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She Sheds – a Backyard Retreat


I created a backyard leisure area using my own hammock, outdoor furniture, and a fire pit so a she shed can be added as well.


What is a she shed?

Wikitionary defines a she shed as:

Noun. she shed (plural she sheds) A small backyard building isolated from the main house, reserved specifically for the ladies, in which they can relax and pursue their hobbies or other interests.

They can be considered a backyard sanctuary where ladies can isolate themselves from the day to day activities that might be sucking the life out of them.

It can be a hideaway for painting, peaceful rest, reading a favorite novel, a yoga retreat or even heaven forbid working.

Almost everyone at some point has heard the term man cave, well the term for the female man cave is called the she shed.

Unless you have been living on a remote island somewhere you probably have heard the term or read about the popularity in gardening or other magazines.

Heck, an insurance company even did a commercial about one.

So, what is a she shed?

Well, it can be anything from an old garden shed that has been converted, a garage in the backyard area, an old tool shed or a shed built from scratch.

You can also order she shed kits online there is a selection listed below.

Regardless of how you come about your own backyard retreat there is probably going to be a sign that reads:

No men allowed!


Creating a she shed with some pop

Before you start renovating an old building in your backyard, opting for a she shed kit, or building a new shed it would be wise to think about how the shed is going to be used and the look you are going for.

Cute Cottage Vibe?

Rustic Hideaway?

Modern Escape?

Garden Paradise?

Since it is going to be in the backyard area curb appeal is not going to be an issue so the best place to start is with an amazing entrance.

Stone pathways with an inviting arbor that features landscaping for different colors and textures would be a great place to start.

If you have the skill and the budget you could even consider a porch where a rocking chair sits waiting for you to unwind at the end of the day.

If you have the space for some outdoor seating then you may want to consider investing in some poly lumber outdoor furniture it will last a very long time and stand up to the weather.


Inside the she shed – the design options

This is where your personality can shine if you have decided you want this space for ultimate relaxation then you need to find as many comfort items as possible.

If you are hitting a brick wall when it comes to design ideas a great place to visit is a thrift store or your local antique shop there are sure to be some ideas that will get your creative juices flowing.

A key element to the inside design will be how much square footage you have and of course how you want to use it.

Another place to find some inspiration is YouTube or Pinterest there will be no shortage of ideas on either one or both just be sure to come up for air once you go down the YouTube rabbit hole!


She shed plans an important element

Have you ever sat at the airport and watched jets take off headed for some faraway destination and wonder how they find their way?

Well, there is a navigator on board that plots the flight path of the airplane so you arrive at your proper destination and not the wrong city.

The navigator is successful because they start off with a flight plan by following it and making corrections along the way you arrive safe and sound.

The same is true if you start your she shed project with a good set of plans they are vital unless you are a journeymen level carpenter and can wing it.

Even if you have someone else build or renovate an old building the first thing, they are going to ask for is your plan or your set of blueprints.

A good set of blueprints is your road map to success it will help you save time and money by not having to run back and forth to your local home improvement store because the plans will detail a material list you will need from start to finish.


The she shed kits

If you lack mad DIY skills and the tools to build a she shed from the ground up or renovate an old building you may want to consider a she shed kit.

Many of these kits are made in the good old USA and usually feature panelized wall sections so once you have all four walls up and install the roof you have a great start to your very own she shed.

You need to do your research because not all kits come with a floor assembly so if you don’t already have a concrete slab or other flooring structure it is wise to make sure your kit comes with the flooring option.

Most kits will ship with the exterior primed and ready for paint which is what you want because it would be nice to match your backyard décor.

Then there are the windows and doors that will be included how many and what type will depend on the model you decide on.

Some of the kits are all but turn-key which includes all the hardware, interior shelves, rods for hanging plants, right down to the nails and screws.

Of course, it goes without saying there will be a step by step instruction manual if not run in the opposite direction.


Renovating an old building for your she shed

This is without a doubt an ideal solution because you may be able to create your ideal space without spending a lot of money.

If the building you are starting with is in good shape in other words no leaks in the roof and the walls are solid you may just need some creative energy and some elbow grease to make it a unique space for your getaway.

If the building is a diamond in the rough you may have to put up some drywall so you can paint the interior to your liking and provide some warmth.

Another consideration for your she shed (this goes back to the planning stage) is whether you want running water and electricity.

Will you want to use it all year long?

Are you going to want a huge flat screen for those romantic comedies?

If you reside in a harsh winter climate then you will have to consider what you will need to heat your living space.


Building a she shed from the ground up

We have to revisit your skill level if you are going to build your own she shed because it will require some serious planning.

An important note: Regardless of whether you are investing in a kit, renovating an old building, or building a brand new one it is very important that you consult your local city ordinances because you may need a permit.

There is nothing worse than investing time and money in your one of a kind beautiful she shed only to have the city tell you it has to be redone or worse taken down.

If you do decide to build then you may need to hire a qualified contractor to do the work for you and they may (at your request) pull the permits from the city for you.

It may not be the least expensive option but building from the ground allows you to custom the she shed to your own unique design specifications.

You will be able to create your own look, the size you like (or are allowed), and where it will be located in your backyard living space.

As an added bonus a qualified contractor will be able to provide electricity, water, and cable if you desire.

You can dictate how many windows you would like and where you want them to be so you can capture the light just right.

You can even decide to add some other features like a loft or storage space for any hobbies you may have or take up.

Some great she shed ideas

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Steven (author) from Las Vegas on October 15, 2020:

Good job John the most important thing is she loves it!

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on October 14, 2020:

Great article Steven. I wish I had read it a few months ago, but never mind, it will still be useful. I just recently finished refurbishing an old garage, only used for storage, into a she-she’d for my wife, I already had a “man-cave” So thought it only fair. It was on my to-do list for over a year though because it involved quite a bit of work, not the least finding somewhere else to move all the contents to.

Anyway once I started I couldn’t wait to finish...and now it’s all done, I am proud of my work and she loves it. There are just some minor touches still to be added, like a sign etc. it is her craft retreat or just place to relax away from the house.

I do sometimes spend time there with her, and the cats try everything to get in because they used to love sleeping there when it was a garage. Thank you for sharing this information.

Steven (author) from Las Vegas on October 08, 2020:

Sangre that is the goal, a hideaway to relax and unwind. It is the female version of the "man cave".

Sp Greaney from Ireland on October 08, 2020:

I wish I had a garden big enough to have one of these. I've not heard of these before but they look like a great place to go to relax and get some quite.

Steven (author) from Las Vegas on October 07, 2020:

That is too funny but I am sure it happens a lot!

FlourishAnyway from USA on October 07, 2020:

My cats would definitely follow me out there, then my daughter and then my husband would drop by. All of a sudden it would be a we shed. Adorable idea, however!

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