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The Best Reading Pillows on the Market

Do You Need a Reading Pillow?

The Nap pillow includes a built-in massager, cup holders, and an LED reading light.

The Nap pillow includes a built-in massager, cup holders, and an LED reading light.

With so many of us reading or working on a computer in bed, we should all be concerned about bad posture. Long-term slouching can result in neck or spine injury, so creating the right conditions for reading, watching TV, or working in bed is important for your health.

Now comes the important question: Which pillow to buy?

Reading pillows have evolved since your childhood. There are many new features and variations to consider. Here is what to consider before making a purchase.

Upper and Lower Body Support

Supporting your back during reading or TV watching is a key component in managing back, neck, and shoulder pain. While most reading pillows offer some sort of back support, there are a few characteristics that you need to keep in mind when choosing a pillow.

Inexpensive reading pillows do not include a frame, which means fewer sitting or reclining positions. The armrests are shorter and there will be no headrest at all.

Price Ranges for Reading Pillows

If you are looking for maximum back, shoulder, neck, and arm support here are the current leaders on the market:

  • Nap™ Massaging Bed Rest - $99 by Brookstone
  • Bed Wedge Pillow - $99 by Brookstone
  • The BedLounger Reading Pillow - $137.99 by Cequal Products
  • Brentwood Originals - $29 plus $7 for shipping
  • Greendale Home Fashions Bed Rest Pillow - $39

Features to Look for in a Reading Pillow

Reading Pillows Features and Benefits

Removable Covers

Reading lights

Hypoallergenic Models

Cup holders


Variety of Sizes



Reclining Positions


Internal Frames

Color Assortment



Lumbar Pillow

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The BedLounge Reading Pillow

  • Internal Frame
  • Headrest
  • Armrests
  • Lumbar pillow
  • Hypoallergenic Model Available
  • Reclining Positions
  • Removable Covers
  • Pockets

The BedLounge reading pillow comes in both regular and small sizes. Regular fits most people 5’4” and above, while the small is best for those 5’3” and under.

Nap™ Massaging Bed Rest

  • Built-in massager
  • Built-in cup holder
  • LED light
  • Armrests
  • Side pockets

Brookstone’s reading pillow features a built-in massager in two speeds: high or low.There is a super-bright LED light, which bends into any possible position and makes reading and writing easy and comfortable. The large side pockets keeps all of your necessaries at your side. There's also a built-in cup holder.

Ace Bayou Sound Bed Lounger

  • Armrests
  • Speakers

The Sound Bed Lounger lets you lounge as you listen to your favorite tunes on the built-in speakers. It connects to an Xbox, PlayStation, or Game Boy, and plays MP3, CD, and DVDs.

Some Final Thoughts

Happy shopping! Don’t forget to stop by afterwards and let me know about your choice of reading pillow and how you are enjoying your lounging experience.

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