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Simple Woodworking Projects for the Home

I want to help people get started in woodworking and show them where and how they should start and why to start there to build a foundation.

Start Simple and then Expand

There are many people that want to get into woodworking, but don’t know how or where to get started. It is best to start off with the simplest projects as possible. It’s like building good habits or trying to get into reading; choose the smallest habit and smallest book to start with and that will start the momentum. Woodworking is very much the same. Smaller and easier projects are best to build foundational skills and the easy projects are easier to complete which will boost the moral and desire to keep going with other projects.

Simple Woodworking Projects for the Home

  1. Cutting Board
  2. Planter
  3. Key Rack
  4. Nightstand
  5. Bookcase

Cutting Board


This is probably the simplest woodworking project ever. It is literally just a rectangle. There are a couple of ways to make one. You could take a large board and just cutoff what you see fit, and there is your cutting board. Another way is to take smaller slats of wood and glue them together with wood glue. Yes, that’s it, just glue them together. Wood glue holds wood together really well. Go figure. There are plenty of different kinds, but I have had plenty good experience with Gorilla Wood Glue That’s all that’s holding this cutting board together and my wife is still using it. It’s a name everyone knows and you can get it anywhere. For this, you can glue together slats of the same wood or glue together different kinds of wood and make a pattern. Either way, it’s incredibly easy. Just make sure to sand your board smooth to get rid of any rough spots and apply a cutting board oil. You should let it sit for a day, but after that you can prepare food on it.

Gorilla Wood Glue



This is also very simple. It takes only a few steps more than the cutting board. This can be done with 5 boards: 4 for the sides and one for the bottom. Add some soil and seeds, and you’ll have some plants growing out of the planter you made yourself. for this project, there will be a few more measurements and cuts. If you’re just starting out you don’t need to invest in any fancy power tools. Hand-tools are definitely the way to start because they give you an understanding of this craft that you wouldn’t get from just using power tools and they’re things you can easily get your hands on. A handsaw, wood glue, and a ruler could get this project done. This can be made in any size desired. It really is that simple. It’s just a box without a lid, but if you know how to make a cutting board then you know how to make a lid.

Key Rack

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This is similar to the planter, but with a little more design to it. It’s not completely enclosed, but it is about the same as making a box or planter. It is essentially a planter with a small planter at the bottom acting as the tray where the mail goes. Add some hooks to the front for the keys and attach to the wall and done. Since this is something that will be going into the house it should have some character to it. this is where you should be selective with the wood you’re using. See if it has any fascinating characteristics. For this project, I selected a piece of wood for the center piece that had what looks like a heart in the wood (well…sort of. If you look carefully). I knew my wife would like that. Finding natural characteristics like this is usually going to be a plus, even over putting it in yourself.



This is just a small table. There are a couple of ways to make one, but the simplest way is to make a planter, or two, and attach legs to them, spacing them however you see fit. The legs can be solid and attached through the second box and under the first, or with a total of 8 small planks you could make legs with 2 planks, end-to-end at right angles and attach to each corner. This could be easier. In case people are wondering, the reason why you should make a planter/tray instead of just using a flat sheet of wood is because of stability and support. The trays can be attached to the legs and stay secure. This build was secured with wood glue and brad-nails, but small nails hammered in would work just fine.



This can be seen in a couple of ways:

  1. Planters attached together.
  2. One big planter with boards inside for the shelves.

This is why these 2 projects were the first recommended. Who doesn’t need a shelf? Even if it’s not for books, shelves are just very useful. Maybe you need a place for your woodworking tools and projects, who knows. This is just using the same techniques from the previous projects.

Go Get Started

These projects are all great places to start at if you or new to woodworking. They’re even fun if you’re not a rookie, maybe you know someone that needs one of these things. Definitely go down the list though if you are new to this because everyone needs a foundation to build their skills and confidence from and each of these projects builds off from the previous projects on the list. Each of these require the simplest woodworking tools and can all be made by hand. They can be made with recycled material or with finer material if they will be presented in your home. If you can build these all well then you are ready to tackle other projects because most of the things you’re probably going to want to work on is some form of these projects.

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