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Thanksgiving Decorations Window Clings - Frugal Fun Handcrafted and More

Thanksgiving is a time of thankfulness not of decorating. Yet, autumn is one of the most spectacular times of the year. You know the magical days, when the sun is setting and the colorful trees give the world a surreal glow. Decorating can be fun for your windows. After all, if you live in the Midwest like me shortly your windows will simply have that four letter word called snow outside.

Window clings are simple and decorative and very frugal.

Newsflash - window clings do not have to be store bought. Even the untalented can create masterpieces.

My Thanksgiving window clings are standard - nothing special. Window clings can be found almost anywhere - eBay has them, Amazon has them, Target has them and on and on. What makes a window cling special is they are a simple craft project for young and old and the un-gifted too! You don't have to be skillful, just willing to do some research.

Journey with me as I share with you some exceptional designs. Take their ideas or expand their ideas into your own creation or simply enjoy the beauty of these fun suncatchers.

Window Cling Ideas From Thanksgiving and More

Thanksgiving Window Clings

Thanksgiving Window Clings

Window Clings

Window Clings

Window Clings

Window Clings

Window Clings

Window Clings

Window Clings

Window Clings

Window Clings

Window Clings

Thanksgiving Window Clings

Thanksgiving Window Clings

Thanksgiving Window Clings

Thanksgiving Window Clings

Thanksgiving Window Clings

Thanksgiving Window Clings

Thrifty Quotes

Thrift is not an affair of the pocket, but an affair of character. ~S.W. Straus

Thrift comes too late when you find it at the bottom of your purse. ~Seneca

Cannot people realize how large an income is thrift? ~Cicero

Window Clings Offer Frugal Decorating Sun Catchers for Inside and Outside of Your Home

Window clings are frugal sun catchers. You don't have to spend allot of money on stained glass. Yet, the window clings provide a fantastic holiday look for both your interior and your exterior.

For the effort, for the price, the window clings are the most dramatic and economical decorating item you can do for your home.

Decorating Inside and Out - Interior and Exterior Color

The window cling is more than just inside your home - it is also about outside. Yes, you can use the window cling for adding privacy but remember the color element to your design will be seen - from those from afar and from your interior view.

Thanksgiving Window Clings

Thanksgiving Window Clings Spread out Next to Holiday Candles photo courtesy of GmaGoldie

Thanksgiving Window Clings Spread out Next to Holiday Candles photo courtesy of GmaGoldie

Preparation for Installation of Your Window Clings

Make sure heating fans and ceiling fans are turned off for your installation.

Place your window clings on a large table inside so you can have an overview of the material and designs you will be installing.

Step outside and visualize the placement before you even begin.

How to Make Your Own Window Clings

How to Install Holiday Thanksgiving Window Clings

1. Clean the area where you will place the window cling.

Tip: I prefer to use newspaper and an ammonia based cleaner. The newspapers are a re-purposing which is nowadays very chic but for me the newspaper does the best job. Be careful with the newspaper near white molding.

2. Spread out your window clings.

3. Refine your layout design ideas.

4. Dappen the window cling with a sponge. It is said adding a little bit of dish soap helps. Never use hand soap - dishwasher soap only. (baby shampoo also works)

5. Apply the cling to your clean window surface.

6. Carefully smooth out bubbles. A small rolled up washcloth or dish towel is what I use. If I were doing a window film, I would have more tools.

7. If bubbles remain problematic, take a squeegee and work the bubbles out to the closest edge.

8. Stand back and enjoy the new colors on your window.

Window Cleaning

For the sake of time, I clean only the area where the window cling will go on the interior. After Thanksgiving, I will take down the window cling and at that time, I will clean the entire window - inside and out. When the window cling is removed, you will some lines from where the window used to reside. You don't want to look at those lines all winter. So the window cling ends up motivating me to clean the windows.

Autumn Pumpkin Window Cling


Autumn Pumpkin Window Cling

Handcrafted Patterns and Ideas

A number of free patterns are available for download out on the internet. Additionally, these sites provide a wide array of design ideas. Get your creative juices flowing and you will be amazed at the fun autumn flair you can add to both your interior and exterior décor.

Stores that carry ready made window clings include a number of the big box stores as well as the decorative faux stained glass found at almost every hardware store.

Handcrafted Window Clings for Thanksgiving

Handcrafted with Free Pattern

Funny Thanksgiving Turkey Cling


Handcrafted Etsy Thanksgiving Designs


Dried Arrangement for Fall Autumn Decorating


Fall Autumn Home Decorating

Fall or autumn home decorating used to be the standard dried arrangement of the cornstalks and the pumpkins. Window clings offer a new dimension.to your home - literally a vertical display for you to enjoy indoors and for others outside to also enjoy.

I live on a busy street near a school and am thrilled to display my window cling that states simply Happy Thanksgiving. It is not allot of decoration in comparison to Halloween and to Christmas but Thanksgiving is an important holiday and I feel it deserves some recognition and what a better tribute than a Thanksgiving window cling.

Types of Window Clings

Window clings bound in the stores. They don't command a big display and often you might find yourself walking right past them completely unnoticed. Yet, window clings can make a big impact - especially for Thanksgiving. What to look for when you are seeking out window clings for your fall/autumn decorating.

There are three types of window clings:

  • Plastic Store Purchased
  • Gel Store Purchased
  • Handcrafted

Window Clings

Window clings are not just for a holiday anymore. The industry offers a whole array of window film. There are allot of other great uses from privacy to decorative stained glass to frugal and cost effective leaded glass films. Window film is different from the window clings. The installation typically is more precise. For my holiday decorations, I smooth out the bubbles but I don't use a window film tool to help me. If the window cling where window film and my intent was 12 months, you better believe the proper tools would be in hand.

Holiday Window Clings - New Family Tradition

I like to enjoy the holidays. I need something simple. The Thanksgiving window clings change up both the interior and the exterior of my home. The window clings are simple and inexpensive. While I am not a craft oriented person, the hand made window clings look to be a fun and simple projects for the family with the end result being a new family tradition.

Take the time to enjoy autumn, invest a tiny amount of time and effort and make it a new family tradition to include window clings for your Thanksgiving holiday fun.


Kelly Kline Burnett (author) from Madison, Wisconsin on December 25, 2011:

Bob Francis,

You didn't seem callous - I just wanted to celebrate this great American artist. My husband just informed me that Steven Spielberg collects Norman Rockwell paintings. What a dichotomy for the man who is a visionary of the future - ET and Back to the Future to collect Norman Rockwell. Wow!

While I am at the end of the baby boomers, I think a large part of the American dream is the photo memories of Norman Rockwell.

Thank you so much for sharing - enjoyed your recipe for oatmeal and will be sure to stop back.

Robert Francis Steffke from Springfield, MO on December 25, 2011:

Gma Goldie,

I agree whole heartedly, ie; Norman Rockwell. If I seemed callous about the plates; it was just the thought that young people don't have the same attitude as we do and none of my five remaining kids want the plates. My home walls are presently decorated wwith family pictures and art work. Appreciated your comment and I do remember those "Saturday Evening Post" Norman Rockwell drawings.

Kelly Kline Burnett (author) from Madison, Wisconsin on December 24, 2011:

Bob Francis,

Norman Rockwell is classic Americana. Very talented artist who portrayed the quintessential culture of the United States. I think certain items are beyond dust collectors - these are heirlooms. The window clings are fun and may need someday to be re-purposed but yet they are serviceable pieces. The nativities, the Norman Rockwell items are items that retain value over time and always remain in demand.

Thank you so much for stopping by.

Robert Francis Steffke from Springfield, MO on December 23, 2011:

I have "collector" plates, with Norman Rockwell scenes. I cannot get rid of them; I suppose if I gave them away people would accept them. They are all in the original boxes. Why would I want to get rid of them? At my age they are just another dust collector and frankly I don't have a wall available. Very interesting article and idea!

Kelly Kline Burnett (author) from Madison, Wisconsin on December 21, 2011:

The Best Mouse Trap,

The fall decorating is now fun and easy. The window clings are now available in gel form also - more color, more substance - great not only for your windows but interior decorations too. My hair stylist has the gel window clings on her workstation mirror.

Thank you for bookmarking - will be sure to update before you return next year so you have the latest and greatest information.

Pam Valentine from The Heartland, USA on December 19, 2011:

Where was I went you made this great hub? I was looking for thanksgiving ideas for my own window decoration proejct in October. Great helpful creative cling ideas. I bookmarked you and will return next year.

Kelly Kline Burnett (author) from Madison, Wisconsin on November 09, 2011:


What a fantastic idea! A lighted turkey - I love it! The blow up have been unbelievably popular and they are pricey! Oh, I bet your barn is charming - would love to see photos of it decorated throughout the seasons.

Thank you so much for stopping by.

moonlake from America on November 09, 2011:

Great hub. Window Clings are a good idea. There is never as much Thanksgiving decorations as there is Christmas and Halloween. I have been looking for years for a big lighted Turkey but can't find one. I don't want the blow up kind. I always put a Pumpkin for Halloween, and a Snowman for Christmas by our barn that lights up but can't find a lighted turkey.

Anyway, enjoyed your hub.

Kelly Kline Burnett (author) from Madison, Wisconsin on November 04, 2011:


Thank you so much for your high marks. It was a fun hub to put together. I do hope the links are helpful for those seeing the free design downloads.

Michele McCallister from USA on November 04, 2011:

A well written and fun read with great ideas and instructions. I love your use of illustrations, vivid colors and links. Thanks for sharing this simple, cost effective method of decoration. Surely clings can be used for any season or celebration. I will definitely be trying this out for the coming holidays. Again thanks and keep hubbing !!