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Keebler Talstar P Pesticide Review 2019

Melody enjoys sharing her personal experiences with others. This is an unendorsed product review by a customer.

Does Talstar P Work?

Talstar P is a professional grade insecticide that many homeowners can legally purchase. It does work, and fast, but is a concentrate you must mix yourself. Let's start by getting to know the brand and manufacturer. Again, I am a customer reviewing a product and sharing some information I learned about it on the way. If you have an infestation it is often best to call a certified pest control professional.

Talstar brand breakdown:

  • Manufacturer: FMC Corporation
  • Company brand: Keebler
  • Headquarters: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Industries: Agricultural products, specialty, and industrial chemicals
  • Other names for Talstar P: Keebler Talstar Pro, Talstar One, and Talstar Professional

Talstar is usually not found at Lowe's but is occasionally found at Walmart and Home Depot, as well as on and Prime.

Why This Product Might Be Better Than Your Usual Pesticide

Talstar P is an insecticide that I tried when spiders and other pests began making their way into the house as the weather got cold. I have used other pesticides, with my usual brand being Suspend SC. This brand works well on roaches, spiders, and bed bugs.

Some of the spiders and other bugs seemed to be outliving my old brand of insecticid because they gained pesticide resistance. I switched to Talstar because it had more active ingredients and contained ingredients that would have no probable pest resistance. Suspend is a great product for people who live in areas where pesticide resistance is not common, otherwise Talstar Pro is a better option.

You do need to mix this product yourself, which you should take into consideration before you buy. There are safe practices you can use to protect yourself when mixing chemicals. You can wear gloves and protective face shield. If you don't feel comfortable mixing your own pesticide this won't be a good product for you.

Comparing Talstar to Competitors

Suspend SCTalstar ProTemprid SC






Cyfluthrin and Imidacloprid

Contact and Residual Killer

Contact and Residual Killer

Contact and residual killer, and prevents bug reproduction

About The Product

Talstar is for both indoor and outdoor use. I have pets and hate fleas. This pesticide can be used in the yard to prevent pets from picking them up. That is great because it makes the yard more enjoyable for everyone.

After I sprayed outside, I also noticed a reduction in the spider and stink bug population. I even found dead roaches outside. What I learned was that you need to wait overnight before you start seeing dead bugs.

You need a 1-gallon handheld sprayer for the Talstat solution you mix yourself. Wear gloves and make sure you don't breath the mixture. I did not like the idea of mixing pesticides at first, but it can be done if you follow the label. I appreciate that I understand how to do it, and have no problems with it now.

This insecticide claims to kill many different types of insects, including gnats, bed bugs, mosquitoes, earwigs, fleas, ticks and more. It's used by professionals and is on the market for home and business owners. I had no problem buying it from Amazon, and believe it probably does kill all of those bugs.

Cost and Use

You can find out more about this product in regards to your state on the FMC Corporations website. I feel it would be better if the manufacturer made it easier to find auxiliary information, the way Hot Shot does.

Talstar Pro costs around $45 US dollars. The container is 3/4 a gallon, and it is a concentrate. This means you need to mix it yourself following the directions on the label.

I consider Talstar Pro to be a great deal, and I regularly recommend it to friends.

The person who is in charge of administering this insecticide must be vigilant. In the comment section below, one reader told a story about how their young child was accidentally sprayed by the product because the sprayer was left unattended.

Always wear protective clothing when using this product. Never leave it unattended. When you buy this product you must buy the one-gallon-sprayer separately. Some sprayers are childproof, but the cheaper ones are not.

Do not spray this product on mattresses, bedding or couches. This could cause poisoning, especially in children and people with low immune systems. This information is in the directions, but you don't know that until after you buy the product.

If you want to treat mattresses, then try Hot Shot. They developed a product specifically designed for treating mattresses and couches. You do not need to use this product for bedding or curtains. They can be dried on high heat for an hour to kill bugs.

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Pros and Cons

I bought this product online from Amazon. I am a big Prime fan because I love the free shipping. The package I received had a "Warning/Caution" sticker on the outside of the box. This is done for legality reasons. The label isn't required in the state I live, but it is in many, many others.

Upon opening the box, the first thing I encountered is tons of plastic, with the Talstar packed safely inside. If you want to use this on bed bugs, which are highly immune to Deltamethrin, this is the best alternative. This professional insecticide contains bifenthrin, a chemical that is dangerous when inhaled or absorbed through the skin. This added chemical is one reason it is slightly superior to its competitor.

Notice my use of the words professional pesticide. This can be a pro and a con. There are states where it is not legal to use professional pesticides without proper certifications. Landlords should never skimp on tenants, and should not use this for rentals if not qualified to do so.

The fact that it contains bifenthrin explains why it cannot be sprayed on bedding and couches. What you can do is use another product, such as Suspend SC or Hot Shot instead, An alternative is to use Hot Shot Mattress and Furniture treatment, and then Talstar everywhere else.

To use this product you need to read the directions carefully. The directions come in the form of a booklet found in the front pouch on the bottle. The booklet is quite long and somewhat complex. It is very important that you read it in its entirety before you use this product. Beware, the print is really small!

My recommendation is that you clean all dirt dust from the area you intend to spray. The surface should be relatively clean with all foreign materials removed.

Cover your kitchen counters with a trash bag or alternative plastic and make sure all dishes are put away in closed cupboards (if you plan to use this in the kitchen for other insects, too).

You will pour the directed amount into a sprayer (which should only be used for this product). You will then add the directed amount of water. The next step is to spray the perimeter.


If Using This Product With Bed Bugs

The Talstar label has a special set of instructions for bed bugs. Insecticide alone is never a cure for bed bugs, even one as powerful as Talstar. But the Bifenthrin, a pyrethroid insecticide, makes this product more likely to work.

To understand everything you are going to need, check out:

  • How to Kill Bed Bugs, a checklist, and guide.
  • Decide if you need bed bug traps and detectors.
  • Learn how to caulk to seal against bed bugs.
  • Learn where bed bugs come from
  • Adress bedbug anxiety and stress.
  • Discover how they damage relationships.

You should seal cracks in your home after you have sprayed, don't forget crevices. But, before you get gung-ho and start spraying on your own, you need to thoroughly understand bed bugs. Read anything, and everything, you can about your pest.

Find out what they look like, how they breed and learn about their life cycle is. Once you are armed with the correct information, you can decide if you should be tackling this on your own, or if you should call a professional. In my opinion, if you have any doubts, then a professional should be called straight away.

Consumers must mix Talstar Pro themselves. You will need a pesticide sprayer.

Consumers must mix Talstar Pro themselves. You will need a pesticide sprayer.

Does Talstar Work Well on Bed Bugs?

Yes, Talstar works well against bed bugs. It kills them. When used you will notice a huge decrease in bed bugs. The spray is said to be a contact killer. It can take between 15-24 hours to kill these resistant bugs.

When I sprayed any kind of bug directly they don't just drop dead, as I expected. But a day later they were definitely dead. After spraying, bugs continued to show up dead on the floor for at least a month.

Talstar leaves a non-oily residue that continues to work against these buggers well after its initial use.

One bottle of Talstar pro makes many gallons of spray. This means that one bottle is enough for application and reapplication.

Remember, an insecticide alone does not stop bed bugs. They are crafty little critters, and a multimodal plan should be used to get rid of them. After you spray, focus on eradication, and then focus on prevention.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

© 2012 Melody Collins

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