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The AquaFarm Hydroponic System I Installed For My Betta Fish. Grow Wheat Grass For Your Cat, too

My Beautiful Red Betta Fish


I have had many fish tanks in the past. My children enjoyed watching the small fish we would purchase from the pet store, such as the common Gold Fish.

Keeping the fish tank clear was always a challenge. No matter what filtering system I bought, our tank never looked nice and clean. I spent way too much time and money trying to maintain a small aquarium for our fish.

I even added snails to the tank because I was told they eat the algae, and would help keep the tank clean. They were too busy multiplying to do any cleaning!

After a year or two of my disappointing aquariums, I gave up. When the last fish died, I decided to give up! I saved the tank, gravel, and pump hoping one day I would become excited again about keeping fish.

I Purchased A Beautiful Red Betta Fish

I always check out the fish at the pet store because I am just fascinated with them. I saw some small glass containers with the most beautiful blue fish swimming all alone. There was no pump or filter attached to this fish’s tank.

I looked at the label. It was a Betta (Siamese Fighting Fish). I couldn’t take my eyes off this beautiful fish. There was a beautiful blue Betta in another tank, but I just knew I had to buy this gorgeous red Betta.

I was assured by the salesperson the Betta is extremely easy to keep and care for. She said they only need a small glass container, and required very little care. I was sold.

Facts About The Betta Fish

Facts about the Betta Fish:

They are small colorful fish, ranging from one inch to five inches.

They are known as anabantoids which just means they breathe atmospheric air. This is why they thrive in low oxygen water conditions that would kill most other fish.

As their name implies: they are a fighting fish and must be kept alone.

They are native freshwater fish from Thailand and Cambodia.

The Betta is a hardy fish and can eat almost anything, including worms, insects, and smaller fish.

My Cat Loves To Watch The Betta Fish

I named my fish “Sammy”, and he was so much fun to watch in his little tank. These fish are truly a fighting fish, so they have to live alone. I got a mirror and I’d put the mirror up against the glass. He would think it was another fish! Oh, my! He would swim right up to the mirror and come alive. His fins would fan way out. I wouldn’t do that for very long, because I was afraid I would stress him out too much.

I have a cat, Smokey, who loved watching Sammy! I had to put a top on his tank; otherwise I think my cat would have had Sammy for dinner.

I had Sammy for about four months, and I was enjoying him very much. Mother’s Day rolled around, and I received a gift from my daughter for Sammy.

What In The World Is This AquaFarm System?

When I first opened the box, my first reaction was: What in the world is this? It was a product called the AquaFarm® I read the enclosed information and learned this system is based on the principals of Aquaponics. Aquaponics is a sustainable farming system whereby growth of plants uses the ammonia rich waste from the fish. The ammonia is converted to nitrites, which are food for plants.

As all this is taking place, the water is constantly cleaned for the fish. This all sounds really good, but is it going to be practical? Will the system be difficult to set up and maintain?

I should be able to grow wheat grass, basil, mint, lettuce or parsley right on top of Sammy’s tank using this system.

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The AquaFarm® came complete with:

  • A three gallon acrylic tank
  • Five separate planters (these will be placed on top of the tank)
  • Several packs of wheat grass, a lettuce mix, and basil
  • “Grow stones”. This is the medium in which the seed will be planted.
  • A water pump and tubing

The AquaFarm System Was Very Easy To Set Up

It took me about 45 minutes to set up the Aqua Farm®. Detailed instructions were included with the product.

As with any fish, when their water is changed, the fish is scooped up and placed in a small plastic bag.

After the new tank has been filled about halfway, the bag containing the fish is floated in the new water for about 15 minutes.

The grow bed is attached to the top of the tank, the grow stones are added, then the seeds. I chose to grow the wheat grass first.

The wheat grass sprouted very fast!

The Wheat Grass Is Sprouting Very Fast!


Top Of The Wheat Grass


Smokey, The Cat, Loves To Eat The Wheat Grass

My cat, Smokey, when right for the wheat grass! I was concerned about that until I researched as to the safety of cats eating wheat grass. I discovered wheat grass is very beneficial for cats.

Seems wheatgrass is safe for all pets! It has many nutrients.

I think I’ll be growing wheat grass for Smokey’s enjoyment rather than the herbs I had planned to grow.

Yummy Wheat Grass For Smokey, The Cat


An Introduction To The AquaFarm

I Would Recommend The AquaFarm System

If you enjoy watching fish swimming around in an aquarium, but you don’t want to be bothered with spending time and energy cleaning the tank, I would encourage you to get a beautiful Betta fish. If you have a cat, consider buying an AquaFarm® and raise wheat grass for him to eat!

I would recommend an AquaFarm ® for any fish tank; not just for Betta fish. I’ve had mine now for almost two months. I already have a couple of new packs of wheat grass I will plant so Smokey, the cat, has more to eat.



Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on September 01, 2015:

pstraubie48 , so good to see you! I think Bettas are so much fun to watch, and they don't require as much as most fish do. Right now we are growing wheat grass for our cat. I tried growing some lettuce, but that didn't work out so well.

I visited Oregon to see my daughter and granddaughter who are living there now. I was worried we wouldn't be able to fly home yesterday because of the storm, but thankfully, it didn't hit.

I had a great time, but it was good to get back to Florida!! Mary

Patricia Scott from North Central Florida on August 30, 2015:

How clever....I will have to share this with my daughter.

We had betas over the years just not right now. She has spoken of getting some for Lil Man so this will be an interesting addition to the adventure.

Hoping all is good with you, Mary.

Hope too you are staying dry...lots of rain and ponding and flooding (but not dangerous or destructive in our area). Take care of you.

Angels are brining blessings your way ps

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on March 02, 2015:

Hi, colorfulone I'm glad you think the AquaFarm Hydroponic system is a great idea. I love it. We are growing lettuce in ours now. Thanks for reading and commenting, Mary

Susie Lehto from Minnesota on March 02, 2015:

I have never heard of this before, what a great idea this is, Mary.

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on February 12, 2015:

Hi, Blackspaniel1 We now have a nice little crop of lettuce growing in the Aqua Farm system, and it is looking good! Thanks for reading and commenting, Mary

Blackspaniel1 on February 11, 2015:

Adding plants makes sense. This is a nice addition.

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on October 24, 2014:

Hi, ComfortB Yes, the tank is very sturdy! Smokey leans on it frequently to get to the wheat grass. In fact he is eating it faster now than we can grow it for him. The thing I love about this tank is the water stays nice and clear!

Thanks so much for reading and the votes, Mary

Comfort Babatola from Bonaire, GA, USA on October 23, 2014:

This is a great multi-purpose fish tank. Smokey is really blessed to have fresh growing wheat grass. Is the tank sturdy enough? I'm a little concern that he may tilt the tank over as he leans on it.

Great hub. Voted up and useful.

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on October 10, 2014:

Well, good morning, Eddy! Smokey loves the wheat grass we grow for him as you can see.

Thanks for reading commenting, and the votes. My best, Mary

Eiddwen from Wales on October 10, 2014:

A great hub Mary especially growing Wheat grass for cats since our two have become indoor cats. voted up and enjoyed.


Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on August 20, 2014:

Hi, tillsontitan Hey, good to see you! Thanks for the nice compliment, I appreciate that. Yes, this Aqua Farm system is wonderful for keeping Betta fish! I've really enjoyed having (so does Smokey).

Thanks for reading and the votes, Mary

Mary Craig from New York on August 20, 2014:

Mary you tackle your subjects with gusto and knowledge. This is a great hub with lots of good information and it looks like an easy way to keep a beta!

Voted up, useful, and interesting.

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on August 20, 2014:

Hi Healthnews12 If you would like to try keeping a beautiful fish, I would certainly recommend the Aqua Farm system to keep the water in the tank clear. I'm glad I found this system for my Betta.

Nice to see you, and good luck with your fish! Mary

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on August 20, 2014:

Good Morning, LeslieAdrienne, I'm glad you agree the Aqua Farm system is nice. We are enjoying watching the grass grow for Smokey!

Thank you so much for reading and commenting, Mar

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on August 20, 2014:

Hi, AudreyHowitt I'm so glad you like the idea of the Aqua Farm system for fish! I love the Betta fish, too....he is so entertaining and of course, Smokey is intertaining, too!

So nice to see you today, Mary

Leslie A. Shields from Georgia on August 19, 2014:

Wow... this is really nice and unique. Thanks for sharing... God Bless You!

Audrey Howitt from California on August 19, 2014:

This is very cool Mary! I love the Betta as well--and what a nifty idea this is!

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on August 07, 2014:

Hi, Jodah Most fish tanks are a real chore to try and keep clean, but with one of these Aqua Farms the water stays nice and clear.

I just love the beautiful Betta fish, too. We are now growing lettuce in our Aqua Farm!

Thanks so much for reading and commenting, Mary

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on August 07, 2014:

This is a great idea Mary. We used to always have fish tanks when our kids were growing up but keeping them clean was a chore. With an aqua farm I would consider getting fish again. Thanks for sharing.

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on June 19, 2014:

Hi there, rasta1 Yes, I am now growing lettuce in myAquaFarm system. It's too soon to know how good it will taste, but it is looking great!

Thanks for reading and commenting, Mary

Marvin Parke from Jamaica on June 19, 2014:

I have heard of this system before. However, I did not know it could have been done on such a small scale. Great article.

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on June 19, 2014:

Good Morning, Faith. I don't remember ever having to click on the comment button in the HubTool to place the comment section, either. I have just asked this question in the Forum.

There may be a lot of Hubbers who will not click on that. When I wrote this Hub several weeks ago, I don't think I clicked on the comment section, but here it is!

I hope you have a wonderful day, Mary

Faith Reaper from southern USA on June 18, 2014:

Hi Mary,

I never remember having to click on the comment button for people to comment either. I wonder if it is something new. I have been so busy with life here of late, that I have not been able to publish anything, and so if they have changed something, I would not really know.

I know there is a way to allow comments on all hubs, but I forget where to find it under our accounts.

I noticed a wonderful new hubber who publishes great hubs, and there is no place for anyone to comment on any of her hubs. I hope she realizes this, but some may choose not to allow comments for some reason.

Sorry for being so late in commenting back. It has been a long day, but a good one : )

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on June 18, 2014:

Hi, teaches12345 I have so much fun watching my beautiful Betta fish! Smokey is really liking the wheat grass, too.

Maybe you'll consider getting another Betta and using this system.

Thanks for reading and commenting, Mary

Dianna Mendez on June 18, 2014:

This looks like a fun way to observe the fish while providing them a safe environment. We used to have a blue betta and I only wish we would have had this system then.

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on June 18, 2014:

Hi, Faith....thank you SO much for that alert! I forgot to click on the comment button. I have done that now. Seems like it used to be automatic; don't remember ever having to do that extra step.

Bless your heart; I appreciate that so much!

Have a wonderful day, Mary

Faith Reaper from southern USA on June 17, 2014:

Hi Mary,

I just read your wonderful new hub, but I was not able to comment, as it seems there is no comment section? I wanted to alert you to this, as I am sure many would love to comment on your latest hub.

I want to share but want to wait until readers are able to comment, unless there is a reason for the comment section not showing up?

Blessings always,

Faith Reaper

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on June 14, 2014:

Hi there, pstaubie48 My, just made my day with your lovely compliment!

So nice to see you; thanks for reading and commenting, Mary

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on June 14, 2014:

Good Morning, Peggy. I said the same thing you did after years of cleaning fish tanks just to please my kids!!

I do enjoy just the one Betta, he is so beautiful, and believe it or not, he has a personality!!

Smokey loves that wheat grass, too.

Thanks so much for the votes, share, and the Pin.

My best to you, Mary

Patricia Scott from North Central Florida on June 13, 2014:

You are amazing, Mary. You just have so many clever ideas. Thank you so much for sharing this.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on June 13, 2014:

Hi Mary,

Years ago I had 2 fish tanks and I loved watching the schools of fish swim back and forth. The colorful neons were a favorite but I had many others as well. Keeping the tanks clean was a never ending chore even though we had pumps, filters, cleaner fish, etc. When I finally got rid of them I said no more!

I know our cats would probably love watching a betta fish and even better eating the wheat grass. However I doubt at this time that I am going to add that to our menagerie. Ha! Up votes, pinning to my fish board and will share.

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on June 08, 2014:

Hi, DowntroddenInDC So nice to meet you! I try and keep alternating pots in the AquaFarm growing with wheat grass. As soon as Smokey eats down one of the little pots, I'm ready to replant that pot. As you can see by my photo, the wheat grass grows nice and tall and plentiful.

The nutrients in the fish water makes the wheat grass grow fast!

I have had a lot of fun with this AquaFarm; not only for my Betta, but for Smokey!

Thanks for your interest. I would also recommend going to the web site for AquaFarm to learn more about the product itself.

Good luck and have fun! Mary

DowntroddenInDC from Houston, TX on June 07, 2014:

My cats love wheat grass too. The wheat grass never seems to last for more than a week or two, so I have several pots of going to keep grass available most of the time. This AquaFarm sounds like a very nice idea. I wonder if it will keep the wheat grass growing for longer than a few days after it has sprouted.

I'd be interested to hear your results! Thank you.

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on June 05, 2014:

Hi there, Nell. I am so glad you like the idea of the AquaFarm. I really enjoy mine, and so does Smokey, the cat!

Thanks so much for the votes and the share. Mary

Nell Rose from England on June 05, 2014:

Hi mary, did my comment disappear? lol! if it did I just wanted to say this is a great idea! I have plants in my fish tank too, but not as great as this!

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on June 05, 2014:

Hi MJ, If you want to grow wheat grass for your cats and keep your Betta tank clean at the same time, this system is just great.

I am now growing lettuce in my AquaFarm system!

Thanks for reading, mary

Nell Rose from England on June 05, 2014:

How did I miss this mary? lol! I love it! we have fish too, and we have put the right plants in and yes it does keep the water clean! its not like yours we just bought certain plants that fit into the tank, but I love the way yours grows and even the cat loves it! wonderful! voted up and shared, nell

Marcy J. Miller from Arizona on June 05, 2014:

This is really interesting, Mary. My husband often comments that we should get fish for our cats, and I wouldn't mind having a beta. (I already have pond fish outside, but the kitties are indoors.) I do grow wheat grass for the cats but now I'm going to look into the AquaFarm idea. Thanks so much for the info! (I'm glad Jeannie shared so I would see this, too -- thanks, Jeannie!)

Best -- MJ

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on June 05, 2014:

Hi Jeannie, I hope I have inspired you to get another Betta. They are so enjoyable to watch. I really like the AquaFarm system, it is great.

Thanks for the votes and the share,too. My best, Mary

Jeannie Marie from Baltimore, MD on June 05, 2014:

I'd never heard of an AquaFarm until now. I currently do not have a fish tank, but I always used to have one... with a betta. Maybe I will invest in the AquaFarm and start the tank up again. Thanks so much for sharing this info. Voted up and shared!

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on June 04, 2014:

Gee, thanks, midget38 I appreciate the nice compliment. Thanks for sharing.

My best, Mary

Michelle Liew from Singapore on June 03, 2014:

Gosh, Mary, you are as handy as ever!!! Sharing for ya!!

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on June 02, 2014:

Hi there, molometer. I'm so glad you find the AquaFarm interesting. I do enjoy mine. I planted lettuce seeds and within three days, the seeds have sprouted!

Thanks for the visit and the comment, Mary

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on June 02, 2014:

Hi, Faith. Oh, I do hope I have inspired you to get some fish and an AquaFarm to use with it. You would just love watching the fish, and feeding your cat wheat grass!

So nice to see you, Mary

Micheal from United Kingdom on June 02, 2014:

Hi Mary what an interesting idea. I do like a colourful fish tank and know how hard it can be; to keep them clean. This seems like an elegant solution.

Faith Reaper from southern USA on June 02, 2014:

Hi Mary,

I have always loved watching fish swim about. They are so beautiful and relaxing to watch. However, I was not always able to keep the tanks clean, but thanks to you sharing about this new wonderful system, it sounds like a win-win situation. How interesting to be able to grow wheat grass and lettuce on top of the tank! My cat would love the wheat grass too. I may give this one a try!

Up and more and away

Have a great week ahead and enjoy!

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on June 02, 2014:

Hi, Lady Guinevere. I can't believe the lettuce seeds have already started to sprout today! I ordered mine from the website; I didn't think to look in a pet supply store.

Good luck, mary

Debra Allen from West By God on June 02, 2014:

Now I can see lettuce growing there. That would be pretty. Yes I will google it first. I got my seeds from a Petsmart store.

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on June 02, 2014:

I Googled wheat grass before doing this Hub, and yes, wheat grass is very good for pets! It does not make Smokey vomit. Yes, try to plant more for your cat;but Google first, OK?

I just got some lettuce seeds to plant in the AquaFarm: wish me luck.

Have a wonderful day. Mary

Debra Allen from West By God on June 01, 2014:

Oh and I always thought that grass that cats eat was rye. Now I know that is is Wheat Grass. Now I know what seeds to get because my dog and cats eats grass and then get sick. I am going to plant a plot of it so they can eat as much as they want. I already planted some and it did not take and got some more cat grass seeds and will try it again.

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on June 01, 2014:

Hi Lady Guinevere, I am so glad you found my Hub about the AquaFarm interesting, and you learned a little about the Betta fish. I really enjoy mine, and Smokey loves his wheat grass.

So good to see you, mary

Debra Allen from West By God on June 01, 2014:

Well that is neat! I love that idea! I also learned something new about those Betta fish that I hadn't known before.

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on June 01, 2014:

Hi Pamela. As you can see, my cat never bothers my Betta fish. He is too busy eating the wheat grass!

Thanks for reading and the nice comment.

Nice to see you, Mary

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on June 01, 2014:

Since I have 2 cats, there are no aquariums right now, but I have had them in the past. I still learned a lot from your interesting hub. Very interesting.

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on May 30, 2014:

Hi bravewarrior. So nice to see you! This is my first experience with hydroponics. I had read about it, of course. I'm going to get some lettuce seeds and grow some lettuce next!

Thanks for the visit and comment, Mary

Shauna L Bowling from Central Florida on May 30, 2014:

Interesting article, Mary. I had no idea hydroponics could also accommodate fish. It makes sense, now that I think about it!

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on May 29, 2014:

Hi, Vellur Thanks! I've always been interested in hydroponics. I am going to grow some lettuce in this system next.

Yes, ole' Smokey loves his wheat grass. He is so cute...he just helps himself whenever he wants a treat!

I am completely sold on this AquaFarm system.

Thanks for reading, commenting, and the vote.

So nice to see you!! Mary

Nithya Venkat from Dubai on May 29, 2014:

This is a great idea a self sustaining aquafarm. Wheat grass is good for your cat and you need not spend time cleaning the tank. A double plus for this system, great hub. Voted up.

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on May 28, 2014:

Hi, travmaj. Thanks so much for the compliment! You should consider getting a fish; they are so easy to keep (unlike other pets!). I'll have to continue planting wheat grass now for Smokey to enjoy.

Thanks for reading and commenting, Mary

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on May 28, 2014:

Hi, FlourishAnyway. Yes, I really love the AquaFarm system. It makes keeping fish a breeze. Old Smokey is quite a character! He keeps us entertained.

Thank for reading and commenting, Mary

travmaj from australia on May 28, 2014:

What a great story - I don't have fish but never say never so I'll remember this. I loved reading this and seeing Smokey get into the act. Thanks for the information.

FlourishAnyway from USA on May 28, 2014:

How cute that you have a two-in-one pet system that serves both fish and cat needs. Great idea. That is one sharp looking feline.

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on May 28, 2014:

Hi, Jackie, I have so much enjoyment just watching my fish swim around!! I've had birds of all kinds; they are nice, but they sure make a mess with their seeds!

Yes, remember the AquaFarm system if and when you decide to get another fish!

Thanks for reading and commenting, Mary

Jackie Lynnley from the beautiful south on May 27, 2014:

I had fish years ago. At least one beta too. It was a job so I gave it up and this sounds better...but I think I would rather try a bird next...never had one yet. But your AquaFarm system does sound interesting. I will keep it in mind in case I do see a fish I just have to have.

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on May 27, 2014:

Hi, billybuc. Maybe my Hub will inspire you to get another Bettta. I just think they are so beautiful.

Thanks for reading and commenting, my best, Mary

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on May 27, 2014:

What a great idea, Mary. I love it! I used to have I wish I had them again. Thanks a lot! :)

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on May 27, 2014:

Hi Meisjunk You had quite a collection of fish, I'd say! Too much work with 3 tanks!

I hope you'll consider getting am AquaFarm system so you wouldn't have to work so hard keeping fish. I love fish, too.

Thanks for reading and commenting, Mary

Mary Hyatt (author) from Florida on May 27, 2014:

Hi, heidithorne Oh, I have a high maintenance Schnazuzer. I'm thinking about getting another fish tank and growing lettuce on this AquaFarm system.

Thanks for reading, commenting, and the votes, Mary

Jennifer Kessner from Pennsylvania on May 27, 2014:

I used to have fish, and for the same reason, I gave up! I had two bettas, a male and a female, and I had two gold fish, a black moor and a fantail. They were lovely! But having 3 tanks was just too much cleaning, xD and after the last died, I didn't bother again.

After seeing this, I would definitely consider getting more fish. (And I do look at them every time I'm at a store that sells them!)

Thanks so much for this hub. =)

Heidi Thorne from Chicago Area on May 27, 2014:

I have high maintenance dogs, but will definitely be getting lower maintenance pets, like fish and cats, when I get older. This looks like a really neat and easy system with the wheat grass. Thanks for sharing this cool idea! Voted up and interesting!

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