upcoming Halloween and Christmas. For example, you can hang up your favorite string lights, flower strings, balloons, and tulle fabrics without worrying about paying the corresponding expenses for soiling (or breaking) the tent.

Multiple Choices. Buying a party tent will have more choices than renting one. The number and types of party tents that can be rented by the rental company are limited. If you make the appointment late, you may not be able to rent your favorite party tent. But if you choose to buy one, then you can choose whatever style and size you like.

More hygienic. The rented tent may not be as clean as you think, some rental companies do not thoroughly disinfect the tent, so if you are worried about this, buying a tent may be a better choice. After all, we are still in the middle of an epidemic, and safety and hygiene are always important.


Plan Ahead. You must first predict the number of people you will hold a party with, then choose a proper party tent.

Self-Assembly. Buying a party tent means you may need to assemble it by yourself. Although the assembly of a party tent is not difficult, it may take more time for those who are not familiar with it. Moreover, if you buy a large size, you may need more people to help you build it.

Maintenance. Maintenance is also an important part of having a party tent, which can extend the life of the product. Compared to renting a party tent, this will take some extra effort and time.

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The Pros and Cons of Renting a Party Tent


Affordable. For short-term use or one-time use, renting a party tent is a more economical choice. If you do not host outdoor gatherings very frequently, renting a party tent is recommended.

No Storage Space Required. If you don't have much space, then renting a party tent can avoid taking up more storage space.

Convenient. If you choose to rent a party tent, you can consult a specialized rental company. They will recommend a party tent of the right size for you based on the number of people you are gathering, the scale, and the size of the venue, which means you don’t have to worry about the capacity. And many rental companies will also provide you with corresponding party supplies such as dining tables, chairs, party dinnerware, disposable party tablecloths, and banners.

No Maintenance. Renting is a good way to avoid long-term maintenance. You just need to return the tent to the rental company without worrying about subsequent storage and maintenance.


Extra Handling Fee. Except for the rental fee, some companies will charge additional fees for the assembly and disassembly (by hours). If you want a party tent for long-term use, the cost of renting a party tent may be even higher than buying one.

Not a Brand-New Tent. Rather than a brand-new one, most of the rented party tents are used ones. If your party is very important or formal, a rental party tent may not

Customization Limitations. For the rented party tent, you're likely can not decorate it as per your needs, or you will be compensated for the damages or stains caused. Therefore, many people feel that the style of renting a party tent cannot achieve their satisfaction.

Shortage in Peak Season. Holidays are the peak period for using party tents. Therefore, the rental company may be fully booked in advance or the delivery time may be delayed. If you have a holiday party, you need to book it at least one month in advance.

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