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Searching for Low Income Apartment For Rent

In recession time like these days find a low income apartment for rent is an advantage. If you still don't have a house by yourself or seeking for much cheaper apartment, you may try to find the low income apartment. For United States residence there is a special program you can apply to have reduced cost it called Section 8 program. The US Government will give subsidize for low income family to rent an apartment under the US Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Department.

Low Income Apartment For Rent

Low Income Family

In a high cost country like USA have $ 20,650 as an annual income for about four member of family is categorized as low income family. Compare to Indonesia with exchage rate $1 equal to Rp 10,000 so $ 20,650 equal to Rp 206,500,000 per year can have better life in my country. At least with that amount one can own their own house and car of course you buy them with credit or cash as long as the house and car not luxury or fancy but nice enough, get the children education and health insurance, have a shop to run (like small grocery store or small handphone store), vacation, and still have a job.
Many Indonesian will love to get income in hard curency like the greenback(USD), Euros (EUR), or Poundsterling (GBP) and live in soft curency country like Indonesia.

Low income family face a large expense like child care, health care, kids education, and many more. Low income family receive fewer job benefits than middle income family. So, to have a low income apartment is a must.

Applying for Section 8 Program

1. Search the information in your local HUD Department and apply for the section 8 program. Complete all the information that needed by fill out form and give them proof like income statement and age. Also number of your family member.
2. Search the Section 8 Program apartment for rent via internet

Search for Low Income Apartment for rent

1. First you have to get HUD approval. Once you have approved by the HUD you will enjoy the government subsidize for your appartment rent. So you can save for your children education and health care.

2. Or you can hire a professional help like the apartment locator, tell them that you need low income apartment for rent and tell them what you're looking in an apartment, how many room or bedrooms you'd like to have.

3. Search the apartment from the apartment agents in internet. Complete all their requirements.

4. Take a lot of attention with the apartment neighborhood. You have to consider the safety for your children, no matter how low is the apartment costs it can not replace your children safety. Be careful with the apartment neighborhood like the gang member, drug dealers, and possibility of being robbed. If you'd like to test the neighborhood situation, try to drive through that neighborhood in the evening, but don't drive alone, watch and evaluate the neighborhood first before you decide to stay.

5. Do not hesitate to ask your friend or family that have the low income apartment before. Take an evening walk to find rented apartment and start to ask and bargain.


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alcolvin on June 07, 2012:

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tony on June 13, 2011:

will today in time alot of people had to go to income base because a lot of people lost there homes and when the flood came more people lost there homes so they had to go income base so in Nashville Tenn the list are 3 and 4 yrs long all the way to ky its the same so good luck ever one is haveing it hard trying to fine somewhere to stay people haveing to move back home or with someone they know

Sandy on November 13, 2010:

Quick Question

Im 20yrs old, i work and go to college fulltime, in which i dont get paid as much and now i have decided to move out of parents house, I live in New jersey and i will like to move to New York, can I apply section 8. So i could at least get some help with the rent.

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Im planning to move out with one of my bestfriends and she will also like to apply for some kind of help.

or what are other WAYS i could try to get help.

im single with no kids and so is my future room mate

Shabli on November 06, 2010:

How do i go by getting a low income apartments,because every place i call they say their list is close.can some please help me on July 14, 2010:

i would like to know how do does a person making very low income get an apartment when all the apartment are going to all those that earn over 32,000 or more yearly and what happens to those that work makiing mimmin wage i know someone lost her section 8 because the office lost a letter that was issue to them by mail and claim this person never responded the informtion that was require yet the person did but she lost her section 8 and now section 8 is close in new york city

febriedethan (author) from Indonesia on September 13, 2009:

Hi Adella, I'm sorry to hear that but for what I learned, if someone received section 8 before and lost it then she could not get it back unless she left it with her free will. Is there a lawyer that the lady could ask for help ? Or how about contact the local office of the lady's congressional representative and ask for help ?

I think the lady may search the congressional representative online by entering zip code.

My dear fellow Hubbers, could you help this lady ? Thank's

adella on September 13, 2009:

I know a lady that has 7 children. She lost her section 8 when she as ill with tyroid problem. This cause her to have severe depression and and was in the hospital for it.

She being fighting to get her section 8 back. But they don't care. She can afford market rent. What is she to do?

forlan on July 25, 2009:

i must learn from you to get apartment in US

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