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The IKEA Bjursta Table

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Choosing a dinning table can seem an easy choice, you just need a a piece of wood and four wood legs. That is what defines a simple table where you can do whatever you want, eating, playing cards or board games, and many other things.

The Bjursta dining table is one more in the market but unique due to its characteristics and price. It is probably one of the most sold table around the world due to the IKEA network and volume of sales. It has also different prices around the world, which you can see more below.

Like any IKEA products you have the opportunity assemble the table, this can be an easy task if you just follow the instructions. The hardest part for me was a screw that was not entering the hole completely, but after some time, the table was ready to be used, and four years later it still stands.

Product dimensions



37 3/8



29 1/8


Min. Length

68 7/8


Mid Length

85 7/8


Max Length

102 3/8


Dimension of a Medium Bjursta Table

The Bjursta table is very good because it does not have a fixed dimension in length. It has a fixed width and height but then you can adjust the length to the occasion and to the location where you will put the table.

The min dimension is enough for a six people dinner, the maximum recommended is ten people seating around. More than ten people is possible but it will be hard for everybody to be comfortable.

The Small Bjursta

The Small Bjursta

The Legs

The legs of the table are simple, good quality and easy to mount. They are also well located in order for everyone to sit and no one gets the table leg between their legs, a situation that is also good in order to have the chair the closest possible from the table center.

The only problem that I found with the distance between the table legs, is that it can be difficult to put 3 chairs in a row in the side of the table, they will get tight when moving the chair closer to the table.


Such a simple table should also be simple to clean, and it truly is. Even in the IKEA website the instructions are simple:

"Wipe clean using a damp cloth and a mild cleaner.

Wipe dry with a clean cloth"

The Bjursta has a flat surface, so you will not find any surprises cleaning it, and in less than five minutes you will have the table beautiful as new.

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The Largest Bjursta accommodate easily from 8 to 12 people.

The Largest Bjursta accommodate easily from 8 to 12 people.


As an every day user of a Bjursta I must say the overall quality is very good, treated with care (but not too much). It can be easy to scratch, but you do not put your keys or other sharp objects directly on the table, it can stay faultless.


The price of a medium Bjursta table varies by country.

It is interesting to find out that the lower price is in Germany (Largest Economy in Europe), but the higher price is in the UK, which had very low competitors when IKEA first entered the market.

Medium Bjursta Dining Table

The Different Price of a Medium Bjursta Table in the World

IKEA WebsiteLocal PriceDollar (01-Jan)

















kr 1495











Others Bjursta Dining Table

Other prices for different dimension Bjursta tables. The differences can be quite curious around the world.
























kr 995

kr 1695




Bjursta Assembling

Bjursta Assembling

Transporting and Mounting a Bjursta

Since I had the time and preferred to save some money I decided to transport and mount our Bjursta Table, it was worth it, it was easy to transport, but that depends on the car you have, and easy to mount, with the IKEA instructions always easy to do.

My experience with a Bjursta

I have had a medium Bjursta for six years with a daily use from laptop to eating there. Six years have passed and it is still good for more six years.

We use it everyday with my laptop and eating something. Usually We do not put any protection on the wood, so it really has a daily use.

We also moved home, and the table came with me. We had to disassemble the legs and transport separately, assemble it again and we still use. We even have parties at our house and the Bjursta is our table of choice.

On parties, we usually put some kind of protection, since it is easier to spill a drink or to put a knife over it. If you are not thinking on having a table for so much time, just use it and don't care about protecting it, the wood is good.

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