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Review of 7 Cu-Ft Gorilla Cart

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Gorilla Cart makes hauling/dumping large loads easier

The Gorilla Cart 7 cu-ft model hauls up to 1,200 lbs.

The Gorilla Cart 7 cu-ft model hauls up to 1,200 lbs.

Why Gorilla Cart?

We have a lot of dirt and gravel to move over the next year, some of which I will be doing alone. That has bigger impact when you understand that I'm pretty clumsy and don't have a ton of upper body strength. Me plus a standard three-wheel barrow turns my yard into a comedy stage. So, we knew the cart we picked had to be easy to move.


Gorilla Cart to the rescue.

I found Gorilla Cart by researching wheelbarrows on Google, which led me to "Garden Carts." Immediately, Gorilla Cart looked usable because of its familiarity to a little red wagon. The job we needed to do was much more than a simple little wagon could do. Luckily for us, Gorilla Cart is much more than a simple little wagon.

The pneumatic tires are all-terrain and are attached to a tubular steel frame that serves as the cart's base. A large handle on the base of the cart allows for easy release of the poly cart to dump any size load without back-breaking labor.

The Gorilla Cart in Action

4 cu-ft vs 7 cu-ft Gorilla Carts

There are several styles of Gorilla Carts. The options I had to choose between in the poly yard cart available to me at Lowe's was 4 cubic foot or 7 cubic foot.

Load Capacity

The 4 cu-ft model hauls up to 600 lbs. The 7 cu-ft model hauls up to 1,200 lbs. Both are constructed with heavy poly carts. The likelihood is small that I will personally need to haul 1,200 lbs, but my husband might need that option. We chose the 7 cu-ft, which was only about $70 more. Both carts have a roll-over cart design for convenient dumping. You will spend less time shoveling gravel or dirt out of the cart with this special feature.

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The tires really sealed the deal for us. The smaller model has 10-inch tires. Our terrain is rocky and hilly in some places, so we opted for the 13-inch tires of the 7 cu-ft model.

Easy Release & Handle Options

Both sizes of carts have the same easy-release latch, but the 7 cu-ft model has a cart handle that can attach to the back of a riding mower for large hauling jobs. After a few years of drought, we deal with fallen trees often. The ability to pull large logs with the mower's help was a big plus.

Our Buying Experience

I was able to buy our Gorilla Cart online and use curb-side pickup to bring it home the next day. Our nearest Lowe's is about 30 miles away, so it was convenient-enough and I was happy to save any shipping cost. The only "problem" I've had with our Gorilla Cart was actually through Lowe's. I ordered and paid for the 7 cu-ft model online. When I picked it up, I chatted briefly with the associate who delivered and placed it in my trunk, then headed home. It wasn't until the next day when I was going to retrieve the cart, that I realized they had actually given me the 4 cu-ft model instead.

So, I made another trip back to make the exchange. This time involved a 20 minute transaction at the service desk, but the associate was apologetic and helpful. Soon, I was back on my way to the car with the correct model.

The 4 cu-ft cart sold in the Spring of 2021 for $119. The 7 cu-ft model sold for $189.

Is the Gorilla Cart Worth It?

In summary, we are very happy with our Gorilla Cart. In addition to helping us move a lot of gravel for some lawn projects, we've also used it to haul bags of leaves, bricks, and some random debris. It is very easy to dump with one hand using the easy-release latch.The cart does make a complete dump to save a lot of shoveling labor.

Spreading the cart over four wheels instead of the three that are standard with a traditional wheel barrow also makes moving it easier and faster. The fourth wheel also provides extra control that a traditional wheel barrow lacks.

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