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Ten easy to grow Indoor Plants that can brighten up your space.

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Indoor plants for freshness and beauty in your home

Indoor Plants bring in freshness and beauty to any home, they add to the character the living spaces. Having indoor plants is a welcome treat for those who do not have the space for a garden and city dwellers confined to the small spaces of an apartment. If you are good with plants it is an easy job to have a variety of house plants or indoor plants and keep changing them at regular intervals. It is for those who do not have the so called green thumb but love to have indoor plants that it is a difficult task. Do not despair yet, I have a few plants to recommend that are easy to handle and don’t need much fussing around. The colorful foliage and flowers of indoor plants can dramatically change and define your living spaces.

The jade plant Pics by Sofs

The jade plant Pics by Sofs

Indoor plants - getting started

Investing in some good looking indoor plant pots is the first step to having some great indoor plants, making sure that you have the right potting mixture and tools to handle the job.

Choosing the right plants is the next step for you. Here are some plants that are easy to grow even for any novice, as they do not need too much attention. You just need to find the right space and have some natural or artificial lighting, and they will thrive with the right amount of watering and care. With a little experience you can decide what works well for you over a period of time.

Pothos Pics by Sofs

Pothos Pics by Sofs

Ten easy to grow indoor plants - Pothos or Devil’s ivy (Epipremnum aureum)

Pothos commonly called the devil's ivy, is the easiest of plants to handle. They just need pruning and need moderate sunlight. They make for one of the most excellent of indoor plants and look wonderful hanging from baskets or climbing up the moss sticks and winding around your trellis. Just get some stem cuttings and put them in some well drained pots. Over watering the plants can cause the leaves to become yellow and fall off, so make sure that the pot has enough drainage to allow drying between watering. There are so many varieties of pothos- the golden pothos, the marble queen (which is heavily marbled with white streaks), jade (which is solid green) and neon (which is a bright yellow-green). These plants can be grow in beautiful glass container with just some tap water and light, though they take time to grow they are an excellent addition on your coffee table or dining table.

Diffenbachia Pics by Sofs

Diffenbachia Pics by Sofs

10 easy to grow house plants - Dieffenbachia

These are the commonest of house plants and are very attractive. Take care, these are poisonous as their sap, if eaten, causes swelling of mouth and throat and sometimes loss of voice. It may also cause skin irritation. These can also be grown from stem cuttings and the pots need to be well-drained. These also need to be placed in a sunny spot, or at least where there is enough lighting. Too much water causes the leaves to wilt. If you cut the stems leaving a few leaves at the top, it will encourage the plant ot branch out, making it look interesting and beautiful. The mealy bug is a silent attacker, so watch the leaves and look for these pests on a regular basis.

The Asparagus emerald fern  Pics by Sofs

The Asparagus emerald fern Pics by Sofs

Indoor plants - ten easy and best - Asparagus Fern (Asparagus setaceus/ Asparagus plumosus)

These beautiful asparagus emerald ferns (actually not a fern at all, it belongs to the Lilaceae family) have emerald green soft and delicate looking foliage. These are a joy to behold and are easy to grow. These are easily my favorites. These beautiful plants have a canopy of leaves and look amazing on your corner table or coffee table. The soil needs to be dry, so just spraying of water from time to time would be enough. These plants grow quite densely and you can use them for your flower arrangements as they are anyway the florist’s delight. Use a peat moss based pot mix for a healthy growth of asparagus Ferns. These plants again need good lighting and are easy to take care of. While you re-pot them you could divide the plants and put them in different pots, they make lovely gifts. The dry twigs add interest and accent to any flower arrangement.

English Ivy Pics by Sofs

English Ivy Pics by Sofs

The English ivy (Hedera helix) - Ten easy to grow house plants

These gorgeous indoor plants grow vigorously, without much fussing around. You don’t even need much light and they are versatile. They can be grown in hanging pots, in pots with moss sticks and on trellises, so if you are keeping them next to your furniture, make sure that you give them something to climb on. They thrive under fluorescent lighting and with good lighting, the leaves could even turn creamy and beautiful. The soil needs to be well drained and lightly moist. These can again be propagated from stem cuttings, and you could have these beauties all over your house for nothing. These are one of the most beautiful plants and the least fussy. Here again, you have different varieties to choose from. You have the itsy-bitsy (which is, as the name suggests, a very small variety), the gold child (splashed with yellow gold and white) and the glacier ivy (which has silvery grey-green leaves).

Ficus Benajamina

Ficus Benajamina

The Ficus (Ficus benjamina) - easy to grow large indoor plants

The ficus commonly known as the weeping fig is a beautiful indoor plant. It can reach up to 30 feet in height, so you really need to prune and trim it regularly. This indoor plant is elegant and its velvety luxuriant foliage makes enhances any space you put it in. It does well in light, but can also take a lot of shade. It needs a bit of watering and it is sensitive to cold. It is very sensitive to change and drops off its leaves in new surroundings. It is a very effective air filter and is pretty hardy and easy to grow. This plant needs humidity and a little misting would do it some good. For indoor use, make sure that you do not over-fertilise your plant. They become the centre of attraction if trimmed and kept in shape. Good lighting could turn their tips creamy yellow, making them absolute stunners in your house.

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House plants for accents -The Madagascar Dragon tree (Dracaena marginata)

This plant with a thick tuft of spiky leaves with red edges can grow up to four feet in height. These are excellent indoor plants and can tolerate dry winter air. A well drained pot with good potting mix is what is needed. These are almost pest resistant and very adaptable. You have different varieties: Tricolour (which has green and cream stripes on it, with red margins) and Colorama (which is called the rainbow plant, prominently red). These are exotic plants and can brighten up any dull space. Keeping the plant clean would be something that would need a little attention from you.

The foxtail asparagus fern Pics by Sofs

The foxtail asparagus fern Pics by Sofs

Indoor house plants that are easy to grow-Foxtail fern (Asparagus densiflorus 'Myers’)

These decorative ferns are easy to grow and take care of. These delicate and gorgeous looking plants are pretty aggressive growers in their natural warm temperature settings. You can divide them and put them in separate containers in spring to encourage dense growth. While potting, you need to take care to leave at least an inch of space between the rim of the pot and the potting mixture. Any good potting mixture would do. These gorgeous asparagus ferns (not ferns really) are very decorative and drought resistant (don’t worry, I’m not wondering if you’ll have a drought in your house!!). They are also called the ponytail and bottle brush fern. These can do well without direct sunlight and with a little misting. Avoid the foxtail ferns for those with children because these ferns tend to have thorns or little spikes that can hurt your child’s tender hands. A little care would go a long way in making this plant enjoyable for all members of the family.

 A collection of begonias Pics by Sofs

A collection of begonias Pics by Sofs

Flowering Indoor plants -Begonia

These colourful plants are absolutely fabulous in hanging baskets and containers. They prefer partial shade but need plenty of light and air. Just a small cutting is enough to start your begonia garden. The wide variety of begonias can be combined to make your garden as colourful as possible without too much difficulty. The Rex Begonia is stunning with its colourful and textured foliage. These need high humidity and could become dormant in winter. Providing high humidity under a transparent plastic container or bag for a little while could keep your plants healthy. The Wax begonias, the fibrous begonias and the ever blooming begonias are easy to grow from their rhizomes. Their foliage and flowers are a treat on any given day.

The Money tree plant

The Money tree plant

The money tree plant (Pachira aquatica) - large indoor plants

This is another plant that is easy to care for and looks gorgeous. The money tree plant needs good light, though not direct sunlight. Keeping them in small containers and pruning them regularly will keep them to a manageable size and shape. These plants with bright green leaves, each leaf having five bright leaflets, are a delight to grow because of their luxuriant foliage. This is one plant which you can have for many years. It needs well drained, sandy, pot mix and little watering. The stems are often braided to get the bonsai effect. It is considered to be a very lucky plant and a good luck gift by those believing in feng-shui.

The Parlor Palm Pics by Sofs

The Parlor Palm Pics by Sofs

Common indoor plants -The Parlour Palm (Neanthe bella palm)

One of the most popular palms, it is elegant and delicate to behold and the fact that it is easy to care for, have made it a great home and office plant. This plant needs humidity and a little bit of misting would do much good. These are grown from seedlings and grown best in filtered light - either natural or artificial. These plants are not heavy feeders and don’t need much fertilising, though you need to do it at least once a month. The mealy bug and spider-mites are a constant danger to this plant. They easily brighten up dark corners or stairwells and make it look interesting.

Bring outdoors indoors with the top ten indoor plants

While taking care of indoor plants, you need to keep a constant watch over them. Just watching the changes in the appearance of the leaves will tell you whether they are healthy or not. Adjust the lighting, water and drainage and you’ll quickly learn how to take care of your plants and have that luxurious foliage brightening your life. I hope you have been inspired by these ten indoor plants to bring out doors indoors and nature into your closed spaces.

Your comments are welcome.....

JR Krishna from India on July 17, 2015:

Interesting read

I have 'mother-in-laws tongue' and aloe vera as indoor plants. I feel good to read articles about plants

Voted up and shared :)

CAROLYN on December 03, 2014:

I am wondering if the house plant commonly called ---the money tree with the big leaves made up of six parts and twisted trunks are ---toxic to Chocolate Labs? She has had a recent Ssisire having been so active and happy. Does anyone have more info? What about the fertilized soil on the pots of these plants? Please offer advice? Thanks!

Maree Michael Martin from Northwest Washington on an Island on February 03, 2014:

I love jade plants, have a hard time keeping them alive though, your picture is such a lovely one, I want to try again. My begonias continue to get transplanted all over the place.

Sophie (author) on May 20, 2012:

Claudi1176, No one has a black thumb. I am sure you will do very well with these plants as they are easy to maintain. Thank you for the visit and the comment. Have a lovely day!

claudi1176 from Greenville, SC on May 20, 2012:

I already have some of these plants and will definitely buy some of the others one you suggested :) my black thumb will be so happy we'll finally have a lot of green plants in the house!

Sophie (author) on January 19, 2012:

Jeny, thank you for asking the question, I have an article on balcony gardens and grow lights both of them could help you. I live in an apartment too.. but I have more than 100 plants now..only because I discovered how to take care of them so read on... Thanks for stoping by! Have a lovely day!

Jeny on January 19, 2012:


I live in an apartment on the second floor which doesnot have much light streaming in through the two windows in the place. And the entire flooring is carpetted. Kindly advise me on how and what indoor plants to grow.

Sophie (author) on January 12, 2012:

Eddy, Thank you for looking this up, Ioved writing this hub.. some time ago. I have a very small balcony and have about seventy five plants.. It is matter of how you plan and organize them. My little garden is my great source of pride and joy... Glad you like this hub. I appreciate this very much. Thank you! Have a wonderful day.. God Bless!

Eiddwen from Wales on January 12, 2012:

I love gardening and grow as many things as we can in pots ; due to only having a small paved patio out the back.

I also love flowers / plants in the house so this hub is a gem for me.

I vote up plus bookmark.

Take care and enjoy your day.


Sophie (author) on November 10, 2011:

Linda, that is what i thought too a few years ago... not anymore of course. It just takes a little interest and effort to get your plants flourishing. Thanks for the comment, it gives me an opportunity to reaffirm that it is easy to grow indoor plants.

Linda Tadlock from Atlanta on November 09, 2011:

Not everyone can successfully grow plants at home. I think it takes something more than inspiration.

Thanks for the great post.

Sophie (author) on November 03, 2011:

The jade plant is one beauty and the least fussy of all..great choice there and your reward will be great.. you will truly enjoy it. thanks for stopping by and commenting :)

Jill Spencer from United States on November 03, 2011:

Great choices! I want a jade plant now. And I'd never thought of keeping a begonia as an indoor houseplant. Voted up and useful.

Sophie (author) on May 13, 2011:

Loveforlife(I love your pen name :) ) I love gardening too, though we have always had a large garden in my parents place, living in an apartment gives me no scope but to use any space that I have to get some greenery indoors and as they say my necessity has taught me to grow plants indoors though I have had trouble with them initially :) I have learned from my mistakes. I still experiment with new plants and get great results, the African violets were a great success for me...I should soon write a hub on them I guess.. :) Thank you for the read and the comment :) I truly appreciate it :)

loveforlife on May 09, 2011:

very useful article. I like gardening but up to now i just managed to plant outdoors, never tried inside. This article could give a good start:)

Sophie (author) on May 07, 2011:

Brennawelker, welcome to my hubs, and I am glad that you stopped by to read and comment. I love plants and it is a joy to write about them. Thanks once again and God Bless!

Sophie (author) on May 07, 2011:

Jpcmc, glad to know that you love gardening, I am crazy about plants, so crazy that I drive others nuts. You are right about the herbs, I grow cilantro, mint, dill and a few others in my kitchen window sill.. I have had Dieffenbachia for years and thank God all is well..some of the varieties that you get are stunning and really worth keeping.. but with a little care. :) Thank you for the read and comment, it is greatly appreciated. :)

Sophie (author) on May 07, 2011:

Ruby, good lighting right watering and a dose of fertilizer as per the need of the plant is all that is needed for indoor plants. Just make sure that you change it to a sunny spot if the plant needs more lighting. I love the begonias too, but they are more finicky than the others. African violets are another beautiful choice and you will be well rewarded for your efforts. Hope you have better luck this time. :)

brennawelker on May 06, 2011:

Thanks for the information I love it.

JP Carlos from Quezon CIty, Phlippines on May 04, 2011:

I love gardening and this hub is a great resource. Some herbs are also great indoor plants. Rosemary and dill are some of my favs. I learned about Dieffenbachia the hard way!

Ruby Jean Richert from Southern Illinois on May 04, 2011:

I've never had good luck with indoor plants, but you've inspired me. I might try again. My Mother always grew beautiful begonias all winter. Thank you.


Sophie (author) on May 03, 2011:

Paradise I love the asparagus fern too, it looks so delicate and beautiful. Emerald and beautifully shaped naturally you can just multiply the plant each time while you re-pot. My friends enjoy it when I gift it to them.

Thank you for the read and the comment.

Paradise7 from Upstate New York on May 03, 2011:

I have a couple of houseplants, since I live in an apartment and don't have a garden. This was a lovely hub, perfect!! the aspargus fern is my favorite.

Sophie (author) on May 03, 2011:

Tim, Good Morning and thank you for the read and the comment. Oh yes! the peace and the relaxation of having nature indoors the invaluable benefit of indoor plants. The ficus is hardy, I had one which had grown too huge for indoors and had to be donated it to the apartment garden. The cream and green variety of Ficus is another beauty of a plant.

I wish I could have more plants in there than I have right now!!LOL I may have to camp out though!! LOL!

Tim Nichol from Me to You on May 03, 2011:

Really nice hub sofs :) Bringing nature indoors really adds an element of peace and relaxation, just as it does outdoors.

I grew a ficus from a cutting about 13 years ago. It's over a meter tall, and still thriving today, even after 3 moves. Last summer I moved it outside to a semi-shaded area of the outdoor deck and it absolutely loved it, especially the natural rainfall.

Sophie (author) on May 03, 2011:

I love the job too much, to give it to a volunteer and love the plant too much, to trust it with one!! Thanks for the read and making me smile :) Cheers!! :D:D

Golfgal from McKinney, Texas on May 03, 2011:

I volunteer to prune your money tree for ya!

Sophie (author) on May 03, 2011:

Joyce my pleasure! Thanks for reading and voting it useful and up. It is a joy to find people who love plants. Cheers!!

Joyce F from USA on May 03, 2011:

Very nice hub! Thanks for the list of easy to grow indoor plants. Voted up and useful.

Sophie (author) on May 03, 2011:

Bob, I am glad that the information was useful. I do appreciate the read and the comment. Hope you have a wonderful garden and enjoy it as much as I enjoy mine!!

Bob Ewing from New Brunswick on May 03, 2011:

I am just beginning to establish a new indoor garden, useful tips, thanks.

Sophie (author) on May 03, 2011:

WE, Not impressive enough to convince you to grow these beauties indoors I guess.:) WE I just loved every minute of photographing my plants and writing about them. They are the joy of my life and no it is no love's labor lost :)

Thank you so much for your heartfelt appreciation. It is so worth it.

Website Examiner on May 03, 2011:

Your work is simply so impressive and comprehensive, Sofs. Let's be candid: I am not going to grow any plants indoors, but I'd be glad to recommend your hub to anyone so inclined. It is amazing how much work you put into these hubs.

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