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Plants and Seeds on Amazon that You Can Purchase with SNAP/EBT

With the potential for doomsday lurking around the corner along with concerns of the effects of GMO it seems that lots more folks are getting into gardening and growing their own food. Growing your own food is a great way to ensure you are less impacted by a food shortage and makes for a more sustainable local economy where farmer's markets and co-ops are available. It also makes for better nutritional habits. Not sure where to get started on you home gardening journey? Fortunately, Amazon can help with this.


Amazon ships approximately 1.6 billion packages per day all over the world. Available in many different countries and languages, Amazon is one of the most popular online marketplaces used by both individuals as well as companies to take care of their office needs. The Amazon app store sees millions of visitors each day and makes thousands in sales per minute.

Offering an array of products in a variety of categories beauty, babies, home, electronics, food, and gardening, and a simplified user-friendly shopping experience, it's no wonder Amazon is one of the most visited websites on the Internet. I shop on Amazon all the time yet I'm often surprised and impressed with the ease and convenience of such an amazing service. I get to do two of my favorite things: shop and not leave the house.

More Amazon Services

Amazon also has several other types of services including the opportunity to make money like the KDP publishing service, the opportunity to become an affiliate as well as sell your own products. I've heard getting approved to sell can be a bit of a rigorous process.

Did you know you can even make payments to other companies through Amazon? Not the point of my post, I just think it's very cool how you can do almost anything shopping via Amazon including the purchase of seeds and edible plants and herbs. Many plants and seeds on Amazon are SNAP/EBT eligible which is perfect for families who get these benefits.

Thinking of Starting a Garden

Amazon Prime Benefits

Amazon now offers their Prime services at a discounted rate to EBT card holders. Yes, that's right! Families receiving SNAP or TANF benefits can now receive faster delivery and a ton of other benefits that help you save money and make life easier. Some of the best Amazon Prime benefits include:

  • Amazon Prime Day; this is an event where several popular Amazon items go on sale.
  • In store Whole Foods discounts.
  • Try Before you buy allows Prime members to try out clothes, shoes, and accessories before making a final purchase
  • Cash back features
  • Amazon entertainment like Prime Movies and Music
  • Prime free two-day shipping

Amazon Prime members are also able to sign-up for 1 full year of Grub Hub at no charge.

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Benefits of a Home Garden

One of the greatest benefits of a home garden is having fresh organic food grown by you so you know what's in it and what has been used or not used to grow it.

Gardening is great exercise and especially good for releasing stress, being in nature and contributing to your mental health.

Having a home garden can assist you in acquiring new skills as you learn what works, what doesn't works, and how to get the best food harvest from your gardening efforts.

Gardening can be a really good family or community activity.

You can greatly reduce your carbon footprint and gain sense of responsibility to your environment.

Daily gardening helps to boost your mood and your memory.

Being out gardening in the sun also helps increase your vitamin D intake.

Garden is also helpful in empowering individuals and keeping us accountable. After all our fruits and veggies require our attention daily.

SNAP Eligible Plants and Seeds

Below are eight different plants and seeds I found available for purchase on Amazon. You can purchase them with your SNAP/EBT benefits. Check them out so you can get started on your journey of home gardening for better mental and physical health along with sustainable environmental habits.

Augason Farms 5-14000 Vegetable Garden Seeds 13 Variety 1 lb No. 10 Can

As you can see, Amazon is a great place to start if you've been considering starting a garden. They have so many options available and I hope you'll check them out. Gardening has so many great benefits. Get started on your journey to better health today.

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