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Red Worm Bin: Composting with Red Worms

red wiggler worms

red wiggler worms

Now that you have an idea of what vermicomposting is, it’s time that you familiarize yourself with all the things that you need to start. We begin with the basic needs when composting with red worms. As we people are in need of a house, so with your worms and it is called the Red Worm bin.

Functions of Red Worm Bin

This basically will serve as the home of your Red Wiggler worms. If you don’t have a wide space to have accommodate all the organic materials that you no longer need, this can be an alternative. It may not be that big but still, it can help a lot especially those who are living in the urban area. All the activities of your composting worms will begin and end here. Worm composting or the vermicomposting also starts here.

Composting with Red Wiggler Worms

Commercial or Home made bin?

Many of you probably consider the cost of worm bin.  Well, the good thing about this is you have a choice.  You can make your own bin using your containers at home or you can also buy one.  What is important is that your Red Wiggler worms will be comfortable and that the worm composting process will not be interrupted. 

Should you decide to have the home made bin, you can look for 6-8 containers at home that are at least 7 or 9 inches wide depending on what is available.  Make sure that you drill some holes to ensure aeration.  The composting worms need oxygen so the holes will give way to the air.

Now, if you don’t have much time to do this at home, you can choose from the various designs in the market.  There is a multilayered bin, worm wigwam flow-thru worm bin, can-o-worms worm bin and a lot more that are already designed for you.  It may cost you money but the result is more than the money that you will spend.  Worm composting whether the bin is home made or not, the result depends on how you execute the process.

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Maintaining the Red Worm Compost Bin

After constructing or buying your own bin, you’ll get to the most crucial part of the process and that is maintaining it. It is not actually hard but it requires your attention. Let’s say you already have the bedding inside, you have to change it to prevent the Red Wiggler worms from leaving it.

Red worm farming could be simple but to reiterate, it needs time as well.

You also need to make sure that it’s always in the right temperature.  An environment of 40-85 degrees F is highly recommended.  Never situate it in places that are too hot or too cold.  By doing so, you are sure that the worms are always in a good condition.  Remember also not to put meat, fish, dairies and any other foods that may take the attention of insects. 

Still up for the challenge?  Well and good!  These are all the things that you need to know to make your worm composting successful. 

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