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Tested Methods to Clean Dog Poop out of Carpet

Are you stressed cause your dog has pooped on your favorite carpet? Our cleaning guides will make it easy and seem like you never had dog po


Dogs are man's best friends. Our beloved dogs' unconditional affection, devotion, sloppy licks, and cuddling are just a few things we like. You may not like it when they leave an unwanted stink on your favorite carpet. When you discover that your pet has pooped on the carpet, the last thing you want to do is allow the pet stain to spread. You may face this situation often if you haven't trained your dog or taken them out regularly. So, the first advice for removing dog poop from the carpet is to act quickly.

Pre-cleaning Tips

Dog poop can contain a lot of germs. Make sure you wear gloves while cleaning out dog poop. You must first remove any solids from the carpet before you begin working on the stain. To make the operation go more smoothly, we strongly advise you to utilize a pooper scooper. Put the solids in a bag and throw them away right away. Then, prepare yourself with the necessary tools to continue the rest of the cleaning process.

List of items that you need to clean dog poop

  • Hand gloves
  • Towels or baby wipes
  • Dishwashing soap
  • Water
  • White vinegar
  • Baking soda

Step by Step Guide: Cleaning Dog Poop Out of Carpet

Step 1: We have already mentioned cleaning solids at pre-cleaning tips. After you have cleaned, it's time for you to take care of the excess poop left on the carpet. Use baby wipes or a damp towel to scrape off the poop out of the rug.

Step 2: Prepare cleaning liquid. Take a bowl of cold water. Mix 1 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid or vinegar or baking soda with the water. Make sure none of these solutions contain bleach.

Step 3: Take a paper or towel. Dip the towel into the solution and remove feces from the carpet fibers.

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Step 4: Continue the blotting process until the stain disappears

Step 5: Take a bucket of cold water. Rinse the area of the stain. Make sure that all the particles and chemical solutions are gone.

Step 6: Use a deodorizer since the smell of dog poop can be lingering

Step 7: Vacuum the area

Frequently Asked Questions

Is dog poop dangerous?

Dog poop is very toxic. It can contain harmful bacteria such as salmonella. It can also have parasites like roundworms, hookworms, and tapeworms. It is dangerous for you and also for your pet. You should be cautious handling dog poop while removing it from the carpet.

Can I clean my sheepskin carpet using the same method?

Sheepskin or wool rugs are susceptible to damage. You can use the same method. However, there are specific guidelines you should maintain. Do not scrub or rub the sheepskin rug too hard. It may damage the fibers of the carpet. Also, do not use any detergent that contains bleach.

How to prevent my dog from pooping on the carpet?

Dog's habits repeat the same are when they want to poop. They usually sniff around and find the place that smells. So if your dog has pooped in an area already, make sure you properly clean the surface and leave no smell. Some sprays available in the market can guide your pet dog on where to poop exactly. Use the spray to prevent pet dogs from pooping in unwanted areas.

Will a carpet cleaner remove dog poop?

You can use a carpet cleaner to remove dog poop if you do not have other dissolvers available. We recommend you not to skip the steps. Remove the solid first. Then use a carpet cleaner to do the rest of the process.

Should I use Hydrogen peroxide to remove dog poop?

Hydrogen peroxide is the most effective solution for removing any carpet stains. It's mild bleach that is available everywhere. Despite the high effectiveness, we still do not recommend you to use hydrogen peroxide unless the stain is severe. Hydrogen peroxide can damage the fiber and color of the rug. You can use hydrogen peroxide to clean polypropylene or synthetic carpets only. If the carpet is dyed, do not use hydrogen peroxide regardless of the type of the rug.

What should I do if my carpet stinks after cleaning dog poop?

Even after thoroughly removing the dog poop stain, the odor frequently stays on your carpets. The easiest option to neutralize the dog poop smell is to use a stronger smelling solution. Additionally, you can use disinfecting sprays to kill the bacteria and germs from that area and give it a fresh smell.


Accidents happen no matter what kind of pet you have. You should always be prepared with the necessary equipment, tools, and techniques to deal with such accidents. We have given some homely directions to remove dog poop from the carpet. If you still hesitate to do it yourself, you can always call a professional.

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