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Shelves That Transform Your Home From O.K to Fabulous

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Yearning for more storage space is something we always want. No matter how spacious the home or office is, having a centralized storage system is mandatory - it will give your place more peaceful vibes and add an excellent decorative value. There are various ways to increase storage space in the home, from buying furniture that multitasks and using boxes to add cabinets and shelves to add aesthetic value and functionality to the room. Out of the plethora of storage solution available in the market, shelves always play a vital role in providing you with the must-needed space for your office and possess their peculiar way of charming the room. However, deciding what type of shelve can provide you with the best value in storage and decoration has always been a daunting task, especially for a layman who does not know about woodworking and home furniture. Here we have compiled the tips for adding more space to your home and the best shelving ideas that are more contemporary and bolder than others.

Different types of shelves for a more organized home

There are different types of shelves and racks available in the market, but you need to figure out what can work best for you in terms of your needs and alignment with the home theme. Moreover, you can also customize it as per the needs. So, without further ado, let's jump in to find some of the best and most classic types of shelves that excel the charm of any place you hang it.

Floating shelves

When you run out of ground space, the best thing you can for decluttering the home is to install more pine floating shelves. The economical yet trendy piece of furniture is perfect to avoid all the mess lying on your floor and give it a clean and simplistic look. Since these shelves are easy to make, you can make them too but finding genuine pinewood can be a challenge; therefore, the best way will be to find a trustable seller who promises to provide the complete installation. These shelves can be installed anywhere you want, be it above the door, bathroom or kitchen, outdoor garden or balcony.

Contemporary racks for kid's room

Like anything else, racks can be customized as per the needs, and when intelligently planned, can add a great decorative value to our place and make it more clutter-free. Having racks in the kids' room is essential, and you cannot put that factor aside. To prevent fall or tumble for the kids and adults, you need to install racks and keep everything in their home to avoid injuries. Imagine if you trod on the Lego piece as you step on the night for your visit on night-time toilet visit. It can be disturbing and result in a fall or injury. Moreover, in the daytime, it also keeps you stuck in the endless effort of putting things away; here is the best idea, consider installing some wooden racks at a Hight, so toys do not come out after a short period of time.

Oak bookshelves

Freestanding bookshelves dominate the entire portion, but they are still storage solutions for your home. These are aesthetically pleasing and come with natural oak finishes that are sturdy and long-lasting. Not to mention, the role of oak of getting harder as it advances in age. It also remains the naturally beautiful feature in the place it inhibits. Various sellers claim to provide genuine shelves, but having prior knowledge of oak is crucial in understanding whether the oak they sell is authentic. Handcraftedshelves.com claims to provide you with the best and unparalleled oak floating shelves. The British-made wooden shelves with various finishes can cater to all the needs and innovatively solve the clutter problem in your home.


A succulent display shelves

There will hardly be anyone who does not like plants - Because they are vital for survival, and their characters in uplifting the aesthetic value can also not be put aside. If you want your home to ooze the green vibes, be sure to arrange succulent display shelves that not just good for health but also improves the mood. A succulent display shelve can be made of anything but be sure to paint it with a water-resistant stain if you intend to put it outside the home. In case you are more into keeping it indoor, then place where the planters can get the maximum sunlight.

Never lose anything again

If you are a person who always forgets after leaving things and then can't find them again, well, it's a common issue and happens with most people. Clutter on the workspace or table is more like an indeterminable white noise, adding more mess and confusion all the time. Having a home for every item is crucial to keep things at their home. It avoids unnecessary clutter that for no reason hinders your productivity and make you less devoted and also diverts concentration.

Hanging rope shelve

Hanging rope shelves look trendy and can be attached to the ceilings, and it also eliminates the need to drill multiple holes. These look cute and super chic. The supplies needed for shelves are a rectangular piece of wood, clamps, paint and rope. This allows bringing the subtle seasonal cheer to the balcony and show off the festive spirit. The rope shelves are, however, can not hold the bulky items; it is better to put small succulents so shelves don't sag and stay straight.


Wrapping up

In all seriousness, shelves are, for a reason, regarded as the solid addition to your life. However, it is essential to make purchasing from suppliers who provide you with fitting instructions and hardware. In contrast to this, If you find the process not comprehensively explained and sellers do not claim to offer you shelves with pre-drilled holes! Then find someone who can cover all the gaps and provide you with all the best services for an excellent post-purchasing experience.

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