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The Easiest Houseplants to Care for


House plants aren’t for everyone. Whether you’re busy, forgetful, or just unlucky, you may feel like you kill every plant you touch. However, there are many plants out there that are nearly impossible to kill, and those might just be for you.

You’ll Have a Hard Time Killing These Beautiful Plants

1. Monstera

Monstera is a gorgeous, and very forgiving, tropical plant. It is adaptable to different light conditions, and can withstand drought. Even when it looks like there’s no hope, a monstera can bounce back.

2. Dragonfruit Cactus

Dragonfruit cactus are low maintenance, beautiful plants. They thrive in bright light, preferably direct sunlight. These gorgeous little plants are furry rather than spiky, and only need a light misting every few days.

3. Spider Plant

This plant is incredibly low maintenance. All it needs to thrive is bright, indirect sunlight, and a bit of water every now and then. Water when the top two inches of soil are dry, and this plant will stay alive.

3. Aloe

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Aloe is a beautiful plant that will thrive almost always. It doesn’t need much; just a bit of water when the soil is completely dry.

4. Snake Plant

The snake plant is a bit of a loner; it thrives when being ignored. This is the perfect plant for vacationers.

5. Cactus

There are many types of cacti, all of which are low maintenance. They will thrive in bright, direct sunlight, and only need a light misting every few days.

6. Peace Lily

A peace lily is a full, leafy plant that takes up corner space beautifully. It looks and feels great next to a window, where it receives the high light it needs to thrive.


Remember, when buying any of these plants, do additional research to see if it would thrive in your home in particular.

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