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Review of the Jimmy JV51 Handheld, Rechargeable Vacuum Cleaner

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Jimmy JV51

Jimmy JV51

Although my robotic vacuum functions well, there are areas that it cannot reach. To fill in the gaps, I’ve been using a Bissell 53Y8Y stick vacuum. This unit proved versatile, but it lacked the power and battery life required to perform effectively. It was time to upgrade.

I checked out the top name-brand first. The Dyson V8 was exactly what I needed, but its price proved to be well out of my reach. After reviewing several vacuums with similar characteristics, I picked up a Jimmy JV51 at Gearbest. After experimenting with it for a bit, I can say that I highly recommend this vacuum. Read on to find out why.

Jimmy JV51

Jimmy JV51

Description of the Jimmy JV51

At first glance, the Jimmy JV51 appears to be a prop from a Ghostbusters movie—capable of sucking in and entrapping the nastiest of apparitions.

The complete kit consists of the main (host) unit, a 26-inch metal extension pole, two powered brushes, two utility brushes, battery, AC adapter, wall mount, and setup guide.

The Jimmy JV51 is powered by a 100,000rpm digital motor with 115AW (air watts) of suction power. Air watts are units measuring the effectiveness of vacuum cleaners, referring to airflow and the amount of power (watts) a vacuum cleaner produces and uses.

This vacuum utilizes cyclonic action, sucking debris into a 0.5L cup. A metal filter traps all but the smaller particles. Any dust that escapes will then encounter an HEPA filter rated at 99.97 percent efficiency, removing particles as small as 0.3 microns.

Debris is discarded by opening the dust cup’s lid and shaking gently over a garbage can. The dust cup and metal filter can be removed and cleaned with tap water. The HEPA filter is easily replaceable.

This vacuum is activated by pressing its trigger button. When I first turned it on, the device worked well but didn’t have quite as much suction as expected.

I then noticed and pressed the power selection button. At that point, the silly thing tried to suck up the entire floor! Yeah, this vacuum has plenty of power.

The Manufacturer: Xiaomi

The Jimmy JV51 is manufactured by Xiaomi; a Chinese electronics company headquartered in Beijing. Xiaomi manufacturers smartphones, mobile apps, laptops, and related consumer electronics. They have 15,000 employees located within China, India, Malaysia, and Singapore. While I am more familiar with Xiaomi’s excellent line of robotic vacuums, they are also the top seller of smartphones in China. They are ranked fourth worldwide.


  • Motor: 100,000RPM brushless digital motor
  • Input voltage: 100–240V
  • Suction in normal power: 25–30AW
  • Suction in high power: 115AW
  • Filter system: Metal filter and HEPA
  • Noise: 75db
  • Working time in normal power: 30 minutes with power brush attached
  • Work time in high power: 8 minutes
  • Charging time: 5 hours
  • Battery: Detachable 21.6V 2500mAh Lithium Ion
  • Weight of main unit: 1.56Kg (3.2 pounds)
  • Dust cup capacity: 0.5L
  • Cleaning capacity on one charge: 350 square meters
  • Country of origin: China

Main Brush

Various accessories can easily be connected to the main unit. To assemble for vacuuming a floor, simply snap the extension pole into place and connect the main brush assembly.

The plastic housing for the main brush is 10 inches in width. It can pivot from side to side as well as up and down. Four rollers and several strips of felt-like material ensure the brush glides smoothly across the floor.

This brush, according to the specifications, is composed of a soft and hard hair composite which is wrapped around a plastic roller. The brush can be easily removed and cleaned with tap water.

The main brush assembly is optimized for use on hard floors. It quickly and effectively sweeps and sucks everything in its path. Unlike the brush of my robotic vacuum, I found that lengths of thread-like material did not wind around the brush and interfere with operation.

Upholstery Brush

You would normally snap this into the input of the main (host) unit. Its housing is seven inches (18 cm) in length and can pivot up and down. The brush is equipped with two rows of soft bristles and two squeegee-like flaps. This unit can easily be removed from its housing and cleaned.

Utility Brushes

The Jimmy JV51 ships with a pair of non-powered combination brushes. They are basically crevice tools with a brush that can be slid up and locked into place. They attach via friction and may be connected to either the main unit or the extension pole. The crevice tool is useful for tight spots such as behind a sofa’s cushions. During my tests, I used the brushes to vacuum away cobwebs growing from the corners of my living room ceiling—yes, I am a lousy housekeeper—and removing dust from curtains.

Wall Bracket

The plastic bracket holds the unit securely in place and includes mounts intended for utility brush storage. Because the battery can be removed and charged wherever convenient, it is not necessary to mount this bracket near a power outlet.


A 21.6V 2500mAh/54Wh lithium battery is supplied with this unit. The power pack is removable and can be charged using the included AC adapter.

User's Guide

The user’s guide includes photographs and is easy to understand. Because it covers the same information in six different languages, printing is very small. A standalone English version would have been preferable.

Normal Power Tests

I have recently covered the floor of my front porch with vinyl planking. It proved a poor choice because the individual sheets of vinyl tend to expand and shrink as temperature changes. Over time, gaps formed between the planks, and these have filled with debris. I’d expected the high-power setting would be required to clean out these gaps, but the normal power mode proved sufficient.

I tested this setting on every floor in the house. It worked great with hard surfaces and did a good job on low pile carpets. The normal setting did not adequately clean the deep pile carpet in my master bedroom.

Normal power also proved useful for cleaning drapes, baseboards and window ledges.

High-Power Tests

Although I found the high-power setting was seldom necessary, it did a great job when cleaning upholstery and deep pile carpets.

Jimmy JV51 secured to wall mount and charging

Jimmy JV51 secured to wall mount and charging


This vacuum was cleverly designed to ensure that, when fully assembled, its heaviest component is located at the top. This alleviates operator fatigue even when vacuuming ceilings and drapes.

Except for the utility brushes which are friction fit, each piece of this vacuum snaps snugly into place. To disassemble, simple push the appropriate button and pull the accessory free. The first few times you do this, more force than expected is required.

The Jimmy worked effectively in normal power. It cleaned well and maintained rated suction for 30 minutes. Operational time will increase when using the non-powered utility brushes. It takes approximately five hours to recharge this vacuum.

In high power, this vacuum performed extraordinarily well. Even though the main brush is more suitable for hard floors, it handled my deep pile bedroom carpet without complaint. The high-power setting, unfortunately, does reduce operating time to eight minutes.

The battery is not at fault. The Jimmy JV51 is equipped with a very capable 21.6V 2500mAh power pack. This battery is comparable to those found in good-quality robotic vacuum cleaners. The shortened operational period is a function of basic physics. If your vacuum utilizes 115AW of suction, it requires a tremendous amount of energy.

Overall Impression

This vacuum is well built, versatile, and will operate effectively for 30 minutes in normal power mode. When, as in the case of the high pile carpet in my master bedroom, more suction is required, it is available at the touch of a button.

Xiaomi’s Jimmy JV51 is highly recommended.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

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