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The Geosmartpro Airlit Desk Fan Really Knows How to Blow


Call In The Fan

There was a time when it was hot that being comfortable indoors depended on open windows and just how hot it was outside. Over time a number of inventions came along; the most dependable and sensible being a fan. The fan used electricity (another innovation that had major implications for humans), and so could power the fan’s blades. Obviously the content of the air (i.e., what its temperature was) influenced the flow of air coming off the fan. But for indoor use, nothing beat circulation of the air. And because there’s no need for air conditioning, the use of a fan is more eco-friendly because it uses a ton of less energy than A/C. Not to mention (which we are doing now) the savings on electric bills. So with all this in hand, what kind of fan is needed? Shouldn’t it be portable and tall enough enough to be used in a bedroom or living room? Of course. But shouldn’t it also have a small enough footprint to make its home on a desk of a home office or a coffee table even? For sure. So it should be the GeoSmartPro AirLit Desk Fan.


This Fan Blows

The GeoSmartPro AirLit Desk Fan meets all the basic requirements for a fan in today’s world but let’s start with whether there are any constraints on where the AirLit can be placed. The answer is no, because the collapsible standing post and smallish base can go on any surface, be it low enough on the floor or high enough to impact the person in front who will be using it. This might seem like a small thing (bad pun), but being able to choose wherever you want to place this fan is a big deal. As is the lack of an electrical cord. Plus there’s angling of the fan to better suit the position of the person it’s been aimed at.

So back to those basics — the AirLit runs off of a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and the size of the blades is a good sized 8 inches which isn’t minuscule but certainly not a behemoth. Through the combination of the battery-powered motor and blade size, 1800 rpm (revolutions per minute) is attained — no it won’t blow you away but yes you will definitely feel it (which is of course the point of it all). That battery, by the way, is rated at 10,000 mAh and so can provide up to 15 hours of airflow on a full charge. Of course variables exist which will affect that total because they use up power as well — we’ll get to that now.


Cord Free Operation

The most obvious variable is how fast those fan blades are spinning. The AirLit isn’t constrained to a single speed but gives you a choice from low to high — or to be more exact there are four speeds.You can also manage the airflow direction — it will rotate or not as desired and can be angled as well.

Another variable affecting battery life is whether you need lighting or not. If not, no big deal, but if you do you’re definitely in luck here. That’s because you’re not limited to just on or off of the LED, but can control the brightness level (or call it dimming if you prefer) as well as the color — 160 lumens brightening up wherever it’s been placed. Additionally there’s a set of “themes” built in which regulate the lighting to fit a specific need — be that for a reading light or leisure-based lighting or a more natural look or even a more focused light.

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Peekaboo - You Can See Yourself

But perhaps the wildest variable is also an unexpected feature: that of the AirLit performing the task as a mirror. You know those mirrors surrounded by light bulbs set in dressing rooms for actresses or stage performers to do their makeup, check their hair, etc. as seen in old movies? Well just update it with LED illumination working around a ring light, turn the fan around and there you have it for whatever purpose you might have in mind. Go ahead and blow yourself a kiss, no one is looking.

And while not as unexpected as the mirror, having a dedicated space for placing one’s phone for being held hands-free is welcomed too.


Smart Control Is Here

Controlling the fan is pretty simple. For those with opposing thumbs who remember the days before digital, you activate the various controls on the fan itself — but don’t think 1960’s because it’s all touch controls (and there’s a built-in timer as well). Those who have their smartphone glued to their side and love app control will not be disappointed here, because the AirLit can accept app commands, thanks to the free app downloaded for iOS/Android, and the fact that it has a Wi-Fi component built in. Obviously you have to have a wireless home network and connect to it (and the fan has to be within range of the network like any other wireless device to function “smart”), but it’s not a hard process and easily done through the app. Nor are you limited to doing the tap dance, because both Amazon’s Alexa and the Google Assistant voice control can be had (and they integrate and work in a similar manner as regards other devices that use these voice assistants).


The GeoSmartPro AirLit Desk Fan has a lot going for it, but mostly it’s about delivering air and light where it’s wanted and needed. Find out more at

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