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Small Kitchen Ideas For A Studio Apartment

We recently created a studio apartment and were looking for custom made kitchen cabinets and units for a small space. We converted an old bedroom into a living area/sleeping area / cooking area.

The space had to be multi functional so we didn’t want to put in a kitchen that would completely overwhelm the space. While trying to figure out how to decorate a studio apartment we learned a lot about different types of kitchen equipment and what would be suitable for the space.

The most important aspects that needed to be considered for a new kitchen area were:

  • A compact set of kitchen cabinets and units
  • A small kitchen sink
  • A small kitchen hob and oven

The first thing we did was to measure the available space so that we knew exactly what we could use without making the room feel cramped and cluttered.

A Compact Set Of Kitchen Cabinets and Units

There are two options to choose from.  There are all in one kitchen ranges that you can buy which is a self contained unit.  It includes the sink, 2 kitchen hobs, a fridge and storage space. A good example of this can be obtained from Ikea.  Ikea kitchens have become very popular as they can be very streamline.

Find small kitchen ideas from places like Ikea

Find small kitchen ideas from places like Ikea

The second option is to bring normal kitchen cabinets and units and have them put in the space.  This could work out cheaper if you can source the cupboards from a kitchen sale or even buy them from a second hand shop or even from eBay or Gumtree.com. Lots of people get rid of their old kitchens this way so you could be lucky and pick up a bargain.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages.  The all in one kitchen units mean that you do not have to look for anything else because everything you will need is included.  However you may find that you are limited in the choice of ranges that are available so it may not fit in with your overall design scheme for the room.  These ranges can tend to be a little more expensive.

If you purchase kitchen units, it could work out cheaper but it may take longer to find the suitable one for your room.  You would also have to look for the individual kitchen appliances kitchen cabinet knobs, the cooker hob and also buy a kitchen counter. If you are handy or if you know a friendly builder or plumber you can get the sink hole cut out of the counter top but if you are intending to do the work yourself it may take longer.  If you have to hire workmen to fit the kitchen, this will also affect your budget.

Whatever you decide, small kitchen ideas for a small space takes good organisation so that you create the perfect look and get everything you need.

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