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Rugs USA - The real Rugs USA review

Rugs USA - Is Rugs USA worth using?

Rugs USA has some sporadic reviews if you look it up online, I discovered this last November when I was hunting for "the perfect" rug for the living room of my new house, managing to stumble into Rugs USA as a leading contender to getting the best ones I could find online. I spoke to my girlfriend about Rugs USA, but she was of little to no help, telling me simply "Look and see if you like what they have, if not, then just don't buy one from Rugs USA and go somewhere else."

Big purchases with Rugs USA, should you?

That's not what I was concerned about though. I had already browsed through the Rugs USA website, found quite a few different options that I really liked, and knew I would love to have them in my house. The problem was, I didn't know how reliable Rugs USA was. I had made purchases online a few times before, normally through ebay or amazon, but it was always with those sites (Well known) and for no more than 100 dollar purchases. This was different. I was about to trust them with a very substantial purchase, an amount I was not comfortable with spending without knowing I wasn't going to be walking into a minefield. So before even purchasing, I started browsing the web, trying to find any review over Rugs USA I could possibly find


Why This Rugs USA review is here

That's why I'm putting this Rugs USA review out there, to help anyone that might be thinking about making a big purchase with them, and giving them some sound advice for the venture to come. I spent two weeks researching Rugs USA before actually making a purchase, simply because there wasn't that much solid information. It seemed for everyone 5 star review for Rugs USA there was a 1 star saying the very opposite.

Rugs USA

Rugs USA

The beginning of a Rugs USA Adventure

I started my venture to learn about Rugs USA on the website itself. I began browsing through not only the carpets and rugs I was actually interested in, but every single one I could find instead. My goal was to read the reviews about Rugs USA, see what the past customers thought of there Rugs USA purchases but was a bit disappointedby the results.

Every review on the Rugs USA website was what It was "supposed" to be, which I quickly realized wasn't exactly what I actually wanted. Everyone was praising the rugs they purchased, saying it was good quality, pretty, they're using it in there room, They'd recommend the Rugs USA purchase to a friend, etc. Now, I realize that all sounds like good news, or that this paragraph may even come off as a generic plug for Rugs USA, but it's not. The point here isn't to mention that the customers thought there purchase was of high quality, but to point out that it lacked exactly what I wanted, details over the customer service of the Rugs USA website.


Can't find good or bad Rugs USA Reviews? Look here then

No one mentioned Rugs USA had great shipping, or the cheapest prices. There was no positive or negative review for the Rugs USA service itself, just the rug, which was NOT what I was looking for. I didn't care what people thought of the rug itself. Heck, most of the reviews I was reading weren't even for any of the rugs or carpets I was going to purchase, I was just visiting to see if I could find information over the quality of shipping and time frame for Rugs USA.


So, I decided browsing the Rugs USA website for reviews was going to lead nowhere, and began making new plans. The next thing I did was hunt down review websites, trying to see if anyone had any information over how they treated it's customers, and this is where things finally started to take off. I wasted 3 days reading reviews on the Rugs USA website with little to no success, but now that I had started searching outside of the site itself, I was starting to find results. It turns out there are a TON of reviews over Rugs USA AND there products, it's just a matter of finding it and reading through countless and countless reviews over everything they offer.

I began reading tons of reviews, over the next two weeks I had read so many Rugs USA reviews my head was spinning. I was getting overwhelmed in truth, with the sheer number of comments I had to filter through for every page that was reviewing Rugs USA. Some were positive, others were negative, and some weren't even ABOUT Rugs USA oddly.

Rugs USA

I documented every positive, neutral, and negative review about Rugs USA that I could find, making a large list so I could determine exactly what to expect. After a few days, tallied up the results for my Rugs USA reviews, and was completely floored with the results.

Completely Neutral Rugs USA Reviews

I came out with 42 positive Rugs USA reviews, and 42 Negative. I couldn't believe it. After weeks of hunting, reading, and taking note of every Rugs USA review I could, I came out EVEN. What was going on here? Was God himself telling me I'm not allowed to know how this is going to work out or what? I attempted to find more Rugs USA review sites. I attempted to make new lists of results to compare with every new site I visited, and it kept doing the same thing. I would be no more than 5 off from even for either positive or negative reviews, and there was no common ground. Some said the shipping was great, other said it was horrible. Some said they lost there packages, others said they were given coupons for % off there next Rugs USA purchase.


At this point I gave up on finding an answer about Rugs USA. I decided that I would just chance it, and would simply purchase the cheapest item I wanted from Rugs USA and just cross my fingers. So with that thought in mind, I loaded my online cart on the Rugs USA website and hit checkout. I punched in my credit card information, and took a deep breath. I just spent 350 dollars on a CARPET. A carpet from Rugs USA, a website I had no clue about before this venture, and a website that I had ground to feel secure in. Everyone had an opinion about Rugs USA, but there was no one sided favor. I really didn't know what to expect. Would Rugs USA turn out to screw me over?

FINALLY! A real answer about Rugs USA

A few days later I got my answer. My Rugs USA package was delivered on time according to the shipping policy I chose (standard). I had received my rug, no hassle, and I have to say I was completely relieved at that moment. After placing the rug in it's new permanent location, I decided to go to the Rugs USA website. The first thing I did (As anyone should) Is wrote a review on the page for the carpet I choose, stating I was happy with the quality of the product, along with an extra note, stating that I was completely satisfied with the service from Rugs USA, as it was 100% stress free.

Next, I decided to finish my Rugs USA purchases. I filled up my cart again on the Rugs USA website, hit checkout, and waited. Sure enough, a few days later I got more packages, each containing the exact Item I purchased from Rugs USA, on time, with no hassle. Of course I made sure to log back into the Rugs USA website and write positive reviews, and making sure to make note of the quality of the Rugs USA shipping and quality.

Since then, I've recommended Rugs USA to everyone I know that was in need of a carpet. I've had a lot of friends purchasing new homes and needing new décor, and made absolute sure to tell them about Rugs USA as a one stop shop for all of that sort of stuff. I'm not too much into carpeting and whatnot myself, but I have to admit, This little adventure I had with Rugs USA was interesting.

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Rugs USA Comments

Roxanne on May 24, 2018:

I ordered a rug from rugs USA about a year ago. The service was great, shipping was fast, and the rug looked just like the pictures, but, it has an odor that I can’t remove with anything! The rug is very colorful, so I’m wondering if it’s due to the dyes in it?

Oliver on August 10, 2017:

Very poor customer service. Very poor return policy of 2 weeks. Very poor communication on merchandise received. Word to the wise, if the rug you order is just right for your space, good news, but if not and you have to return it, bad news and you will end up disappointed at every turn.

Not a reputable company!!!

myviews54 on October 27, 2015:

It has now been 21 months and these two rugs are still shedding. They are NOT the nice wool like a Surya rug. The are made well just inferior in materials. I vacuum daily and still get wool fibers and they do not have that luxurious look of a wool rug. Trust me pay a little more but go elsewhere.

James on October 26, 2015:

I read the first half of the review and realized it was a paid review. What a sketchy company. Are they even based in the USA? Or is it just in their name.

SS on April 17, 2015:

This is so obviously a FAKE and PAID review. Thanks to reading all the real reviews that people commented i now will NOT buy anything from Rug USA. FYI - their browser is not secured either so when you put in your cc info beware you are exposing yourself to identify and cc theft! They have some cheap Norton security thing but the actual browsers is NOT secured. Happy I got some real info.

Cinta on February 19, 2015:

I completely agree with Ashley. I was literally about to place an order for two large area rugs from them but now NEVER WILL I GIVE THEM MY BUSINESS! This has corruption written all over it. And its ironic that all the comments for a positive review are All horrendous. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Ashley on January 20, 2015:

Something smells fishy. Oh's this "unbiased" review. I was considering purchasing from rugs USA, against my own better judgement, until I just read this. I'm not stupid enough to think this is legitimate, and it has turned me off from the company completely.

Gail Meyer Asarch on June 24, 2014:

Worst experience . I ordered a carpet and they sent the wrong one. They. Refuse to send correct one. They refuse to send a shipping label For the return They want lots of time to review claim ,which was their mistake, and will decide an action. Absurd nonsense .

lrock on April 01, 2014:

I am glad you had success, but my experience was the exact opposite. the rug I purchased was cheap looking and the return process has been a horror show!

Dunn on April 01, 2014:

Will No Longer Purchase From This Company:

I have attempted to purchase 5 rugs from this company. I have had the same exact scenario play out two times now. I order a rug, my debit card is processed/charged, an email arrives that it's been shipped, then a few days later another email arrives stating they didn't actually have the rug in stock and my refund would take up to 10 business days.

I contacted Nichole by email at Rugs USA to explain this issue and ask her to resolve it, or lose me a customer. She asked me to send her a short list of a few other rugs within a certain SKU number, that I might like and she would see if she could approve some type of discount on those. I spent more of my time looking through hundreds of rugs and sent her a list of three. She replied that she would ask about those three, but in the meantime I could just go back to their site and buy another rug that's on sale, because once they go off sale I may not be able to get that price again." I waited past 3 business days (as told) to hear back from her, but never heard another word.

In addition to my email, I posted my experience on their Facebook wall under a recent post/picture they had posted. I was one of three unhappy customers who had written under that particular post/picture, sharing their poor customer service experiences. ALL of those posts have since been removed by the company.

I also sold a rug I had successfully purchased from them a few years ago because the shedding never let up. I had a friend have the same problem with a different rug they purchased from Rugs USA. It's hard to tell the quality of the rug, unless it already has several reviews.

Customer service has been terrible and considering they are deleting customers' comments from their public Facebook wall suggests to me that there are many unhappy customers.

Jen on February 23, 2014:

I think it's very obvious that this is a fake review, trolling for google searches. Look how many times they use the words Rugs USA! That makes me trust them even less now...not to mention everyone else's comments on here! Thanks for the fake review and the real ones in the comments!

Sarah on February 21, 2014:

I agree that they have really dodgy promotions. They had a 70% off sale during which their site "broke". Of course by the time they started picking up their phones again and the website was fixed the promotion had expired and they refused to honor the price despite the problem with their site. I suspect outright fraud.

myviews54 on January 10, 2014:

After reading the long winded and partial review on this page, I truly believe this was a paid employee of the RUGS USA company. I have had nothing but the worst experience with this company. They never email back. You have to file a dispute to get your money back. You wait weeks for notice of whether the order is shipping or cancelled, meanwhile they have your money. Buyer beware, do you homework. Read the reviews on many other review sites. I was a business owner and money was refunded the same day as cancellation or same day as item returned. There is no excuse in this day to wait weeks or months for your money back. No one should have to email, call numerous times to get an answer. Is the item shipping or not.

Maria on December 26, 2013:

I ordered a rug and a pad a week ago. They charged the full price for both items, but have only shipped the pad. When I called to ask why the rug itself hasn't been shipped they simply told me it would be shipped within a few days. I'm starting to believe this company makes their money by claiming their rugs are on back order after they take your money first and you have to wait 30 days before canceling the order. I truly hope I am wrong and my rug arrives within a few days.

Terrible Service on November 23, 2013:

TERRIBLE!!!!! The Prices looked appealing & it seemed easy to order; but it was one thing after another after the order & shipping was confirmed. My rug was shipped out UPS without signature on delivery or even delivery confirmation. It was reported the my rug was left "in front of garage" yet no rug was present when I got home. RUGS USA said they opened a claim with UPS but they would not know anything until UPS finished their investigation which could take up to 8 business days. The never offered to send a new rug or refund my money & when I asked they said that they could not do anything for me. So they had my monday & I had no rug. They said I could order another rug, but then told me the rug was backordered until Jan 2014. My rug mysteriously showed up 3 days later & even though the UPS tracking number matched it was not the rug that I ordered, not even close. When I called to let them know of the error they simply said that they would send a shipping label & would not charge me to send back the incorrect rug & would refund my money. Again, I asked them to send me the rug that ordered, telling them that I did not want a refund that I wanted the Blue rug that I originally ordered, they said that they would not send anything else until they got the incorrect rug shipped back. I will NEVER use this company again. Also, when I called into the customer service center I had to wait on the phone each time for 15+ minutes. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY - CUSTOMER SERVICE IS NOT A PRIORITY FOR THEM!!!!"

Walt on September 23, 2013:

I also noticed the false advertising. In the Spring they had a number of the Rugs Usa brand rugs on "sale" for 80% off. But the price the 80% was "off " of was way higher than it had been the week before and than the price it was back to after the sale. This is actually illegal. It's called "inflated price comparisons". Wish I lived in the USA so I could file a report of false advertising.

Cari on September 18, 2013:

Do NOT buy a rug from Rugs USA!!! I received my chevron rug today. It is FILTHY. It is covered in brown and yellow stains. It smells so terribly like dead animals and animal urine that it made my whole house smell when I opened the package. My daughter ACTUALLY vomited. I didn't even UNROLL the rug, just cut open the wrapper. I tried putting the rug in the garage but it smelled the garage up so badly I had to put it OUTSIDE.

Sal on September 04, 2013:

On Monday - the day before the 2013 Labor Day "80% off" sale - the full price of the rug I was watching was 1124.00 with 50% off making it 562.00. During the so-called sale it was marked at 80% off, but the regular price was removed and the price was $450.00. Now today - the day after the sale - it's back to 50% off at 562.00. When i sent an e-mail all i got was a reply that said "We are adjusting our cost price to offer a larger discount." That doesn't make any sense at all when the PRICE is higher. Not the first time they've pulled this either. They had a similar sale in the Spring and jacked up the base prices so they could claim a high discount without changing the final price. Looks like it's intentional fraud, not a computer error.

Ruth on August 30, 2013:

The problem I have is the so-called sales. I have ordered before and got the rugs on time and as ordered. I had my eye on a more expensive rug, so I waited for a better sale that the 50% off that's on all the time. On Labor Day they advertised my rug at 80% off, however when I checked the price the price was the same as the 50% off sale. I checked a few other rugs and they were the same. All the companu did was change 50% off to 80% off and continue to sell at the same prices. When I called to confront them the rep claimed the base price had gone up - however the next week it was the same as before and back to 50% off.

So yes for the product, but a BIG no for the false advertising.

dee on July 11, 2013:

Well, I just had the worst experience with them ordering a rug. It seemed like such a great deal but I received a completely different rug and went through their horrible customer service. It took them forever to get back to me...and they aren't even going to ship me the rug I ordered. They said I'll have to reorder it..and wait for them to receive the wrong rug they gave me to get my refund.

Cara on June 17, 2013:

I had a decent experience with Rugs USA. Took a while to ship and I did contact them. Rug was great and well worth the price. It did have a couple spots on it which I contacted them about. I said I was willing to clean it but if they didn't come out would like to return it. They took a while to get back to me but offered me a significant discount to keep it. The spots came out. I just ordered another rug and hopefully it will ship soon.

JCL22309 on May 14, 2013:

I saw a few reviews, too, and I ordered my rug on April 20. On April 30, I had still heard nothing from them regarding shipping or fulfillment. I called. They told me, "it takes 8-10 BUSINESS DAYS for a shipment." Fine. I waited. The following day, as if by magic, I received a shipping notification from UPS. The shipping label had been created.

Well, here it is, May 14, and UPS still was showing it as a label created, but nothing physically shipped. After several calls to their rude customer service agent, I was told that "the warehouse shipped it and UPS must have lost it."

Now, call me crazy, but I use UPS for EVERYTHING. I have never had them lose a package, let alone an 8x10 rug. And now the rug is out of stock. I'm almost certain that it was out of stock when they created the label, too.

The bottom line is that now I have to wait for them to process a claim with UPS and will not have my refund for ANOTHER 8-10 days. That is not acceptable.

OCErin on February 14, 2013:

I too did what you did and read a bunch of reviews online before purchasing my rug from Rug USA. I too then decided it seems like for every good review there was a bad one but decided to chance it. Once I placed the order I received my confirmation. A week later I received the tracking information from them. Two weeks later, I still had no rug. When I checked the tracking information it said "a shipping label has been created for this item" but there was not tracking information. So I thought I would call Rug USA to see if they could update me. The lady on the phone was very helpful and nice but informed me that my rug was back ordered for at least two more weeks! Why would they create the shipping label if that were the case. So I thought that I would stick it out. Two weeks later and it is still on back order with no eta date that it will be here. I then asked for a refund. A week later I am still waiting for a confirmation if or when I will get one.

Meghan on September 27, 2012:

RugsUSA changed the terms of a Groupon after people had already purchased the Groupon. Also, their customer service is horrible and no one takes any accountability. Here’s my story:

I purchased a Groupon for RugsUSA to buy furniture; the terms of the Groupon did not restrict what it could be used for. My original order with RugsUSA was for a chair. When it arrived, it was damaged. I contacted RugsUSA and was told by RugsUSA to order a new one, so I did. Before the new order shipped, I changed my mind and wanted to order a different chair, so I tried to change the order and was told by the RugsUSA agent that Groupon had changed the terms of the Groupon itself, and that it could now only be used for rugs. I called Groupon to verify this and they advised that this was not true, that the Groupon terms had not been changed by Groupon, that I could still use it for furniture (especially considering the fact that my original purchase, which arrived defective through no fault of my own, was for furniture) and that they would reach out to their RugsUSA contact. After waiting for a week to get a response from RugsUSA, I get this email from the RugsUSA rep: “I apologize for the long delay, we've been extremely busy and our systems were down most of the morning. Unfortunately, my supervisor informed that although your order was placed before the rules changed, any new order would fall under the updated rules. Additionally, you would have to contact Groupon directly to have them reactivate the code.”

So I called Groupon and they refunded what I paid for the Groupon; I also forwarded them the chain of emails from RugsUSA so they could see that it was RugsUSA that changed the terms of the Groupon after people had already purchased it and after I tried to place a new order for furniture when my original order arrived defective.

kstone520 on August 30, 2012:

WORST EXPERIENCE OF MY ENTIRE LIFE AND STILL NO RUG! I literally spent hours trying to order a simple rug and still never got it. Live chats, emails, phone calls and an extremely rude customer service rep. I ordered a rug for $120, (and not the one I wanted, they actually told me there was only one rug I could order through Groupon after advertising over 20 rugs) fine, I still ordered it, well, I received and email stating for some reason the order didn't go through, shocker! So I logged back on the next day and tried to order again and the rug went up $119 and they would NOT HONOR the price from the day before when I ordered it. Absolutely ridiculous!!! Worst company I have ever had to deal with.

somedewd on August 28, 2012:


reading this long winded / wind baggy "review" was soooooooo tiring, pointless, and boring. Did you get paid for this?

FYI: Rugs USA sux!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

syafiq on April 07, 2011:

Thank you for the good info.. Rug is very importance to make hause look beautiful, nice and tidy..

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