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Spring Cleaning Doesn't Have to Be a Chore

Like it or not, spring cleaning doesn't have to be a chore. Sprucing up for springtime is easier and might even be enjoyable with a well thought out campaign.

Think of the things you need to do and do them in some order. You will find that the task goes quickly and easily.


Do your spring cleaning in a way that will make it seem like fun instead of a chore. Follow these suggestions for your spring cleaning ease.

You may take a room at a time such as bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, den, laundry room, etc. Or you can categorize your chores. For instance, you may do all the windows throughout the house, all the closets, or all the cabinets.


Perhaps you accumulated a lot of clutter during the winter months. It doesn't matter why you let so much clutter in your living space, but you can do something about it.

  1. Clean out all clutter and throw it away instead of moving it to a place where no one can see it.
  2. Toss out old newspapers and magazines or take them to a doctor's office where visitors will have something to do while they wait.
  3. Arrange books on your cluttered bookshelf. Donate books you no longer wait to your public library or to your local thrift shop. You can even sell them on eBay.
  4. Give away all the clothes you haven't worn in years.
  5. Throw about excess things from the top of your dresser and dresser drawers.
  6. Clean your reading and writing area.
  7. By all means, clean out your "junk drawer" wherever it may be.


During the winter months, more than likely you did not wash your windows or window coverings. Spring is an excellent time to clean your windows and put up fresh curtains.

  1. Take down the curtains and put them in the dryer with a damp hand towel to pick up dust. Run the dryer for five minutes on the air fluff cycle.
  2. Before re-hanging the curtains, clean walls and woodwork with a mop covered with a damp rag.
  3. Clean vertical blinds by putting on a cotton glove and running your fingers across each slat.
  4. Wash windows and glass fixtures with a cotton rag and a solution of one tablespoon of rubbing alcohol and three pints of water.

What to Vacuum, Mop, and Polish

Have you ever wondered what is in your house that should be vacuumed, mopped and polish? If so, here are the answered.

  1. Vacuum couches and upholstered chairs.
  2. Clean and polish wood furniture.
  3. Move furniture to the center of the room to clean carpet edges and baseboards with the vacuum cleaner.

What to Do in the Kitchen

The kitchen should be included for safety, nutrition, and taste.

  1. Check frozen food. Keep only packages that are not past the use by date.
  2. Defrost the refrigerator. Use baking soda sprinkled on a damp sponge to cut mold.
  3. Check all refrigerated food. Discard mayonnaise and salad dressing if the oil has separated or if it looks or smells suspicious.
  4. Discard moldy bread, pastry, soft foods, and liquids from the refrigerator.
  5. Use a solution of one-ounce chlorine bleach and one-quart warm water to remove mold from rubber casings of the refrigerator.
  6. Inspect cabinets and countertops.
  7. Check canned goods, bottles, pasta, macaroni, and mixes for use-by dates.
  8. Examine cans and jars of food for cracks, bulging lids, and cloudy liquid.
  9. Clean under canisters and boxes set on the countertops.
  10. Inspect cabinets and discard all expired cans, boxes, and packages.

What to Do in the Bathroom

You probably clean your bathroom more often than other rooms in your house. So spring cleaning won't be much of a chore.

  1. Clean toilet.
  2. Clean bathtub.
  3. Clean bathroom mirror.
  4. Clean soap dish.

Dead Energy Items

When you do your spring cleaning or any cleaning, throw away anything that is broken or in need of repair. Why? Broken or items that need to be repaired contains "dead energy." Now you know why you don't feel chipper and up to par on most days. It is because your house is full of broken things containing dead energy that is sucking the life out of you.

After you have thrown away items that have dead energy, replace them with living things such as plants or small pets such as a goldfish.

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Margaret Minnicks (author) from Richmond, VA on March 24, 2011:

WGCreates, yes we have the information, but now we have to do the work. However, according to the article, it doesn't have to be a chore.

Thanks for reading and responding.

WGCreates on March 24, 2011:

Lots of good information and a good reminder.

Margaret Minnicks (author) from Richmond, VA on March 21, 2011:

stephhicks68, thanks for reading and responding. Spring cleaning or any other cleaning really does clean the clutter from my mind also.

Stephanie Marshall from Bend, Oregon on March 21, 2011:

I always feel so much better after spring cleaning! It clears the clutter from the mind, as well. Super hub - rated up! Best, Steph

Margaret Minnicks (author) from Richmond, VA on March 21, 2011:

Treasuresofheaven, yes indeed. Anything that is broken carries dead energy that makes us tired and without energy ourselves. That's why we feel so much better when we clean the clutter out of our closets or cars. Try it someday and let me know how it works for you!

Sima Ballinger from Michigan on March 21, 2011:

This sounds like a good manual for a You have mentioned some things here I have never heard - "dead energy"......broken things and things in need of repair create dead energy. This is actually very powerful.....This is why cleanliness is so vital!

Very nice Hub and Useful!

Margaret Minnicks (author) from Richmond, VA on March 21, 2011:

Betty, thanks for reading and responding to my spring cleaning article. I know what you mean about finding the time and energy to tackle some of these chores.

Betty Johansen on March 21, 2011:

Lots of good advice. I'll have to come back to it when I find the time and energy to tackle some of these chores. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

Margaret Minnicks (author) from Richmond, VA on March 20, 2011:

Marcella, I don't like spring cleaning. Thought maybe if I wrote an article about how easy it is, I would come to like it a little better. After all, spring cleaning doesn't have to be a chore.

Marcella Glenn from PA on March 20, 2011:

Thank you for the hub.

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